Hiring Young Employees | What are the Benefits?

Benefits of Hiring Young Employees

There are approximately 28 million small businesses in the U.S., and a majority are hiring. But, many small business owners struggle to find qualified candidates.

Are you like most small business owners? There is a possible solution to finding more workers: hiring young employees. Almost 6.7 million American youth are out of school and do not have a job.

Pros of hiring young employees

Hiring young employees might not be your desired solution. Young workers between the ages of 16 and 24 lack years of work experience, after all. But, what young employees lack in experience, they make up for in other areas.

New perspectives

Younger employees can bring fresh ideas to your business. They come from a different generation with different ways of thinking.

Hiring young employees can be beneficial if you are trying to attract younger customers. Young employees can help create marketing ideas that appeal to their age group. They can also suggest fresh ways to run your business.


Young employees are essentially a blank slate. They don’t have habits from previous workplaces that you need to break. When you hire young employees, you can design effective employee training methods that suit your specific needs.

Young employees are recent students, either in high school or college. They are used to learning. Young employees still have a learning mindset, which means they easily can learn their positions at your business.

While young employees might lack experience or education, you have the opportunity to mold them into the perfect employee for your business.

Cost savings of hiring young employees

Hiring young employees might be less expensive than hiring older, more experienced workers. That’s because less experience usually equals lower starting wages. Also, young employees are likely content with lower wages because they often do not have a family to support.

The time required for onboarding new employees is an upfront investment. But, once you train the workers, you will have a team of fully-capable, low-cost employees.

Tech skills

Young people grew up with technology. They know the ins and outs of computers, the Internet, and social media. They can easily adapt to new technology, including any unique technology that your business uses.

If you want to implement new technology, your young employees can help you set it up and learn how to use it. They can help your business advance in our technology-driven world.

How to incorporate young employees into your business

When you hire young people, your company culture should be welcoming to them. Let your young employees know that you do want them and that they’re not the token young person.

One way to create an environment that welcomes young employees is by creating an internship or apprenticeship program.

Internships vs. apprenticeships

Both internships and apprenticeships provide valuable job training to young workers.

Internships are typically short-term experiences that tend to last a few months. Creating an internship program should help young people learn about the career in which they are interested. Internship programs also help young workers gain experience for their future, long-term job. Interns are usually not looking for an immediate job, but rather a resume booster.

There’s a good chance you were already familiar with internships, but what is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are long-term training programs, sometimes lasting several years. When apprentices finish the program, they are ready to work in the field in which they are trained. They can be confident that they have the skills and qualifications that they need to get a job. You can permanently hire apprentices once they complete the program.

When hiring young employees for internships and apprenticeships, you get to pass your knowledge and skills on to a young worker. These programs also give you the opportunity to see if you like the workers before you permanently hire them. And, as you incorporate younger employees into your business, your other employees will adjust and create a welcoming environment.

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