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Full Service Payroll

Outsource your payroll tax headaches

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September 19, 2016


Payroll the Easy Way!

  • Includes everything we offer in our Basic Payroll.
  • We will make sure your payroll taxes are set up correctly.
  • Free ongoing support.
  • You enter your employees’ work hours, or pay salary employees with a click of a button.
  • Pay your employees via our free direct deposit, or you can print paychecks (using pre-printed paychecks or blank checkstock).
  • We handle ALL aspects of your federal, state, and local payroll taxes.
  • You can view (online) all payroll taxes we remit on your behalf.

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Full Payroll Service for the Small Business Owner

We’ve combined our state-of-the-art payroll software with our tax filing service to give you an affordable, accurate, and reliable online payroll solution. Why spend another minute away from your business doing tedious payroll tax filings? We’ve got it covered.

Full Payroll Service Features

Hands-Off Service

We will handle all aspects of your federal, state, and local payroll taxes for you. We do everything. You do nothing.

30-Day Free Trial

When you use our payroll software, we also give you a 30-day free trial of our payroll tax service.

Free Payroll Tax Setup

We can determine the federal, state, and local payroll taxes that your company must file, and set everything up for you.

Free Support

Ongoing routine support is provided free by our USA- based support team. Call us toll free 877-968-7147.

We Guarantee Accuracy

We guarantee that your payroll tax deposits and filings will be accurate and on time. We provide online proof of all filings.

Automatic Updates

We maintain all payroll tax table information for you. You don’t have to download or update any tax tables.

Need more? We’ve got you covered.

These add-ons make running a small business almost too easy.

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"The Full Service Payroll has been especially helpful to me - since it automatically handles business tax deposits and filings."

C. Barnette
Apex Publishing LLC - Raleigh, NC

"Patriot's Full Service Payroll keeps me out of harms way, you all handle the taxes I need to have done for me so I no longer have to worry."

Harold Dabney
Canyon Lake Helicopters - San Antonio, Texas

I really like the Full Service Payroll, it's very user friendly!

P. Doherty
Joan McWhinney - Greenbrae, CA

"The service is GREAT!, Loving the new lower price for Patriot's Full Service Payroll. No more worrying about processing my payroll taxes."

Tahir Choudhary
Landmark Insurance Agency, LLC - Alexandria, VA

It's nice to have a tax solution program that is both economical and efficient. Overall, I'm very pleased with the product.

Erica Jones
Designer Health Centers - Henderson, NV

"Thus far I have found the product TBG to be extremely easy to use and the customer service very good."

Brett Seaman
Service First Heating & Cooling - Tucson, AZ

Full Service Payroll
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Based on 357 reviews
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Why would I want the Full Payroll Service?

Payroll tax management can be challenging for small business owners who are juggling their daily operations. Just one missed payroll tax deposit can result in fines, penalties, and a lot of wasted time! Our Full Payroll Service will take away your worries and allow you to focus on your business.

When are my tax returns filed?

Each tax agency has its own rules about when tax returns should be filed. Patriot Software knows the timing and format at which your specific tax agencies require filings.

When are my tax liabilities deposited?

Each tax agency may have its own deposit frequency. Based on the tax jurisdiction and deposit frequency you select, Patriot Software will pay your tax liabilities at the correct time.

How do I know everything is done correctly?

We guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of our work. A history of the tax deposits and filings that we’ve done on your behalf is provided to you online. So, you can see for yourself!

What if I run payroll for employees in more than one state?

Our pricing reflects tax filing in one state. There is an additional fee of $12/mo for each additional state.


Payroll Tax Filing Report

Shows all the payroll tax returns (i.e., reports) that we filed with tax agencies on your behalf. (e.g., the tax agency’s name, the date of filing, the dollar amounts, and the payroll period, and any necessary documentation that the taxing agency requires.)

Payroll Tax Deposit Report

Shows all the payroll taxes that we deposited with tax agencies on your behalf (e.g., the tax agency’s name, the date of filing, the dollar amounts, and the payroll period).

W-2 and W-3 Summary Reports

Details each employee’s year-to-date W-2 details (i.e., all taxable wages and all associated taxes), and other necessary year-to-date information (i.e., 401k deductions, etc).

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