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Patriot has a great product and it has given us one less thing to worry about. - Dianna and Dwight Borges, Borges Sleigh and Carriage Rides

Full Service Employee Payroll only $37/month+ $4 per employee (or 1099 contractor)

Flow chart showing that Patriot will deposit payroll taxes with federal, state, and local agencies.

You Run the Payroll. We’ll Handle the Tax Filings & Deposits.

Run payroll and pay employees using our simple 3-step process. Patriot’s online payroll services will then deposit your payroll taxes and file the appropriate forms with federal, state, and local agencies, giving you more time to focus on your business.

Patriot’s Online Payroll Services Features

Add-on Features

HR Features

  • Maintain paperless employee files
  • Manage documents online
  • Easy reporting
  • Employee information tracking
  • Designate managers
  • Assign direct reports

Time & Attendance Features

  • Easy timekeeping for your hourly or salary employees
  • Employees securely clock-in with their employee portal
  • Create custom overtime rules
  • Easily view used and unused employee time-off

Trusted by Tens of Thousands!

Businesses rely on Patriot to streamline their payroll.

... [Patriot is] Simple, easy, and user-friendly. It’s intuitive and really doesn’t take me long. I was worried about all the tip income we deal with and all we had to do with it, but it’s very easy.

Kelsey Daniels, Flights Wine Bar

Patriot Software Basic payroll customer Kelsey Daniels in front of wine wall.

Patriot saved me from the nightmares of working myself too much and paying too much for complicated payroll software. Patriot made my payroll possible at an affordable price.

Sunni Liston, Dogpatch Resort

Patriot Full Service Payroll customer, Sunni Liston.

I talked with another payroll provider, and the price was 50 times what you were asking me for; it was insane.

I’ve really been able to grow my business. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have been able to make that change. Now, I have a team of five–six tutors and a couple of other employees working for me. I couldn’t have done any of that without Patriot.

Russ Hanush, Acclaimed Tutoring

Patriot Full Service Payroll customer, Russ Hanush.

We have three employees, so it takes me a minute to a minute and a half every other Friday to run payroll. That’s a time-saver that I can just not beat. And, it’s a headache I do not have. I’ve done my own payroll before, and I’ll never go back to it!

Michael Gee, Zen Dog Mobile Groom Spa, LLC

Patriot Software Basic payroll customer Michael Gee.

I just put in our employee’s information, and they took care of the rest ... just the ease of having employees and knowing all the paperwork would be right, and I wouldn’t need to figure it out. As we continued to add employees, [Patriot] made it easier and easier to know everything was being done right. That brought peace of mind.

Julee, Heartisans Marketplace

Patriot Software payroll customer Julee.

Patriot’s Full Service Payroll makes it easier to handle a lot of our tasks. It makes running payroll a lot simpler, cheaper, and faster for us as a small business.

John Feghali, Toaster Party

Patriot Software payroll customer John Feghali and others.

I don’t have to spend more than a few minutes every other week to run payroll. I find the platform is easy to use. And, support has been really good any time I’ve had any issues.

Steve Sentner, Paw & Order

Patriot Software payroll customer, Steve.

We’re very small, so the biggest factor for us was the cost of payroll software. I didn’t want to pay for a big program that we didn’t need and I also do accounting, so Basic Payroll was the perfect fit for us. Overall, the price and the user-friendly website were the big factors for me.

Gail Horn, The Soap Chest

Patriot Software payroll customer Gail Horn.

One of our biggest concerns of opening a business was needing to employ others and be compliant with all things that are required. Patriot has made that one of the easiest things!! Some simple data entry to set up a new employee and then a few minutes each pay period to enter the hours worked, and Patriot takes care of the rest.

Cardell and Karla McDonald, Show-Me Shaved Ice

Patriot Software payroll customers Cardell and Karla.

We love Patriot! It makes it so easy to process tax documents, payroll, keep up with hours, and employee portals. The employees can log in to their portal and receive tax documents and their direct deposits.

It really keeps bookkeeping at a minimum and gives me more time to spend building the store and spending time with customers.

Ashley LaBarre, Tropical Envy Boutique

Patriot Software payroll customer Ashley LaBarre.

Lots of Payroll Reports ... with filtering, sorting, and exporting capabilities.

Patriot's Tax Filings report in the Full Service payroll software.
Full Service Report

Payroll Tax Filing Report

All of the tax returns Patriot has filed for you in a neat little package. Choose the tax year and view tax filings by quarter. You can download forms and see when we filed them on your behalf.

Patriot's Tax Deposits Report in the Full Service payroll software.
Full Service Report

Payroll Tax Deposit Report

Shows all the payroll taxes that we deposited with tax agencies on your behalf (e.g., the date of filing, dollar amounts, and payroll period). Select a year to view both processed and scheduled tax payments.

Patriot's Current Pay Rates report in the payroll software product.

Current Pay Rates

Who’s getting paid what? How often? In what department? Our handy Current Pay Rates report is the perfect snapshot of what your employees are being paid right now. And if you add our HR software, we’ll display the effective dates of the current pay rates, so you’ll have all of your questions answered at a glance.

Patriot's Departments in Payroll report in the payroll software product.

Departments in Payroll

Need help with decision-making for cost allocation, resource planning, or answering the ever-burning question: "What are the payroll costs for each department?" You'll love our Departments in Payroll Report!

Patriot's Payroll Register Report in the payroll software.

Payroll Register

This shows all of the payroll you have run for all employees in the software, broken down easily by pay date. View details like employee hours, earnings, taxes withheld, and deductions, as well as employer taxes owed and contributions.

Patriot's Individual Paycheck History report in the payroll software.

Individual Paycheck History

The payroll details you need for individual paychecks processed in our software. View an employee’s payroll details like hours, earnings, employee taxes withheld, employer taxes owed, deductions, and contributions.

Patriot's Payroll Details Report in the payroll software.

Payroll Details

Your go-to report for breaking down year-to-date details by employee, location, totals, or checks. Plus, we give you easy ways to download the report either with a PDF or CSV file.

Patriot's Check Payment Detail Report in the payroll software.

Check/Deposit Payment Detail

See all payments made to all employees with this report. Select one or all employees for a specific payday range to see payment type (whether you paid them with check or direct deposit), amount, and account type.

Patriot's Manage Time Off report in the payroll software.

Manage Time Off

Managing time off has never been easier. View time off balances for vacation, sick, or personal time. To get started tracking employees’ used and available time off, set up the hour codes you want to use.

Patriot's W-2 and W-3 Summary Reports in the payroll software.

W-2 Summary Report

Preview Form W-2 details to ensure information is accurate before printing. Use the W-2 Preview report at the end of the year (or throughout the year) to confirm reported income is correct.

Patriot's Preview W-2 Form Report in the payroll software.

W-2 Preview Report

Want to get ahead of the end-of-the-year rush? Preview W-2 Form report allows you to view each employee’s W-2 with all data entered to date and ensure it is accurate. After that, year-end will be a piece of cake.

Patriot's Assigned Deductions Report in the payroll software.

Assigned Deductions

Look ahead to see future payroll deductions you have scheduled. This report groups employees under specific deductions (e.g., medical). And, you can filter by deductions or status (e.g., active). Again, this report shows future—not historical—deductions.

Patriot's Deduction History Report in the payroll software.

Deduction History

Access all of your deductions from previous payrolls. Choose a time period to view employee payroll deductions that have already been deducted. Use this report to show individual and total deductions.

Patriot's Assigned Contributions Report in the payroll software.

Assigned Contributions

View a summary of all future employer contributions scheduled. This report groups employees under specific employer contributions (e.g., 401(k) match). And, you can filter by contributions or status. This report shows future—not historical—contributions.

Patriot's Contribution History Report in the payroll software.

Contribution History

Your go-to report when reconciling benefit invoices or preparing to send your 401(k) contributions. This report gives a breakdown of all of the employer contributions you have made for your employees.

Patriot's Payroll Tax Liabilities report in the payroll software.

Payroll Tax Liabilities

How much do you owe to the state or on your FUTA taxes? With this report, you see your payroll tax liabilities for federal, state and local taxes. Basic Payroll software customers can use this report to handle their payroll tax obligations.

Patriot's Employee Census Report in the payroll software.

Employee Census

Need an employee’s status, title, and other demographic info? We’ve got your back with this Employee Census report. View an employee’s status to see if they’re active, inactive, on a leave of absence, or no longer at your business (terminated).

Run Payroll in Under 3 Minutes

Our customers average less than 3 minutes.

Enter hours in Patriot payroll software Run a Payroll screen.

1. Enter Hours

Plug in employee hours or use our Time and Attendance Software to automatically import the hours to payroll. Easy-peasy...

Approve payroll in Patriot payroll software Run a Payroll screen.

2. Approve Payroll

After you see our instant payroll calculations, it’s one click to approve.

Pay employees in Patriot payroll software Run a Payroll screen.

3. Print Paychecks

Print checks, use free direct deposit, or a combination of both. You decide how to pay your employees. The ball’s in your court.

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Payroll Service FAQs

You got questions? We got answers!

Our Full Payroll Service is perfect for small businesses in the USA and handles all employee taxes and most of the employer taxes, including federal, state and local taxes. We do not handle household employers (Schedule H).

Yes, we file in all 50 states. However, there is a $12 fee for each additional state that we file in.

Patriot collects and files workers' compensation insurance for Washington and Wyoming. For other states, we do offer free integration with AP Intego, who offers Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

No. While you can set up custom deductions and contributions, Patriot Software, DOES NOT handle the remitting of these funds to the proper agencies at this time.

After you have completed your tax filing setup, Patriot Software will collect payroll taxes on approved payrolls usually the first banking day before the pay date. If payroll is run on the same day as the pay date, payroll taxes will be collected on the next available banking day.