Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Asked ... and answered!

We made this accounting solution simple by design. You do not need any special training to track income and expenses, generate customer invoices, or print reports for your accountant. There are plenty of help articles and videos to learn how to use the software.

Yes, our Accounting Basic Software and Accounting Premium Software are both standalone products. While we’d love for you to try our award-winning payroll products, they are not required to use our accounting software.

We integrate with Stripe, a third party processor to provide you and your customers with a seamless payment experience. You can apply for a Stripe account right in our software.

Patriot Software does not charge for credit card processing in the accounting software; however, Stripe has a standard fee schedule.

You can add (and invoice) an unlimited number of customers in the software.

The software is designed for small to large businesses, from 1–500 employees, in all industries. Whether you are a seasoned business or just starting out, our software will help you keep your time and money.

No–our software is only available to companies with employees working in the USA. It’s our passion to help American businesses by providing streamlined, easy, and affordable payroll management solutions.

Yes. You may run a payroll whenever you need to in the payroll software. And, at no additional charge!

Yes. You may begin using the payroll application at any time during the year. You will want to make sure you enter all of your employee payroll history in the software so end-of-the-year W-2s are accurate. (We can help! We offer free payroll setup to help you get your account set up and can enter all payroll history for you.)

Patriot’s Time & Attendance is an online time and attendance system that works with our online payroll and the MY Patriot Employee Portal software. Time & Attendance is an add-on module to our online payroll system, and can’t be used as a standalone product.

Patriot’s Time & Attendance Software is a great alternative to a traditional time clock system. Employees have access to the MY Patriot Employee Portal, where they can record the time they clocked in and out, see their remaining vacation hours, and enter comments.

A software-based time & attendance system simplifies the collection of hours for payroll processing by seamlessly entering employee hours to payroll after approval. From a business and legal standpoint, Patriot’s Time & Attendance Software will help you meet recordkeeping requirements. It’s an online system, accessible from anywhere with internet access 24/7: No software installations, maintenance upgrades, data backups and restores, or time clock system repairs.

No! You’ll only pay for employees with time card usage in a given billing period. If you have employees who don’t track their time, you won’t pay for them.

You can use the time and attendance software for weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, or monthly time cards. Ready to take out the hassle of manual hourly calculations? We’ve got you.

Patriot’s HR Software is an online software that helps you manage your employee information in an easy-to-use format, from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Patriot’s HR Software is an add-on module to our online payroll system, and can’t be used as a standalone product.

With Patriot’s HR Software, you can easily keep track of your employee information, job history, employment dates, emergency contacts, notes, electronic file attachments, and managers.

With Patriot HR, you can use the Demographics report to easily find all the information you need for EEO-1 or VETS-4212 reporting.

Document Storage allows you to scan, upload, and store electronic files, thereby reducing the amount of paper files you need to keep at your office. This is very useful for employee personnel file items and other items you routinely file. All major file formats can be stored including .doc, .xls, .pdf, .txt, HTML, .gif, .jpg, and .tif images. These files can then be accessed from anywhere you are able to access Patriot’s HR Software online.

Patriot’s HR Software will have census reports including employee statistics, such as birthday and anniversary dates, new hire reporting, and retirement plan contributions. We are adding new reports with every release of the software. See the complete list of HR Reports.

Included with Patriot's payroll software.

This is Patriot Software’s employee self-serve portal specifically designed for the small business customers who have our online payroll options.

With the employee portal, your employees can access an electronic time card, plus their pay history, federal withholding info, and employer documents that you choose to share. And depending on the add-ons you select, the employee self-serve software can greatly simplify your workday.

  • You can stop shuffling paper. Drowning in paperwork? Frustrated by printing costs? Interested in offering direct deposit? The employee portal can help. Employees can view and print pay stubs, complete an online version of the W-4, or manage their personal banking info for direct deposit.
  • You can save time. When you add Patriot’s Time and Attendance Software, you can give employees an easy way to record their hours worked in their portal. When it’s payday, just approve the timesheet and send to payroll. Employees can also track their own vacation and personal days and add comments.
  • You can work without interruption. This employee self-serve software helps employees find answers on their own! If you add on Patriot’s HR Software, employees can edit their emergency contacts and access important documents that you upload, such as benefit plans, enrollment forms, employee handbooks, phone lists, schedules…you name it.

You will send a portal registration invitation email to each employee. They will then create their own username and password. Employees will log in to the employee self-serve software at Then, depending on the Patriot add-ons you’ve selected, your employees can perform various functions. They can enter their hours on an electronic time card, print a pay stub, designate part of their pay to their savings account, or find answers in their employee handbook.

Your employees can view paychecks, print pay stubs, view their electronic W-2, edit their personal information, tax withholding and direct deposit details. You can add on more functionality with Patriot’s Time and Attendance and HR Software, including an electronic time card and an online repository for important documents you want to share.