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Payroll Preview Report

August 31, 2023

Everyone loves surprises, except in payroll. Whether you’re an accountant ensuring transparency for clients or an admin seeking approval, our Payroll Preview Report is your solution. Here’s how it works: After generating your (nearly instant) payroll calculations, you can download the Preview Report on step two of payroll and pass along the payroll numbers in […]

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Assign All Staff to New Clients

August 26, 2023

Hey Accountant Partners, We’ve turned your wish into reality! Say goodbye to the hassle of manually assigning staff members to new client companies. With our newest update, all users marked employees of your firm are given full permissions to new client companies by default. More efficiency, less stress! No more tedious tasks or unnecessary clicks […]

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settings for employees of firm permissions

2023 Summer Release Roundup

August 1, 2023

We’ve been on a roll this year, hustling to deliver time-saving upgrades that make running your business smoother. Our 2023 Summer Release Roundup gathers a lineup of recent improvements and enhancements to double down on your value. New Features and Capabilities Payroll Permissions We heard you loud and clear! Our payroll permissions allow you to […]

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Patriot Software launches its summer product release roundup

Time Card Manager Permissions

July 28, 2023

Real leaders delegate—and it’s time to spread the responsibilities! We’re excited to introduce Manager permissions for our payroll customers with our Time & Attendance add-on. Now, you can give managers the ability to approve, edit, nudge, or reject the time cards of their direct and indirect reports. Managers can access direct report employee time cards […]

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example of time card permissions

Department Work-from-home Feature Enhancements

June 26, 2023

Payroll customers, we see you. We’ve noticed that since the changes in the workforce since COVID, many companies embraced work-from-home options to retain top talent. Ensuring remote employees could be assigned to departments became even more essential for accurate reporting. Our newest enhancement allows you to assign your employees who work remotely to departments. The […]

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Example of an employee who works from home being assigned a department.

Update Employee Hourly Rates During Payroll

June 12, 2023

Payroll admins and business owners, have you ever experienced frustration because you’ve forgotten to update an employee’s hourly rate? We know that sometimes the unexpected happens. Whether it’s an employee deserving a raise for their hard work or a necessary adjustment due to unforeseen circumstances, our newest feature lets you handle it all without skipping […]

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example of updating an hourly payrate in Patriot Software

Payroll Permissions 

June 2, 2023

We’re over the moon to announce we have added fundamental payroll permissions for our payroll customers. In addition to being able to add unlimited users, you can now assign payroll permissions to your software account. With a click of a button, payroll admins or managers can deny access, grant full access to payroll, or give […]

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xxample of payroll permissions

HR Manager Permissions

May 26, 2023

We’re excited to announce Manager Permissions for our HR Software, allowing employers or payroll admins to assign manager permissions so they can see key information about their direct and indirect reports. And because you can determine how much access you want managers to have, you can efficiently manage and support your workforce like never before. […]

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Example of viewing employee contact info in the employee portal

Save Payroll and Make Changes

May 9, 2023

You’re almost done entering hours for payroll, and then it hits you. You forgot to change an employee’s contribution amounts, tax information, or direct deposit. Sigh. You take a screenshot of the page and plan to come back and re-enter all of the information. What a pain! We think so, too. And we discovered that […]

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Example of saving and making changes during payroll

Semi-monthly and Monthly Pay Frequencies for Time & Attendance 

May 4, 2023

We’re so excited. And we just can’t hide it. We now handle more frequencies and we know you’ll like it. Patriot’s Time & Attendance now supports semi-monthly and monthly pay frequencies! Previously, our Time & Attendance only supported weekly and biweekly pay periods. But now, you can pay employees weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, or monthly and […]

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semi-monthly and monthly time card setup example

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