Patriot's Culture and Core Values

We’re a tight-knit group filled with grit and determination. We put cutomers first and leave no customer behind.

Letter From Patriot's Employees...

We are a tight-knit group of American co-workers filled with grit and determination to provide the nation’s most simple and affordable accounting and payroll platform for millions of American businesses and their Accountants. We experienced a very rough startup that we’ve never forgotten, and we endured many tribulations throughout our journey. But by the grace of God, we grew from a small business to a medium-sized business and eventually to a large business.

So we know the struggles American business owners endure. We know how hard they work every single day, and we admire their grit and determination to improve their corner of the world. They are true entrepreneurs. This keeps us humble and pushes us to make our accounting and payroll software as simple and affordable for them as possible - and support them with a mindset to leave no customer behind!

— Team Patriot

Core Values This is who we are...

We Give More Than We Take.

We always provide our customers with more value than they pay for. We are not clock-watchers. We always give more of ourselves (and our time) than what is expected of us. We take ownership and pride in our work. For us, it’s not just a job … it’s our passion.

We Lead. We Don’t Follow.

We are original. We don’t copy competitors. We move quickly. Speed matters. Our software is fast, too. We know that change is constantly happening, so we quickly embrace change to make our customers’ lives better.

We Don’t Take Shortcuts.

We don’t compromise on the quality of our products and services. We make the hard decisions required to offer superior quality. We are hard working, honest, and caring. We have integrity. We don’t lie, cheat, or steal. We always get the job done, no matter what!

We Follow The Golden Rule.

We treat others how we would want to be treated: customers, co-workers, competitors, etc. We genuinely care about our customers, and we want them to be successful. Our co-workers are like family to us, and we are loyal and accountable to each of them. We honor others and treat them with respect.

We Grow Leaders.

We are ambitious and challenge ourselves and each other to stretch and conquer mountainous objectives. We continuously learn so we can hone our God-given gifts and talents. We strive for excellence by measuring our processes to achieve steady improvement in all areas of our work product. We take calculated risks to disrupt the status quo because we know anything is possible!

Patriot Software's Roots

“Patriot’s business culture is rooted in lessons learned from America’s Greatest Generation — meaning those patriots who survived the Great Depression and sacrificed everything to win WW-II to keep our nation free. My father fought in WW-II and taught me life and business lessons that I call Patriot-isms that I regularly share with my co-workers.” — Mike Kappel, Patriot Software’s Founder

"Patriot-isms That Drive Our Culture..."

  1. Integrity is everything.
  2. It’s not about us. It’s about our customers. We do what’s best for our Customers first.
  3. We are an intense software engineering firm. We have a culture of speed and deliver quality and secure software, quickly!
  4. We believe in capitalism, free enterprise, and healthy competition. We compete to win.
  5. We keep our prices lower than most of our competitors. Listen to our and .
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  7. We set big goals. We never quit. We never give up. We don’t make excuses.
  8. Nothing is free. There’s no free lunch. We don’t feel that “we’re entitled” to anything. We work hard. We don’t complain. We are thankful.
  9. We hold ourselves accountable to use our God-given talents to their fullest.
  10. Our mantra is to help every customer be successful and “Leave No Customer Behind.”
  11. We are ambitious and deeply motivated to help millions of American businesses and their accountants.
  12. We’re doing a good thing here at Patriot. And as Patriot’s founder Mike Kappel has always reminded us, “God has His hand on Patriot.”
  13. We make Accounting and Payroll simple. See Patriot-ism #12 TV ad.