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Accounting and Bookkeeping Software Reviews for Patriot Software

July 19, 2016

  • “The Accounting Software is wonderful. It does exactly what I need it to do to pay my vendors and keep track of my needed information. I am so glad I found your company.”

    Madeleine Ratliff
    Sonny Adams Roofing
  • “The software is easy to understand and a lot cheaper than my accountant. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful.”

    Joy Nichols
    Joy Rides Transport
  • “I love the software, it works for me. It’s not rocket science. I didn’t go to school for accounting, so it makes it easy for me.”

    The Bait Bucket and Tackle Company, LLC
  • “Patriot’s software options – and 24/7 access with any Internet connection – are terrific!”

    Cathy Wyatt,
    Carpe Diem Coffee Shop
  • “I like your software. This will totally serve our purpose here.”

    Rock of AGES CME Church
  • “I love this software. I love the fact that it is much cheaper than other banks that I have used in the past and also much easier to understand. I now don’t have to worry about all the unnecessary paperwork and time that I have been using to manage this information on my own”

    Derrick Layne,
    D Layne Cleaning Services
  • “I am very pleased with the 1099 service thus far.”

    Lisa Marcus Morris,
    EISTEAM Community Wellness Centers, LLC
  • “There have been long hours spent trying to keep track of all the payment information on an Excel spreadsheet. This software saves me so much time and allows me to give stubs to the contractors. I am so glad I found this!”

    Toshiba Shearer,
    Gold Rush, LLC
  • “I have been paying an accountant countless amounts of money in order to get my 1099s done every year. This software has not only saved me money, but also saved me time. I now do not have to filter through my bank statements to find payments I made to my contractors in order to get my 1099s out. Thank you for being available to an unorganized someone like me!”

    Jef Shipley,
    Shipley Homes
  • “I really like the software. Everything is very user friendly.”

    Matthew Cavner,
    Dealer Driver Services
  • “Everything is great, the website is very easy to understand and very simple. I have been looking for 1099 software like this for a while!”

    Julio Mateo
  • “I just put in the info and it puts it all together for me. I have spent so many hours doing this before. I am more than happy with the software. This is self explanatory & anyone can use it.”

    Amanda Bose,
    Innovative Merchandising
  • “I really like the 1099 software! It is definitely something I can use for my business. I also like the Hiring software. They are both great and easy to use.”

    Patricia Jones,
    Kiddi Beez Transportation
  • “I’ve tested about 8 different softwares and yours is the easiest to use by far, and by the way, I don’t know anything about paying 1099 contractors and I was able to figure it out, so that says a lot.”

    Douglas Anchell,
    US Telemedicine