Customer Reviews of Our Accounting Software

Patriot’s accounting software receives rave reviews because of its simplicity, power, and price. Do your accounting with either cash-basis, modified cash-basis, or accrual accounting with our patented technology.

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User friendly, great customer service!!!

Suzanne M. HR

They are great! They have been so helpful getting my business transitioned to Patriot. Reports are an effective tool for keeping up with where our business stands. Highly recommend!

Nancy R. President

Easy to use for input and tracking of accounts

Cliff P. Owner

On boarding was easy. The training was as good as could be. Very happy with this product. This is a very cost friendly software that has the capability of the higher cost ones out there. I spent hours searching and sitting through presentations and this software is just as good as any out there

Robert D. Owner

Simple if you do not need detailed invoicing. Serves most needs.

Kerry H. Owner

Great advancement over my previous software. Automated daily import of income and expenditure.

Michael D. Manager

Integration is a quick process with great customer support.

Ann C. Administrator

Great experience. Just what a start up business needs. They are the right price and have everything I need to operate my business efficiently. I appreciate this software in helping me organize and keep track of my expenses. I like the ease of having everything in its place when it's time to do taxes. I enjoy the general ledger and being able to input a date and find the expense or invoice. I'm a first time software accounting user and Patriot made it very easy!

Trevor F. Owner

Setting up your client and then invoicing them is so simple.

Denise S. Owner

We used the 30-day free trial, and it went so smoothly we decided to try the software for a longer period. The software is easy to use, if you make a mistake, it's easy to fix or correct. I am able to add multiple bank accounts so I can track my transfers easily. The staff is very helpful whether I call in or as for help over the messaging platform they are always quick to answer my questions and email me the conversations so I can refer back if I need to. Patriot is so much easier to use than QuickBooks and much more affordable too. It doesn't double things or add things that shouldn't be there. It is easy and straightforward, and the staff helps with any questions.

Paul C. CEO

Much easier to understand over the other guys. The layout and simplicity helps drastically.

Dan M. President

The price may be the best part of the software.

Steve C. Executive Director

I really like Patriot because it is extremely user friendly. I have a very small side business. I don't use a lot of the features but to track daily income and expenses is great. I also do not have a ton of time to spend, so checking in weekly with the easy to use features is so nice. Customer support has been wonderful as well.

Cathie G. Physical Therapist

I like the software. My accountant has had no issue using it to do my taxes. Quick to setup, easy to use. Easy to personalize. Great for a small business.

Deidre M. Manager

Month end closes take less than an hour, everything is very user friendly and I have the ability to export or create every report I need. Specifically, having the ability to export my monthly GL to compare month to month, qtr to qtr, is incredibly helpful and saves me a ton of time.

Megan E. Owner

I wanted an easy to use, non-accountant invoicing software that worked, was stable and didn't drain my wallet. Bonus is it allows me to make invoices quickly. The few support emails I've sent were answered quickly and by someone who obviously read the question and knew the software.

Thomas S. Owner

Easy to use, especially for non-accountants like me. I like the accountant reconciliation function.

Jeff N. CEO

Easy to use and provides all the functions I need to manage my invoices, pay taxes, and product reports

Rebecca A. Owner

Support was friendly, patient and English speaking! They helped me get my books finished in a hurry because QuickBooks failed at saving the work I had finished and I was under a very tight deadline to redo my books. The software is so easy to and intuitive. My learning curve was virtually flat.

Jacki R. Director of Business Development and Bookkeeper

Very little interaction needed. Plus the lowest price out there.

Dan W. Owner

Patriot gives me what I need in the first stage of development with the flexibility to modify it as my business progresses. I don't have to pay for unneeded programs. I can see my expenditures, track volume of business with suppliers, check on cash flow, use it for planning and for taxes at an extremely favorable price.

James T. Owner

I love how user-friendly Patriot is! The program is very easy to navigate, pull reports, view past data, etc. The web page and desktop app are both amazing!

Mary H. Accountant

User friendly and simple reporting at a nice price.

Deborah E. Owner

Excellent software with great customer service if needed. I like the cost and ease of use with Patriot Software.

Shawn D. President

Easy to use for a new user. Down to earth interface.

Joseph P. Owner

Great features and great value. Excellent for any small and business startup.

Calvin W. Managing Partner

Can send our customers estimates and invoices directly from the software. Customers can pay directly also, or we can select not to pay by CC if desired. All of our accounting needs in one software makes it easier for our accountants. I like this software better than others out there.

Mark F. Owner

There is no guessing. The portal will ask pointed questions to properly distribute costs and income appropriately.

Dave W. Owner

Found the software to be easy to set up and use, and it was laid out in a way that you could get to what you needed simply by accessing your dashboard. Provided all the tools and resources necessary to set up finances and get accurate financial reports.

Karen D. Owner

I like Patriot: easy to use and simple. One can find easy to use reports and the links are user friendly.

Colin D. Manager

Offers the essential accounting features necessary to run a small business. Patriot offers extremely affordable accounting services. Great Customer Service. I use the accounting service to help stay up to date with accounting and tax filings.

Nancy R. President

Patriot Accounting is a full cycle accounting software that is highly effecting for my small business. I spent 35 years as a controller and then Chief Financial Officer and now run my own small company. I have worked with some of the most complex accounting systems out there so it was nice to try Patriot and discover it can do essentially everything the big expensive systems do but on a small scale and at a much smaller price.

Robert R. Co Managing Partner

I chose Patriot originally because it had everything I needed, but was a lower price point. Super intuitive functions, great customer support.

Jo M. Office Manager

We use it for my wife's real estate agent business, so there's really just her. I assist in managing the website and accounting. So, Patriot is a perfect fit for our small business.
Pros: Ease of use, online, and cost. Easy to connect bank accounts and credit cards for easy review of transactions.

Matthew F. VP/Treasurer

It is great for invoicing customers and being able to track invoices. I like that it is a Christian company that is operated in the U.S.

Tiana V. Owner

I like giving customers the option to pay via the invoice whether ACH or CC. The software was easy to use and has a soft look.

Temeka D. Director

It was a very good experience and a life saver as a small business owner.
Pros: Tax management, helping met to get filings and fees in before deadline.

Louise B. Manager

I am able to create estimates and invoices for my customers.

Sean M. Manager

Customer service is great. Software is fairly easy to use.

Albert S. Owner

The recurring billing is a huge plus of this software where so many other online accounting programs fall short.

Camille C. Bookkeeper

Easy to set up and get up and running. The menus were simple and easy to understand. Cost savings. I am getting pretty much the same feature set at 1/3 the cost.

Channing H. CEO

I tried a trail of a competitor's software and it was so difficult to use, and I have a Business Management Degree. Patriot was very "intuitive" and needed almost no instruction to use.

Steve D. Executive Secretary

I like how streamlined it is and well formatted for non accounting professionals. It's very easy for me to use and most importantly, I don't screw stuff up. Takes care of all the double-entry journaling for me as I enter transactions.

Jason C. Owner

The software I was using was so hard for me to reconcile. I never once was able to do it. It's so easy with this program and I love the customer service. They are awesome!

Stephanie S. Owner

There is so much to do in a day. Patriot Software makes the dreaded bookkeeping tasks easier to manage and stay on top of.

Rosie L. COO

Love it! The right price for exactly what I needed to track my income and expenses.

Melodee G. Owner

They have been there to help me from day one, and always happy to help. Customer service is everything to me. When I have a question, I need to know there is someone to help me. I am also excited about donating to conservative causes.

Dee R. Florist

We use the accounting team to help manage our bookkeeping. We like that it is not a corporate conglomerate that has lost touch with their consumers; we aren't a number on the books.

Julie P. Owner

I have had a positive experience especially with the support to help understand how the software works. The software connects to my bank account to automatically add transactions.

Robert L. Executive Director

My overall experience with Patriot is great. The features that are most impactful is the accounting and storing receipts and documents.

William G. Owner

Patriot software is perfect for small business accounting and payroll as well as assisting with tax documents.

Lauren J. Associate Pastor

Great overall experience. In fact, if they can add the multiple payroll account feature I will probably stay with them forever. The cost to benefit ratio is huge. It is so much easier and cheaper than QuickBooks, with much better support.

John M. Owner

Inexpensive alternative to other accounting software. Customer service is always great.

Mora H. Business Office Manager

This software helps in seeing the overall picture of where we are in the company. From accounting to having it linked with our bank, to invoicing. I haven't found anything that I don't like about it. I really love the Invoicing feature. It is so easy to use. Once you get everything set up in the startup, you never have to worry again.

Radena C. Office Manager

It has all the features of a double entry accounting system. Connects with banks. Great price point. Pricing based on actual expenses per month. Easily shared with accountants/bookkeepers.

Becky P. Secretary/Treasurer

It is well worth it the switch from QB! It's very affordable and stable. Patriot Accounting has all the features I need and features my CPA uses for me. I'm so much happier with my bookkeeping since switching. So far, I'm finding everything I need and all is going well. I'm very happy.

Pam L. Owner

Patriot Software is user friendly. Information you need for reports is easily accessible. The support has been amazing. Support staff walks you through any issue you may have in a simple understandable way.

Robin S. Finance Manager

They makes everything so simple and user friendly. Communicate well and excellent customer service!

Lauren C. Owner

I was looking for a reasonably priced software for my small business. This certainly filled the bill and for my use was far and away better than the big box software that had numerous issues.

Jayson J. Owner

100% better customer service then Quick Books.

Michael S. President

Exceedingly positive. I can't say enough about the professionalism and personal service provided by Patriot's team. I am not an accountant, or bookkeeper, or tax consultant...and I don't want to be. Patriot's team gets that, and they treat us with respect and courtesy. How much time do you have? I've used all of the major competitors in the field at some time or another. Patriot shares our values and beliefs, as evidenced in every interaction with them. The value for what they provide is unparalleled...not even close. Patriot has been completely transparent and there are no hidden fees or mysteries in function or cost. Patriot Software delivers what they promise and is always great to work with by phone or video conference. We feel like we are valued by them, and that is a plus for a small but growing business.

Martin G. Vice President

They are awesome. I have no problems and if I get a question from the state or IRS, they are easily handled through the software or a person at Patriot. The ease of use. These folks make your tax payment automatically and you don't have to worry about that payment or the tax filings. They all get made. You just have to make sure you have money in your account.

Karen W. Owner

For 11years I have used Patriot Accounting and It's been good. Easy to call and get help, and always return my call if I need them too. I love the way the program is set up its very easy for one who has little to none training. This is a great system or my store. Paying my employees and sending their funds to the bank, paying the Taxes for me on the employees and giving me peace of mind.

Dorothy P. Owner

We need to be up to the minute aware of what our financial status is, with a streamlined way to invoice our customers, and a responsible way to document all activity. Patriot Software Accounting offers all of the reporting we need for daily and monthly tasks. It is very clear how the charts of accounts integrate into the structure of our company.

Jay U. President

Quick and easy to use. Very user friendly.

Lori R. Office Manager

My experience has been great - very simple to get started and process all the transactions I needed for this new LLC/C Corp entity. I changed to Patriot from QB and greatly appreciate the simple yet functional design of the Patriot system. I needed something that could function through primarily JE's initially.

Jeff H. Owner/Manager

I love Patriot. It's a simple accounting platform perfect for small businesses with low needs and needing a low budget solution. If they could simplify the double-entry process, or do some of that work automatically, it would be a great option for small business owners. Patriot's website was well designed and easy to navigate. It has a stylized but modern look, which I enjoyed. Menus and actions were easy to find, and the price was great. For my small service business I just needed invoices and transaction tracking, and Patriot provides those at a low price, with upgrades if needed.

Jesse K. Owner

I use Patriot Accounting for my small business accounting and payroll. I recommend this product to every small business owner. It saves money and keeps our accounting processes in line!

Dr. Heather L. Owner

Patriot accounting features are very easy to use. It's a good accounting software to make use of. It makes the job easier.

Chioma E. Human Resources

I honestly couldn't be happier with this software. It is easy to deploy and very user friendly.

Angela W. Owner

I've used another widely known accounting software program and I am so glad I made the switch a few years ago. The software is easy to use and their support is fast and helpful.

David D. Owner

Price and features far exceed any other alternative. 5 stars!

Jason G. VP of Operations

I love how easy it is and how great they are for small businesses.

Taylor W. Account Analyst

Easy start up and very user friendly for someone setting up new company with very little knowledge.

Marchelle D. Owner

Moving from QB was fairly easy. Invoicing was fairly easy to pick up and use.

Robert G. Business Manager

The software is very user friendly. Even a novice can navigate the system. Twice I have needed assistance on a more advanced accounting question and the support email system was fast, efficient, clear and gave me exactly what I needed to know! Five star excellent experience.

Jennifer H. CEO

I like the company's ethos and their support is great.

Braden W. Owner

I have lots of questions on bank reconciliation. The customer service help I received on my various questions was excellent. Everyone is so knowledgeable and very pleasant. Customer service is top notch. When ever I have a question, it is answered either by chat, phone call or searching through the system. Very user friendly.

Kim S. Business Manager

Really easy to use interface with a lot of expert level software built in thats accessible to beginners as well.

Verified Reviewer Customer

My overall experience with Patriot Accounting is remarkable since it has eradicated accounting errors. The way Patriot Accounting enables me to automate all accounting at ease is the best aspect ever on my user end.

Brittany N. Strategic Account Specialist

I love how easy it is to keep track of my income and expenses with this software. It is the best on the market by far. I love how easy it is to set up. I'm happy it is cloud based. Entering debits and credits is easy.

Heidi H. Clinician

We were in the process of talking about going back to Quick Books and decided to stay with Patriot because of costs and ease of getting live help.

Larry Z. President - Owner

Overall stellar service and database. User friendly options and customer service.

Bernadette P. Owner

Easy to learn quickly and manage with little time or effort! Very good product and great customer service the few times I have called.

Verified Reviewer

My overall experience with Patriot Accounting it has been amazing! I literally started my own business with them! This is a great product for someone that is new to the accounting business, there is a "how to" video in every part of the software.

Victor E. Bookkeeper

Overall has made me spend less time on the computer which is perfect. All of the services are easy to use. They software is very on top of all the newer features that most business owners like and want. Plus the price is perfect.

Eric L. Manager

Reasonably priced, friendly customer service, easy to use or given good instructions if needed.

Gail L. President

Its been a good experience.
Pros: Ease of use for a non accountant and the ease of invoicing my customers.

Jeff G. President

Inexpensive. Sales tax reporting seems to work well. Customer support seems pretty good.

Jennifer C. CPA

It is not too robust for a small business. Customer Service is great!

Connie L. Accountant

I am extremely pleased with the program/software, and generally I am able to figure out how to resolve input on my own (but not always). The software is very user friendly, however, I still need instruction as to ALL of the functions that I ought to be utilizing, and currently do not.

Judith G. Admin/Owner

Very useful and great alternative to Quickbooks. It is easy to use and it has a collaborative approach with clients.

John C. Owner

Pros: Customer service, people, and ease of use.

Rakesh P. Hosehold Employer

This software makes my life and job much easier.
Pros: Much less expensive and much easier to use with the same amount of quality.

Shannon G. Business Consultant Owner

Easy to set up your company and easy to use. Very quick learning curve.

Brian B. President

It sent reminders and was easy to use. I didn't have to worry about anything once it was set up.

Wendy B. Resource Coordinator

Patriot is doing what I need to get done and thank you so so so much!!!! I love the ease of using and getting the W2 and taking care of business!!!

David R. Owner

I like easy access, i have had no real issues and easily used reports to fill out taxes. I mostly use it for Billing and payroll, I love the feature that I can now pay subs through the payroll tool.

Scott R. Managing Member

Overall this software is the best on the market and I continue to offer it to my clients. The set-up of Patriot is guided properly for first time users.

Karen S. Accountant

Easy to use and automatic tax payments and pricing.

James J. CPA

Good customer service. Prompt. Knowledgeable. Easy walk through inputs. Very manageable. Printing forms 940, 941, 1120, PS, w2...were easy.

Jim W. CEO

Very user friendly. Easy navigation and clear to find what you need.

Menaka D. Employer

From my point of view the Patriot Software is one of the best. The software is cost effective and efficient, easy to use and it definitely streamlines the entire process. I am relieved to have a hassle free provider. As long as they don't change I won't change.

Clarice M. Accountant

I am very glad I switched to Patriot. I like that Patriot is an intuitive software that is easy to use. My employees find it easy to navigate as well and I'm able to integrate a fully digital payroll system which saves me time and money.

Joylynn W. Owner

Easy access, simple to use, good experience.

Jason B. Owner

Easy to use and nice reports. Makes my job much easier.

Craig C. Broker/Owner

It's been a great experience to adopt this new software! Patriot does a great job of making it easy.

Mark N. Executive Director

I love the name. Every interaction with one of your employees has been successful and satisfactory. I greatly appreciate that there is always a person to talk with within five minutes of when I called. There is no substitute for that. They are knowledgeable, friendly and always helpful.

Debbie F. Owner, DFA

Keep up the great work. The program has satisfaction guaranteed results. The features that are included is enough. The support team is where the credit is due. Not only do they teach you how to use this program. It's pretty much self explanatory after that. I can refer this time and time again which is why I'm actually grateful to have found an easy solution to my business needs!

Kristina J. Owner

Easy to use and understand.

Jeannetta R. Owner

Really good experience thus far!
Pros: Ease of use and finding what I need as a user.

Bryan P. Pastor

Compared to some of the bigger names out there in the accounting world, Patriot does it all at an amazing price point, with a super easy interface, and excellent customer support. I do like how it predicts expense categories and looks out for accidental duplicates. In the past we have only tracked expenses and income with spreadsheets. This is so much easier and professional.

Rachel B. President

The program is very easy to learn and use. I like the fact that it can be used on any computer.

Jose G. Tax Preparer

Good support, ease of use, solid company.

Steve E. Controller

Great experience! All features easy to use.

Enrique K. Managing Director

I liked that I could categorize different items and link to both credit cards and bank accounts.

Nancy C. Owner

It's a time-saver, allowing us to focus on our business rather than on administration. Patriot integrated seamlessly with our earlier systems. Having been in business for over 20 years, we had a lot of history and couldn't just start fresh. Easy to link our bank accounts and get started quickly.

Julia D. CFO

Patriot Software is great for a small business, though it is a little clunky in its workability. Recording payments is very easy. Also the payroll is very easy and smooth to use.

Larry N. Owner

Any time I asked a question, it was taken care of quickly and efficiently. I did not have to stress or worry about the outcome. I like the ease of use, Having only 1 employee at the time, it is a breeze. It would take about 5 minutes to do payroll.

Gary W. Owner

Excellent in every aspect. Customer service very cordial, patient, and helpful.

Tracy L. Office Administrator

I have been using this for 3 years now and all is perfect! It is so easy to use and when you need to email fore help you get a reply same day very fast. Patriot is what I am!

Sheriese H. Owner

I used this for 2 years. I like that everything was automated. I used it once per month. Great!

Matthew D. Orthodontist

Been using Patriot for several years and like it very much which is why I keep using it. It is easy to use and set up. It has all the features that I need as a small business.

Ray E. Owner

Excellent product for keeping track of income vs expenses and invoices.

Hiren P. President

Very easy to use and organized . I am able to track everything. Great tech support and quality service!

Mercedita V. Owner

Every issue I have had was do to my lack of knowledge on the software. Customer service is great and fixes with easy every time.
Pros: Easy of use and low cost. My last provider charged for every little thing. Also their customer service is outstanding!

Jeremiah B. Financial Advisor

It is easier to use and get started than Quickbooks.

Tim W. Owner

Software is easy to navigate and very functional. As a new user that I'm sure there are additional features I will learn to appreciate or dislike, but I love the cost and functionality.

Jill F. Owner

Once we got the hang of it, it was very easy to use. We needed a new accounting system for this business and Patriot seemed the easiest to roll over our data and use.

Nancy F. Office Manager

My accountant set it up and uses it. I just check for accuracy. Easy on my side. My accountant and Patriot does the work!

Kerry L. Owner

Patriot helps keep me organized so I can spend my time on other tasks.
Pros: Affordable and provides easy access for employer and employee.

Josh F. Owner

Very functional and gives you options and it's very easy to contact customer support.
Pros: Every encounter with Patriot Software has been great!

James B. CEO

Overall good experience. No real issues for me.
Pros: Very easy to use. Works good for my company. Reasonable price.

Russell R. Owner

Patriot software is great for people who don't need highly sophisticated customization and want to get the work of accounting done easily and simply.
Pros: Easy to use, easy invoicing, easy payment tracking.

Barbara M. Psychologist

Very good. The customer service is superb. They answer the phone and are very helpful. If they don't know an answer, they find it out and get back to you. Email support is good too. The software is pretty basic compared to Quickbooks but if you don't need all those fancy features as I don't, it gets the job done. And the price is much better than Quickbooks. They have a bank reconciliation module, but I don't use it. Highly recommend for small businesses.
Started out on the package almost 5 years ago. It was pretty basic then, Patriot has added a steady stream of features to it each year. We don't use a lot of them however. I like the dashboard. If you are using the Payroll module, it's totally seamless integration. No frills accounting but that's ok because that's all I need.

Craig P. Principal Consultant

With built-in time card management, I can print payroll in minutes plus free hassle-free direct deposit it just makes it easier to run the company.
Pros: Easy to use, functionality that fits my needs.

Kent P. Owner

Its ease of use has been amazing. It does everything that a small business owner like myself would need.

Joseph G. Owner

This product is as easy as you can get. I setup in a small amount of time.
Pros: Cost effective option. Time saving.

Daniel B. VP Operations

Being an inexperienced bookkeeper, this is the most user friendly software for me.
Pros: Ease of use.

Betsy W. Office Manager

It was easy to get going, changes over time have been pretty easy and times when I have needed help, that was given in a very willing way.
Pros: Easy to use software, does most of things I need.

Bryan J. Owner

It does what you need it to and helps you keep your books in order. Also, customer service is has been great. Quick and easy to deal with when a problem arises.

Eric S. Senior Consultant

Pro: "A smooth Operator is what you will be when you use Patriot Accounting!
*So easy to use
*customer service is amazing!!!!
*easily connects to banks and credit cards
*gives great reports like P & L's
*Great for the novice accountant and seasoned accountant."

Michael R. Owner

This software is easy to set up and even easier to use. I work for a small firm with only a couple of employees. Our needs are fairly simple and Patriot is intuitive and has robust information available when needed.

Edward C. Attorney

Great tool for Small Businesses.
Pros: Easy to setup and manage.

Kelvin B. Director Technical Services

I love Patriot for my payroll and taxes and so I really like brand most of all. Customer service is good too.

Timothy R. Owner

Patriot accounting is very user friendly. Patriot customer support is also very helpful.
Pros: Patriot was reasonably priced and its user friendly.

Norman F. Accountant

Being an inexperienced bookkeeper, this is the most user friendly software for me.

Betsy W. Office Manager

Once it was set up, the system is a breeze to use.
Pros: The interface is intuitive and very simple to use.

Mark W. Physician

Patriot Software has helped make the whole payroll process a lot easier and has helped ease the burden of filing payroll tax reports.
Pros: Patriot Software is easy to use and takes care of a lot of administrative tasks.

Nelda A. President

I really could not be happier. What a contrast to Quickbooks.
Pros: Ease of use, logic rules. It matches my small business needs.

Dietmar B. Owner

When I started hiring employees for the first time the paperwork intimidated me. Patriot kept that from becoming a barri[e]r as I expanded my small business.

Stephanie N. Childcare Provider

Very productive and simple to use.
Pros: The instructions were very clean and concise

Tim P. Editor

Happy customer with no complaints! User of Patriot Payroll and new to the Accounting product but happy with it so far from limited experience.
Pros: Ease of use; invoicing and template customization (especially the colors); and the seamless integration/flow with Patriot Payroll.

Luke G. Managing Member

Overall, it has been positive.
Pros: The software is relatively easy to use but the best part is if you are confused, you can get customer service to help you out and they usually walk you right through the process.

Harry N. Owner

Pros: The most important feature in a product like this is the customer service. Patriots customer service is superb. I never had an issue getting someone on the phone or through email to promptly answer my questions.

Abigail N. Owner

Pros: Customer service is very responsive and you can quickly speak to someone knowledgeable and experienced with the software.

Melissa T. Accountant

Pros: The Customer Service is Awesome! You get to a live person right away, no hassles. Customer Service is always there to help you at anytime. If after hours, they get right back with you. The program is very user friendly. And you do as much or as little as you want.

MaryBeth S. Owner

Very helpful!
Pros: I did my own payroll and tax submission the first year we were in business. I had no idea what I was doing! I signed on with patriot and life became so much easier! No more forgetting taxes or form submissions, etc.

Brooke C. Business Owner

I am staying with this software because its easy to use, I wish it was a little better but way easier than intuit quick books so I am staying with patriot.
Pros: I love how easy it is to set up the software. Payroll functions are general and easy to use as well.

Cathleen R. Business manager

Pros: Easy to use, perfect for my payroll needs.

Nkiruka N. CEO/President

Great software overall. Very helpful support staff.
Pros: Pricing is great for basic accounting. Meets 90% of a clients needs. Perfect for small schedule C businesses.

Jeff W. Accountant

Pros: A smooth Operator is what you will be when you use Patriot Accounting! *So easy to use *customer service is amazing!!!! *easily connects to banks and credit cards *gives great reports like P & L's *Great for the novice accountant and seasoned accountant.

Michael R. Owner

Overall, pretty good. It works as needed and customer service is quick and easy to deal with when a problem arises.
Pros: It does what you need it to and helps you keep your books in order. Also, customer service is has been great. Quick and easy to deal with when a problem arises.

Eric S. Senior Consultant

It was easy to get going, changes over time have been pretty easy and times when I have needed help, that was given in a very willing way.
Pros: Easy to use software, does most of things I need for payroll.

Bryan J. Owner

Pros: The software is user-friendly, easy to setup your business information.

Brandy G. Attorney

Mostly all positive. I have always been able to contact support and get answers to my questions (even if I didn't like the answer because a feature was unavailable). There is somewhat a lack of communication to partners.
Pros: Patriot Software is easy to set up and easy to use. Everything is spelled out on the screen. There are very minimal clicks to accomplish basic payroll tasks. Patriot is also VERY up-to-date on tax law changes and communicating to users. Support is knowledgeable and hold times are very reasonable.

Julie Z. Certified Bookkeeper

Great tool for Small Businesses.
Pros: Easy to Setup and Management. Critical Part of us receiving a PPP Loan.

Kelvin B. Director Technical Services

Overall, I am satisfied with this software.
Pros: Patriot accounting is very user friendly. Patriot customer support is also very helpful.

Noman F. Accountant

I absolutely love Patriot Software. The customer service is outstanding and they are a company that truly understands the needs of small business owners like myself.

Mya Byrd Trinity Tax Services, LLC

Pros: Ease of use Affordable Good Customer Service Cons: I haven't had any negatives in using the product for several years now Overall: My experience has been a good one. It's quick and easy to use while also doing everything I need it to. It takes care of all the tax submissions so I don't have to and it's at an affordable price. Much more affordable than my accountant had been before switching to Patriot Software. I would definitely recommend. Recommendations to other buyers: Try it. I think you will be glad you did.

Curt B Physical Medicine Injury Center

Pros: This product was easy to use. At first I hadn't had much luck with organizing my accounting, but this app definitely helped!
Cons: It took me some time before I was able to figure out how to use the app correctly. Once I got into the swing of things, it was easy!

Melisa Richardson Misty Morning Farms

Pros: Straightforward, intuitive, easy to use. Great support.
Overall: We utilize it for 1099's etc. The software is intuitive, and straightforward, so easy to use, even for a non-accounting type person. The support staff is very patient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Patriot software. Recommendations to other buyers: Don't hesitate to use this.

Kim Teed Teed Sales LLC

Pros: Everything is so easy to navigate through. Cons: It is an awesome product. Overall: Great product. Easy to navigate through. It has access to online help and step by step instructions on how to accomplish what you are needing to accomplish.

Kenisha Williams Beni HR Consulting Group

Easy setup excellent guide.

Amaury Tapia Ecological Pest Control

Love this software for my solo private practice in health care!

Maggie Perry Hilltop Anxiety Psychotherapy, Inc.

I really enjoy this software. It makes it easy.

Shonda Allred JR's Transport #2, Inc

I have found that will the minimal knowledge that I already had concerning business taxes this product is exactly what I needed to not have to pay high prices for an accountant. They also have been helpful in making sure that we have applied for and pay all taxes that we should. There were several things that I was unaware of that need to be paid.

Stephanie Fields Glory Trucking LLC

I'm impressed and considerably happy with my product . keep the good work up.

Rv Rv Construction

Excellent accounting product. I even told my brother to use Patriot for his business.

Dwight Borges Borges Sleigh and Carriage Rides

Good service and easy to use.

Vivek Bhakta Amplified Data Link LLC

Wonderful! Can't say enough positive things about this product! We are a small family owned service provider company, and this product has helped us streamline our invoicing in one place, get up to date P&L statements, and know in an instant who still owes us money, who pays on time, and what our status is. The customer service is bar-none, their in-line chat feature is great, and their helpful hints and intuitive format makes learning this product very easy. If you are a small business owner, this product is an invaluable tool!

Kathi Johns Home & Commercial Electronic Solutions, LLC

I really like it and it's ease of use. The only con are the reports available.

Yvette Kline Rushsylvania One Stop, LLC

I really like the software so far. It has been easy to set up, easy to use and when I called in, the customer service was pleasant and informative. So far I have no complaints.

Curt Blabaum Physical Medicine

Pretty straightforward in set up and maintenance. Customer Service is also good with an online chat at the ready anytime I had any questions.

Jeff Parks E&J Marketing

Program is easy to use and support, both online and on the phone is wonderful - fast, helpful answers to all my questions.

Lynn van Nuys Urban Bicycle Outfitters

I thought it was very easy to setup. Online application makes it very efficient. I love the website, and it is very affordable.

Tamara Maye TCM Enterprise, Inc.

Very user friendly.

Thomas Ginster Ginster Law Office, PLC

Great deal works well!

David Parrish Kruiser King

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