About Patriot Software

January 3, 2020


We provide fast, easy, and affordable accounting and payroll software. After a rough start-up experience, we know first hand what small businesses need in order to break through and achieve success. So we created a software service to help you keep the two things you don’t have enough of… time and money.

Our Story

We started in the basement of a factory with no heat, no air-conditioning, and floors that would flood. Instead of customers, we had rats, birds, snakes, and flies. Blankets became our office walls. We ran out of money, maxed out our credit cards, and borrowed from relatives.

Everything and everybody fought us at every turn. But failure and bankruptcy were not an option. It was 4 years before we saw anything that resembled a real paycheck.

Why did we do it? Because we were crazy entrepreneurs chasing our dream. That’s why.

But, it’s not about us. It’s about you. You’re running your business because you’re half crazy too, and you have goals to succeed. With enough time and money, your success will become reality. But that’s the problem, there’s never enough of either. This is why we created Patriot Software… to help you keep your time and money.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make accounting and payroll fast, simple, and affordable for American small businesses.

Our Promise

We promise to give you exceptional value.

Our Products

We offer online accounting and payroll services that offer your small business a no-nonsense approach for:

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Message from our CEO/Founder

I’m Mike Kappel, the guy in the videos. As was mentioned, I’m a serial entrepreneur, and I started all of the Patriot companies. Each of my companies are near-and-dear to my heart, but Patriot Software is my one company that I feel will have the greatest positive impact on the smallest of small businesses across the USA.

I’ve been in the small business owner’s shoes. It’s rough. There isn’t time to do anything extra, especially handling non-income producing tasks like accounting and payroll. I can do accounting, but it’s not a personal strength or passion of mine. As for doing payroll? Well, let’s just say that I’d rather spend my time building my business.

But both accounting and payroll must be done correctly, and most business owners don’t have anyone they can pass these tasks off to. This is why I assembled a team of experts and software developers to build the best accounting software and best payroll software in the USA. My team knows that they need to make our software so easy that even I can use it. They know that I’m not an accounting or payroll geek. They know I’m a small business owner who wants to spend as little time as possible on anything accounting or payroll related.

So that’s the short story. I hope you like our software and our team. I think you will, and I think you’ll get a lot of value for your buck. And, isn’t that how it should be?

Mike Kappel