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Our customers love our ease of use, affordability, and unmatched USA-based customer support.

“I had no idea where to start when it came to Payroll. Their software is extremely user friendly and easy to use. Anytime I have a question, they have been so quick to answer and help me.”

Brittany Patriot Payroll Customer

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Tens of Thousands of Businesses Trust Patriot

We love Patriot! It makes it so easy to process tax documents, payroll, keep up with hours, and employee portals. The employees can log in to their portal and receive tax documents and their direct deposits.

Great customer service time and time again. I love consistency in excellence and Patriot Payroll has it. I highly recommend them.

BernicePatriot Payroll Customer

Hear how Patriot is the most affordable and easiest payroll software for your small business! One of our customers talks about how using Patriot has made her payroll process so much easier!

Patriot immediately helped me run payroll, and I was able to accomplish it with no problem as someone who had never done it before. Running payroll is very easy.

I found Patriot to be very easy to set up and understand. The whole system is intuitive and well-organized. I have needed support on more than one occasion and this is where Patriot really shines. I get rapid responses to inquiries and feel that the reps really care that I feel supported

KariPatriot Payroll Customer

I would definitely recommend Patriot because it’s a great way to automate payroll services for your clients. And, it’s easy to work with another member of your team in the software. It’s also flexible, so you can let your clients take control of some of their own payroll.

Dan hasn't looked back since starting to use the software for payroll and tax reports. Not only does Dan save his time and money, but he also gets all the features and reports he needs so he can efficiently get payroll done.

I heard about Patriot Payroll on the radio and that they take care of everything. I just put in our employee’s information, and they took care of the rest. That’s what drew me to it, hearing it in the commercials. And just the ease of having employees and knowing all the paperwork would be right, and I wouldn’t need to figure it out.

What's not to love about Patriot payroll? Vivian loves how easy it is to use, even for a beginner! Want to run payroll and be as happy as her? Give Patriot a try!

I am so pleased with Patriot's outstanding service and ease of use! I can run my bi-weekly payroll in less than 15 minutes. Thanks, Patriot, for making my job so much easier!

MelissaPatriot Payroll Customer

Net Promoter Score

Line charting the NPS for the software industry. 28 is a low score, 41 is an average score, and 55 is a high score. Patriot Software's NPS is 81.

Patriot’s Net Promoter Score (or NPS) has been above 81% for 10 of the last 12 months. According to benchmarking firm,, a score of 55 is high, and Patriot is in the 100th percentile.

Definition: Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer loyalty and satisfaction measurement taken from asking customers how likely they are to recommend your product or service to others on a scale of 0-10

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How Our Payroll Stacks up Against the Competition. According to users...

Customer Satisfaction Score

Man and woman looking at a laptop.

Patriot’s Customer Satisfaction Score (or CSAT) is consistently high. We have been above 84% for 12 of the last 12 months.

Definition: Customer Satisfaction Score, or CSAT score, is a customer experience metric that measures happiness with a product, service, or support interaction through a customer satisfaction survey that asks: “How satisfied were you with [company]?”