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Tens-of-thousands of businesses of all sizes use Patriot payroll software to pay their employees…quickly and easily.

4.8 / 5 Stars
4.8 stars
Based on 2808+ Customer Reviews

Super easy to use, and solves any issues quickly, great service!


Easy to navigate and when I have a question the staff is friendly and professional . I have owned my own business for 31 years and Patriot is The Best ! Sincerely Yours, Laura Blair Express Yourself Salon

Laura Blair

Absolutely love Patriot Software. The process of setting up companies under the Partners umbrella has been seamless. Yes, it does take time to get everything verified but I appreciate the time and effort to verify the multiple companies. Also, anytime I had a question that needed answering customer service was always available to accommodate my concerns.


I had an issue with a mistake on my W2, the staff quickly responded to my inquiry and helped to fix the issue.


Ideal and affordable for a small business corporation like mine--customer support is a real human when I need it.

Paul R.

The customer service is excellent. When I have a question, I receive an immediate response. They are very helpful in guiding new users through their various steps and procedures, however this is the easiest payroll software I have used.


Patriot’s customer service/support is superb. I left the competition’s product because of their terrible support. The comparison is night and day. So happy to talk to such good representatives of the Patriot brand. Every encounter with Patriot support has been pleasant and helpful


Plain and Simple. So far, our experience with Patriot has been refreshing because we agree that the software is user-friendly and is just as advertised. It is a wonderful feeling to have all of your expectations met. Much Thanks to the entire Team at Patriot Software. God Bless.

Kevin J. Boyd

They have answered every question I have had since sign up. Corrected any issues I have had. So far, so good. Sign up and set up was a breeze! Taking one thing off my plate as a really busy business owner is so needed so THANK YOU!!

Lauren Cunningham

So far so good. The setup is really engaging and self far!! Thank you so much.


The rep I spoke with was patient and kind; knowledgeable and helpful. A recording said I could have a 15 minute wait, but it was only a few minutes.


Short wait time on phone... then very patient and helpful support person!! Nice...

Dennis Guthrie

Easy to use and great customer services.

Linh Tran

We have been a customer of Patriot for many years and are very happy with their service. Their customer service is superb, always willing to help with any questions.


Ive had to call customer service a couple of times and they were on the phone quickly and listened then tried to fix my issue, on one occasion the tech support told me he would do some research and call me back and about an hour later he actually called me back with a fix for my issue. Great Job


Quick response and knowledgeable assistance. 100% better then prior experiences with the product that begins with q.

Small biz owner

Keeping my employees paid is the most important part of my business. Patriot software is an important part of that goal. And me not having to sit and figure out all the tax requirements for payroll is a major time saver in my books.


Patriot software is doing an excellent job for us. Wer'e very happy with them.

fogel law

Very easy to use, and very reasonable price.


This service has been great. Good customer support when needed, but very user-friendly


Great product, Great support for a Reasonable fee.

Best Buy Tire Center

This is a great software for running your payroll. I was a Quicken user for over 30 years and I finally had enough of their nonsense and paying for features that I never used. Set up was easy and quick. When I had an issue with printing out paychecks, I spoke to a wonderful employee of Patriot Software that listened to me and was able to solve my problem. Her patience and understanding were excellent. You have no idea how nice it is to be able to speak to someone who understands your frustrations and can resolve your issue with just one phone call. Online chats have their place but it was refreshing to be able to speak to a live human.

Windy City Ted

Very good system, the full service is great and no worry if get taxes in on time or correctly. Customer service is very prompt and has always been able to help me and answer questions/concerns


Great software and great customer support


No problem since I started 6 years ago

Marwan Purghol

Easy Lay Liners Inc. Is new to Patriot Payroll program. I have been so amazed with the support I have received from Patriot. Everyone has been very patient and so amazing. I would highly recommend this payroll program. Love love love it.

Less Manning

I received a notice in the mail from the IRS stating that we needed to change our tax collection to a different timeframe...I believe it was from monthly to semi-weekly. I had no idea what to do on the Patriot site regarding this change. I called Patriot and the customer service rep walked me through the whole process online. She was great!


simply the best for small business owner. the customer support is world class.


Patriot is a great cost effective option for my clients that is simple and easy to use.

Sedgwick Business solutions

The software is super easy to use. Outstanding customer support without any significant hold time. Customer support representatives take their time to guide at the time of the need. Have been Patriot subscriber for almost three years and will not even think of using another service. Lately signed up second company payroll also with Patriot.

Anik Singal

I run a small Bookkeeping service that includes payroll services I love the ease and accuracy of Patriot Software. The pricing is awesome, I highly recommend them to accountants like myself or any small business that needs payroll!


I am extremely pleased that I switched from Quickbooks to Patriot Software. I started out with their payroll and was so happy with that and I would up adding on the Accounting option also. Every single person that I have spoke with at Patriot has been knowledgeable, friendly, and extremely helpful. Their customer service is absolutely the best. And when I select the 'Accounting' option, I always seem to get in touch with Brandon who is beyond helpful with everything that I ask. I would highly recommend Patriot Software to any small business owner! Thank you.

Liz B.

Easy to use. Great support when you need it.

I have been very pleased with Patriot Software. Payroll is painless and straightforward, and all tax forms or reports I have needed have been easy to find or generate. Best of all, their customer service is second to none, whether by phone or through the chat feature.


Patriot Software provides all the payroll services my company needs. They give me the freedom I need to run my company. In addition, they are very affordable. Their service is great.


I've been using Patriot for many years, and around a year ago started using their full service payroll upgrade. It has made my life so much easier. I no longer have to worry about what taxes get paid and when. Everything is always accurate and on time. Running payroll is super easy. Customer service is fast to respond and always truly helpful. I would highly recommend!


We have used Patriot Software since 2017 and have never had any problems. We use the full service, which means they file all payroll taxes for us. Great customer service as well, either by chat or phone.


Been using Patriot for several years now for three of my accounting clients. Very satisfied with the service. Help is never far away if I have a problem or question. I am a satisfied and loyal customer!

Kathryn Rogers

Easy to set up, maintain employees, and run payroll.


I love this software! It’s so easy to use. Generating W-2s and all tax documents is a breeze.


Best payroll service for the money! Software is very intuitive and user friendly.


Great software and easy to use...thanks Patriot!


Great service…love the product

Mya Byrd

Patriot is great for our small business. Very user friendly.


When you need an answer, Patriot is ALWAYS there to answer your questions!

So thankful for Patriot Software. They save us so much time and take care of everything! Highly recommend!


Very satisfied with Patriot payroll software. Love that reports and tax filings are accurate and completed. It's seamless. I really don't have to do much! Worth the money.


Very happy with Patriot Software. We are a small nonprofit with limited paid employees. The service is just what we need and at a very reasonable price.


I love Patriot for my small business. Makes things so much easier and saves me lots of money!


This is a great service. Easy to use and cost effective.


Patriot Software is simply the best. And in fact, the only small business payroll and accounting service I use, or would use. Don’t misunderstand me here…. I have had other payroll services for my businesses in the past. Therefore, I do know a fair bit about the small business payroll offerings that are out there. In my experience the competition is either more and too expensive, complicated to use, fewer included services, clumsy to use, or having multiple elements of the above. I could go on… but take it from me, someone who knows, get Patriot Software. And as their jingle goes… “Save your time and money!”


I would definitely recommend Patriot Software to anybody who has to do payroll. It is so easy to set up and to use. The monthly service fee is a third of what I was paying for another payroll service. They handle all of my payroll tax filings so I don't have to worry about trying to keep up with how much and when to file them. Do yourself a favor and switch to Patriot Software today!

Vicki Owens

Patriot Software is a breeze to use and makes my payroll process simple and easy! I highly recommend them!


Everything I need in one convenient and easy to use location.


As a first-time owner of a business that requires payroll, Patriot has been awesome to work with. They help me with all of my payroll taxes, deposits, etc. I was in a panic at the beginning of the year! I really had no clue. I wanted something easy, reliable, and with great recordkeeping. They have been amazing! I will be ready with W-2s, 1099s, & quarterly reports for my CPA. Whooo hooo!


Stupid easy to use. I swear I think I'm forgetting something after I do payroll.


Great service and excellent customer support. Just wish they had weekend hours.


We love Patriot Software for our payroll needs and also find their customer service to be excellent. We highly recommend it.

Glickman Schlesinger Archtects

Excellent payroll service. Easy to use and exemplary customer service!!


I have used Patriot Software for 5 years for full service payroll and never had a problem. They are responsive with any issues/ questions. It's a few clicks for end of year records for the accountant, I rec'd a delinquent tax notice which was paid, they supplied the needed info without an hassle on my part. They have help sections and if needed they are available to help. New features are always being added, I highly recommend Patriot Software. Mental Health Billing Service, LLC

Rose Higgins

Honestly I have used every payroll service there is in the last 50 years being in business. For years I did Payroll until switching over to a service and now I own a real estate company and I can tell you the patriot Software by all accounts is the best service I've ever dealt with.


I am a very small business and have been using Patriot Software for a few years. I love it! It keeps me organized and it is super easy to use. Sometimes reports are a bit of a challenge to find in the system. Not a big thing, you just have to learn where things are. This is the only thing keeping me from giving them 5 stars. They make my small company run like a giant corporation, but they charge me a fee I can afford.


Very cost effective, easy to use and responsive customer service. Highly recommend.

William S

When i was deciding which payroll software company to use, reviews helped me make up my mind. I find Patriot Payroll outstanding. Easy to use, fast payments for my payroll liabilities and when I made a mistake entering payroll and didn't find it until much later Patriot Payroll helped me get it fixed quick and easy. I don't know why I put myself through so much agony in the past with the IRS and local agencies when I made mistakes often. Now I never receive one of those dreaded letters saying I owed more money or a penalty because I was a late filing. When running a business there is not enough time for all the headaches of payroll. Now I never think about it.


We have been very pleased with using Patriot Software for our payroll. Their system is easy to navigate, they have more options for reporting pay categories than another software I have used. The tax reports are easy to find and download.


Patriot Software gets the job done, saving me time . It is easy to use and whenever I have a question, their team is always friendly and knowledgeable.


The service is excellent! I have never had a single issue and the interface is very user friendly. It is a real bonus that this company is also local for us which means we are supporting our friends, family and neighbors. Small and large local businesses deserve local support!! Thank you!


I love Patriot Software. It is just as easy to use as the pricey software company we had before we switched. Anytime I have a question a simple phone call is all it takes. They have saved our company a lot of money and have met and exceeded our expectations.


Patriot is user friendly. I don't do payroll for a living. Yet, I'm able to use Patriot to run my wife's business payroll. Very simple and easy to understand. Even when I've had a question, they respond in a fairly quick way. We've been very happy with the communication from them via email or phone. Also, the help pages and zoom seminars are great sources of help. Mark


Easy and powerful. great support


Patriot Software takes out all of the work of doing employee and employer payroll as well as state tax filings. They are rare in that if you need help, their Customer Service actually answers the phone, no recording do-loops of frustration and are efficient and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Patriot Software.


Patriot Software has been extremely helpful every time I had a question or even if I messed something up with my payroll. Always quick to fix my mistakes. Love them.


We have been using Patriot Software for almost 2 years. Patriot Software is user friendly and anytime I have had a question or a mistake on my part, the customer service team has been very responsive and quick to help. I have used 4 different programs in the 15 years I have been processing payroll and Patriot Software has provided the best customer service.


The transition to Patriot Payroll was super smooth. I have not had one issue getting our payroll and payroll taxes completed in a timely fashion. If I have a question, someone is always available on chat. In wearing many hats in our small credit union, taking care of payroll is not one of my worries. I would recommend Patriot Payroll to anyone who needs a payroll solutions.

Angela Kamer

We have used Patriot Software for approximately 5 years now. NEVER an issue and always on time with payment and notifications of Holidays, etc. Very happy!


Excellent choice for any small business that has payroll to do. It literally takes me two minutes twice a month to get our people paid. When I need help with something, they are very knowledgeable - usually the first person I talk to. They reliably collect and pay our taxes quarterly. This is the only company we have ever used at ARSLoaner and we will never be switching. Oh, I meant to mention it's very reasonably priced.

Chris I

easy to use!! Great product with over the top support if needed.

Ken Tibbitts

Patriot saves me a ton of time, from an incredibly straightforward payroll to auto tax payments to quarterly reports. Not to mention Patriot’s fantastic US-based product support. I’ve been recommending Patriot to those who could use a professional and affordable online accounting software. Five stars.


Excellent, easy to use and flexible. Cost effective as well!!


This service is so handy! As a small business I really appreciate how easy they make it to have an employee.

Stephanie Kay Northrup

Easy and simple to use. Takes the headache out of payroll. W


Easy, accurate and complete. Approving payroll is easy. Changing pay rates is easy. At least raises :-) I print up the PDF statements, hand them to my tax attorney and done.


The dashboard is easy to use and navigate, the reporting features are perfect for preparing our filings, and everything is updated so we're always current with whatever changes there may be. We love it!


just what I was looking for. easy straightforward payroll not clogged up with a lot of extraneous junk. Glad to be rid of Gusto, and Xero, and the unnecessary complications and costs of quikbooks


They are a very good company and responsive to our small payroll, one employee. Very reasonably prices as well. I highly recommend them. SPK


Easy to use and I can navigate the website easily


I find Patriot Payroll Service to be a very efficient, reliable and inexpensive alternative to performing payroll services.


Patriot Software is my favorite payroll software! It is easy to set up and use, and it is very competitively priced. I am able to get through to customer support without a long wait when needed, though I'm usually able to find answers to my question through their comprehensive "help" database. I have recommended Patriot numerous times and will continue to do so!


What used to be a hassle for me has become super easy using Patriot Software. I'm very glad I found it.


We are very pleased with Patriot Payroll software. It is very reasonably priced, extremely user friendly. It was easy to set up, including direct deposit parameters.


Responsive, accurate and affordable. All I would want in a payroll provider.

Pete M

I began using Patriot Software in 2017 when QuickPay was discontinued. I'm so happy that I selected Patriot Software. Running payroll every week is literally a 5-minute process. The Patriot Software reporting makes it easy to keep track of taxes owed. And the customer support (which I've only needed twice) is excellent.


We have only 2 employees, and tracking their payroll in a spreadsheet was too much trouble. I did it for a few years, doing the monthly and quarterly reports that way, too, and finally just gave up. I couldn't find anyone who would do this for less than $50 month, which I thought was too much. Then I heard about Patriot Software and I switched over right away. We only pay $18/mo and it is so much easier. Their monthly and quarterly reports give me all the data I need with a few clicks, so I am fully satisfied with it. I recommend any small business take a look - you'll like it!

Tim Heidenreich

Patriot Software has been the perfect payroll service for my company. It's not only very affordable, but the technology used is very simple and easy to use. This has made my job as a business owner so much easier!!


Always super helpful and able to answer questions in a very understandable way! Thank you for making the payroll process quick and easy!!


Easy to use, if we have a question we get answered quickly.


Patriot Software is awesome. Easy to set up and use. Makes payroll stressless!


It was very helpful, customer support walked me through each step. Very simple once it was explained to me. Great service!


I have used Patriot Full-Service Payroll for both of my companies for 6 years now. The price is so affordable and the service that you get way exceeds the cost! I have recently added the premiere accounting feature as well and will be using that starting the beginning of 2022! I'm so excited and love Patriot Software! They have been a lifesaver for me as a business owner!!

Stephanie Shrader

I have used them for 3 years , and their software is easy to use, reasonably priced and their Customer Service is good


Full Service Patriot payroll is the way to go! The Patriot team is friendly, reliable and knowledgable. They respond quickly and offer a 5 star service at an unbeatable price. I wish I'd made the switch sooner!

Ed Stewart

I find Patriot to be easy to use and affordable.


Super easy to use and GREAT reports!


Patriot is extremely easy to use and their customer service is efficient and very helpful. I have been more than satisfied with their program.


I joined a couple of years ago. I find Patriot to be very easy to use. The price is right. Information is quickly available. I am very happy I took the chance.


Best software for small business!


Simple to use, affordable.


Great customer service!!! Always happy to answer all my questions!!!


Patriot Software is very easy to use and they are diligent about getting back to me with any questions I may have. Made my life easier for sure. !


I have found them very easy to work with and responsive to my needs when i have questions.

Mr. Bieda M.A. MFT

I love patriot software! they are a blessing in disguise for small business owners! Not only is the system so easy to use, if there are any questions, they are very helpful and quick to provide a solution. I have now been with them for close to 5 years and they have never disappointed! Just for reference, I started with 5 employees and now have 15 so they have also helped me along the way as my company has grown. They are also now helping me manage my tax collections.


Excellent company Never had an issue with them. Customer service is very good and friendly


This company does a good job of keeping their system online 24/7/365. I've used them for a year and a half and never experienced any down time or errors in tax payments. The only problems I've had is with California EDD, not with Patriot, and when I've had a problem with EDD, Patriot re-submitted tax forms without complaint. I went through my first full year of tax payments and EOY forms and W-2s, and it all went flawlessly. Employees like having PDF access to their documents and I can optionally print and mail them. I can't ask for much more from payroll software. I will be adding their time card system soon since they're working on adding semi-monthly (finally). This is good payroll software for a small business. I have 6 employees and appreciate all of the included features such as direct deposit which has made my life easier.

Jon Harbour

I started a business and the customer service was great. They walked me through all the steps and forms and my first and subsequent payrolls have been very easy. Highly recommend!


Our company is new to Patriot Payroll. I am very impressed with the way everyone has been so helpful and supportive to all of my questions, concerns and needs. I am very happy with the program and look forward to our long and lasting relationship. I would definitely give them a five star rating.


Patriot Software is really easy to navigate through and get payroll done in a breeze. Their support team is always willing to help.

Shalamar Fowler

Patriot is the company we enjoy recommend. The company understand why customers need them, and then, they supply that need. Sound simple, but a rare found thing this is. The company program is easy to use, you get real people help when you need, and it is truly affordable.


Comparing Patriot to its competitors is like a night and day difference: The old payroll company would spend massive amounts of money overnighting me binders of paperwork every week, and couldn't send me a simple pdf. The normally-complex onboarding process was made easy by them. Finally, the price! They're at least half the price of the competitors. So far, the website has remained easy to use and stable. Anytime I run into small businesses, I tell them they really ought to switch right away!


Absolutely fantastic customer service! The software is very easy to use and incredibly convenient as it is an online platform. Very happy that we switched to patriot software!

Kidogo Media

I am so glad that I switched to Patriot Software for my payroll last year. The software is easy to understand and use, but it's their customer service and support that I absolutely love. They nicely walk me through any questions or problems that I may have and are just amazingly knowledgeable and nice to deal with.

Liz B.

Always helpful with great customer service. Thank you. Best software ever!


I couldn't imagine doing all these tax paper filings and tax payments by myself. No wonder people pay cpa's and payroll companies to do all these for them while charging them a lot. Patriot does all this on my behalf automatically and does all my payroll stuff for me. It saves me a lot of time and money.


Best payroll system I've EVER used and I've been using payroll software for more than 30 years. Simple and easy to use, but very flexible and comprehensive in functionality. In addition, their technical support is great and the pricing is extremely reasonable!

Dan Balter

Patriot Software has been so helpful to my business. I tried doing payroll tax filings on my own in previous years and always spent way too much time, made mistakes, and missed deadlines. Now I have Patriots full service payroll package and I just input my employees hours and patriots guarantees the rest will be done accurately and timely. It is a huge time saver and weight off of my shoulders. Highly recommend!

Daniel Cardamone

I began using Patriot Software in April of 2018. My small business has one employee. Their service is economical and relieves the stress that comes with the hassle of filing all the necessary tax forms. Running payroll is quick and easy, can be completed in 4 minutes, The initial setup was smooth because of the setup checklist that is provided. The process was fast and effortless. Customer service is available via phone, chat or email. Every employee I spoke with was knowledgeable about every aspect of the software. They always had the answers to my questions fast and without doubt. I will admit I was a frequent caller and was treated like a friend. They truly are compassionate, flexible and helpful through the business shut down and employee layoffs related to the pandemic. I recommend Patriot Software to every small business because it is well worth the monthly fee and allows me to focus on my business and relieves me of the hassle of tax filings and payroll accounting.


I have been using Patriot Software for my payroll needs for past few years now, and I do not have any negative comments about this company.


Patriot Software has been one of the best investments I’ve made for my small business. I have used them for over two years now and they handle all of my payroll needs flawlessly. Any time I have called their support staff regarding payroll questions, tax questions, or even SBA Loan questions their support staff have been incredibly knowledgeable and patient. Using Patriot Software saves me an enormous amount of time so I can focus on growing my business.


Always so patient and helpful. I am just getting started and am new to the Treasurer role. I have no experience so I have to ask many questions. I so appreciate you all!


Great assistance for incoming companies!


Everything I need in one easy to use platform. Thanks!


Great customer service who walks you through anything. Would recommend


Excellent Service. Thank you.


As a new user, I'm very pleased so far. The platform is very easy to use; simplicity is your virtue. Your customer support is also very good. I've had nothing but good experiences on the phone with them. The webinar on Top-Ten Year-end Tasks was extremely helpful. Keep it up!


Patriot Software has been wonderful so far, everyone I've talked with in getting setup was friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. Looking forward to a wonderful partnership with this hometown company.


Patriot software has performed exactly the way expected for payroll up to this point. I am happy with the software so far.


Fantastic live chat customer support. They've helped me navigate some tricky issues with payroll and fillings. Thank you guys!


Account was easy to set up and the program walked me through all of the steps to set up correctly. Set up and use have been fast and efficient.


Love your service. Payroll made easy!


This is first payroll software I've ever used and I find it to be pretty user-friendly. I'm only using the basic version, but I'm about to upgrade to the full version to take advantage of the other features.


Great product


Always professional and great to work with.


Fantastic. So easy to use. Very helpful. Couldn’t be happier.


Very easy to use and setup. Running payroll is is simple and quick


Called for clarification regarding timing of direct deposits and my monthly software fees. Responses were precise.


Excellent customer service and user friendly platform


I chose Patriot Payroll because I wanted a full service payroll company at a reasonable price. So easy to work with, super reasonable easy peasy!!


Everything I need for payroll. Tax & SUTA payments done on time.

Ken W, WV

This is one of the best software that I have ever used

Mohamed Hassan

Great easy to use payroll system. All in one!


You saved me $100.00 a month!! Thank you your customer service walked me though the setup, they are awesome.

Raul knockout Pizzeria

Easy to use and set up. Customer service responds quickly with lots of great communication. Best program I've ever used!

Tree of Eden

Our experience with Patriot Payroll Software has been outstanding. The software is intuitive and easy to use. If I have had a problem, could not figure it out and needed to get in touch with Customer Service, the process has been easy. Everyone I have talked to has been knowledgeable, supportive, and friendly. I would highly recommend their payroll software.


Works like a charm!


Great value. Fast friendly help every time I call. Short on hold times.


Love the software it’s very user friendly


Makes payroll easy!


So easy! The whole setup process took less than 15 minutes and the GUI is incredibly well thought out and simple to use. Definitely takes the pain out of payroll!

Jay G

Patriot is easy to use. I love that they file all the tax documents and pay the taxes. Customer service is great. They will walk you through what you don’t understand. I’ve used live chat several times and they have always answered my questions and helped me do what I needed to do. I highly recommend this service!


Very easy to use, setup was quick and simple. The actual payroll was very easy to process. Great customer service rep answered all my questions.


Much easier and flexible to work with. Easy navigations compared to other software out there in the market. Great support. Very fast support. Very helpful support team. Great online documents which is one more thing I really liked very very much. Definitely recommends to anyone. I use it for S-corp 1 person employee at this point.


I have nothing but appreciation for the entire staff especially the payroll department at Patriot. They are excellent, courteous and most professional in the service that they have rendered to me as a client. When I say that they are so knowledgeable and they never cease to assist no matter how big or small your problem maybe. If all companies operate like the staff at Patriot, the world would be so much better, much better. When a representative picks up and greet you then ask how” May help you”- that’s exactly what they mean. It’s been a great year and I owe it all to Patriot’s staff. Thank you so much. Ms. Givins


I'm a new business owner and my franchise had a trial period with Patriot Software. I still did my due diligence on similar products. Glad I went with Patriot Software. the pricing is competitive and the support is outstanding. Being a business owner, this was a little over my head, but they were there to do some major hand holding to get me set up. Additionally, when I have questions it helps to have a customer code that they can look into your account realtime. Too often we have to repeat the entire situation to multiple people, but Patriot takes care of us from call one. They also have a super helpful 'help' site. easy to search and use for random inquiries


I really enjoy using Patriot payroll. It is straightforward, intuitive, cost effective,, and easy to use. Their support group is excellent, whether using the chat or calling in. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and best of all, based in the US! We use their full service payroll service. I have no more worries about filing taxes. I highly recommend Patriot payroll over their competition any day!!!

The Ottawa Club

Very easy doing payroll and I love the way Patriot takes care of all forms needed for payroll. Overall...EXCELLENT Cathy Gordon Smithfield NC

Cathy Gordon

Patriot Software is simple and easy to use. If you have questions, you are always able to instantly connect to a Patriot representative over the phone. Their customer service is fantastic. Highly recommended!


Great customer service and software. They really listen!


I have been using the software for a few years now and I couldn’t be happier! If I run into a one off situation I just call and they are able to point me in the right direction.


Easy to use and efficient


I just used the payroll program for the first time this week. It went very well for the first time use. I only had a small issue with check printing and your support team was very helpful and solved my issue promptly.


I am thrilled with the Patriot payroll software! Not only are the help desk people friendly and knowledgeable but the software itself is easy to set up and use. So glad my company decided to switch software companies. I would highly recommend Patriot Software!


Great payroll software and very reasonably priced for what you get


Friendly staff, answer all questions, low pressure, feel they are there to help, easy to use software.


We have been using Patriot Software for a few months now and it is extremely user friendly, if you need customer service, they are quick, courteous and knowledgeable. I had a tiny issue with entering time and processing for payment and Patriot Software handled it immediately, kindly and made my life even easier! The excellent customer service, ease of use and fees are amazing and we intend to stay with Patriot Software.


Great Payroll Software for Small Businesses I use this software for a number of small businesses who have straightforward payroll needs. It's very easy to use and reliable. I highly recommend it to people trying to help businesses keep things simple while getting all the services they need.


I was looking for a Payroll solution and found Patriot Payroll. They were very upfront with the cost of their product. You can choose the level of service you want from their basic service or their full service. The setup was very easy to do. So far I am very pleased with how it works and how it has made doing payroll a breeze.


The payroll software is easy to use and the customer service has been very helpful whenever we have had any questions.


I have been pretty happy with using Patriot for our payroll needs for the past couple of months. Set up was pretty straightforward. After that it literally only takes a couple of minutes to complete payroll each pay period. There have been a couple of times when I had questions. Customer service was easy to get a hold of and answered my questions quickly.


Very good program at a very good price.


This software is surprisingly easy and quick to work with. None of that bloated software that takes long time to load and refresh. I also like that fact that Patriot is transparent with their pricing and not trying to upsell everything. Great software and keep up the good work!


Easy to use, great customer service! Patriot has made payroll much easier and headache-free. As my business continues to grow, it's nice to know that I have Patriot as a resource.


This software has made my small family owned business a continued success. I love it and would recommend it to any business whether smaller like ours or a big Business!! 5 stars and a sincere Thank You Patriot from all of us!!


Great product and customer service is SO helpful. If they can’t figure out your problem, they do research and call you back when they have the answer! Great company!


Great Customer Service. Easy software.


Excellent Program System is easy to use, setup was simple and support staff was very helpful. Would recommend to anyone


The most helpful support I have ever received from a payroll company.

Vic M

Setup was simple with easy to follow directions and prompts. GUI is appealing and well written. So far very happy with my Patriot experience!


I love this software! Easy to use and tech support is always available and so helpful. Would recommend this product.


This is an easy and affordable payroll software. Have not had any issues with our taxes being deposited and filed for state or federal. One less thing to have to worry with.


Exactly what we needed. We are a small startup engineering firm with no one who has any sort of payroll experience. We opted to try Patriot Software, and never looked back. Their system guided us through the initial setup and the bi-weekly payroll is run with just a few clicks of the keyboard. I would highly recommend it.


Setting up payroll was simple, with easy to follow steps.

Eddy Spaeth

We are a brand new customer. At this point, we’ve found the customer service “live” call support to be easily accessible and very helpful. We’ve been able to set up our employees and some unique payroll deductions without assistance. The software is intuitive and easy to use.


Very easy to use and significate savings!

Ruth H

Quick response times with accurate information. I am a new user who converted mid year to Patriot. I worked w/ my CPA's bookeeper for years at double the cost and I know that once this is set up completly it will be a time and money savings for me...Great Stuff!!!


We have been using G***o for 6 years and have never been truly happy with their service, the options and their total lack of interest in keeping us as a costumer. We switched to Patriot after reviewing several companies. The Patriot site is US based, very easy to navigate, and they seem truly interested in helping you get set up and started. A big plus is that you can reach them by phone when needed and their phone number is easily located on their website (unlike a few others who make you Google their number).


This program is a great benefit to small companies that ned a dependable way to pay their employees and track their tax related payroll obligations. Easy and straightforward to use. Looked at several other similar products and this one beats them, hands down.


As a first time small business owner with employees, I looked at several companies to assist me with payroll. After reviewing 3-4 others, I could not find a better deal than the one offered through Patriot Software. I was pleasantly surprised at how user friendly the program is but I was still grateful for the greetings and orientation from Patriot staff. They even offer a risk free trial! (I know that sounds like a cheesy commercial but it was a selling point for me!) I would recommend any small business to use Patriot for all of their payroll needs. Kimberly Moret, High Desert Wellness


I'm very excited to use your software - it is new to me as I have used a different company for many years. So far, I have been able to set it up very easily and quickly - your system is user friendly and I figured out how to entry all my employees and their information real easily. I look forward to my first payroll in a couple of days. Thank you for being there for me and for saving me so much money on my payroll preparation. I can't believe I didn't change to you before.


Although I have not yet processed my first payroll the set up as a new customer was easy and flawless. Pricing is excellent and I can't wait to begin my first payroll.


Easy to use and setup was quick.


The customer service support was outstanding and resolved the issue in a single call.


Everything through Patriot has been great thus far. Integration with QB, easy to access and use online portal, and thorough offerings of service. With time I presume my review will go only up. We are a relatively new user with really nothing negative to say and looking forward to using the full array of features


Great product for payroll. Patriot customer service has been great. I have contacted them three times and have got all my questions answers.


Easy to use interface- wonderful customer service!


Just switched from QB PR - the system is more intuitive - easier to use, and more economical - that’s a win-win-win for us! Looking forward to the first tax filings to see how well the system works - it was always a hassle with QB if adjustments needed to be made.


Patriot makes it very easy to do payroll. A few clicks and I’m done. So far I am really happy with their service!


Patriot software is very user friendly, and anytime I call the staff members are also very knowledgeable of the program and willing to help in anyway. I like that when I call the wait time is generally pretty short. I would recommend Patriot to anyone looking for a payroll service.


Intuitive website and super helpful and response customer service.


Great software easy to use no issues I will recommend it to all my friends


Fast, easy, and great customer support. You can't get this for less than $1100 a month elsewhere! It's great!


We are a small business, and Patriot does a nice job of keeping payroll simple for us. But as we grow, Patriot has many more options, deductions, reimbursements, overtime that will appeal to us.


Super easy set up. Works seamlessly.


Well designed and easy to use.

Vincent Miranda

Great for small business and I’m sure big business love that it keeps track of time off and I can access it anywhere


Great software. Very easy to use. The customer service is superb.


I like this software . It is faster and works with quality . I recommend it

Ileana de la Noval

Patriot has been great! It does everything I could need a payroll software to do and the customer service has been accessible and helpful.


Over my 25 years in business, i have had the opportunity to use several payroll services, some of the largest providers to start-up services. I must say that the ease of using Patriot is flexible, easy and straightforward.


Great product! Very pleased!

Gregg Tate

I am a small biz owner NOT an accountant. I HATE doing payroll and its only me. Patriot was quick to get going. When I had a question I reached a real person who gave me her email and phone #! (Vs an overseas call center). Love this software


Great service. Highly recommended!


Excellent customer service very impressed


Switching to Patriot Software has been a GREAT move for our small masonry company. Between lower costs and responsive (and kind, a rarity!) customer service, it's a no-brainer. The website is also user friendly. Now I'm actually glad that my payroll company of 20 years went down hill as costs increased and service decreased : ).


Patriot software has been such a big help with my payroll!


Fantastic service, great product! I was enticed to try Patriot from their awesome promotion. Even during the promotion time period, where most companies would not deliver great service, Patriot was over the top. A live Patriot rep was on the line in minutes to help with all my issues from lack of experience with the software. I use Patriot Payroll for paying myself and my 1099 contractors. The monthly program that includes withholding/filing state and local taxes is well worth the small additional fee. I HIGHLY recommend Patriot Software for small businesses!


So far our experience has been great. Good customer service and the easy learning curve! I am looking forward to continuing!


User friendly and support is available when needed what more can you ask for. We've been using Patriot Software for about 1.5 years now, since then they have created new features based on my feedback and others I'm sure. I also really enjoy being part of their system trials. Easy to set up for both employers and employees. Definitely recommend especially for small business.

Jasmine Naranjo

Patriot Software is very convenient and easy to use for my small business, it save a lot of time and headaches.

Jose Alejandro

I have been using Patriot Software to process my clients payroll for several years. There has never been an issue and any assistance needed has been provided promptly. I highly recommend.

Wint Logix Inc

I have used a few payroll companies over the last 10 years, but between costs & issues I previously had with them, I was looking for a new company to finish 2020 with. I googled & Patriot Software came up in numerous searches. So I decided to go with them. I had multiple questions. Each time I called in the reps were always so very helpful. They assisted me in getting the final payroll done & on time. Thank you Patriot Software. I’m looking forward to a long term relationship. :).


I was very pleased with the support from Patriot when I had questions. They were helpful and available and walked me through to complete the set up quickly. Thank you! Thank you!


I can swing a hammer and build you anything you can dream of. When it comes to computers my power tools and hammers are worthless! That’s where their exceptional customer service kicks in. Easily the best investment I’ve made for myself and my business!


My company is new to Patriot -- whenever I have a question they're just a quick phone call away and have always walked me through what I need to do next. And weren't my employees shocked when they walked in on Monday and their w2's were on their desks!


What an outstanding software company.. Anytime you have a question they answer it for you and always trying to improve their system. Jeremy I can't say enough about. He communicates with you no matter what the question is. I recommend this company to anyone in business. Outstanding!!!

Cliff Smith

My first payroll software and it is working out well for my needs. All I have is 1 employee and some custom tax exemptions. Was able to direct deposit the salary to bank accounts easily.


Started off apprehensive of going with a payroll software in general as we've been doing it with pen and paper for 31 years. After messing around with the program for a bit, all I can say is why didn't I do this sooner. Such a time saver and so easy to get help when needed!


Patriot software was referred over to me by my CPA for a family management corporation in pain my kids. Instead of paying ADP or paychecks a ridiculous $75-$95 per month we can do exactly the same thing for about $15 per month. Their customer service speaks English and they are quick to answer the phone and get right to the issues if there are any. Five stars all the way! Craig R.


Best software for payroll. I recommend everyone to use it. Its simple, easy and affordable.


We just started using Patriot, and so far it's been super easy. I think it's the simplicity that we've been missing out on.


Easy, simple, and effective. Customer support has been awesome as well.

Lowcountry Pro Builders

I LOVE Patriot! As a new employer, I felt super overwhelmed, but they helped me through everything! Setup was easy, and their robust "help" features were great. I checked several payroll companies before deciding on Patriot, and I'm so glad I did!

Melissa I.

I love you guys. I’ve used the ‘Big Guys’ and I really do prefer your software.

Anecia Sewer Love City Car Ferries, Inc.

In small business, we are told you get what you pay for. That is a lie. I am getting way more than I could have dreamed. I am absolutely amazed. The software is easily half the cost of any other option out there. It is absolutely unreal. Your service has continually blown me away. I wish everything in life was as easy to get started and get help with.

Antonio Gonclaves On Point Reps

I highly recommend Patriot Software to any business! Starting up was very easy with knowledgeable people at Patriot. Anytime I ever called in with questions, support was so helpful and very friendly. Definitely a 5-star plus!

Jennifer Miller Dave Miller Trucking

Patriot Software was a godsend. The software price point is right where we need it. The software has all the tools we need for a small business instead of hiring an outside company to take care of our administrative purposes. The software package was easy to learn and teach to our new employees. Our employees can login and access their own present/past paychecks. If needed, I have the option to override anything I see fit. I have already recommended Patriot Software. I cannot say enough good things about it!

Lyman Schimming L & B Embroidery, Inc.

I cannot say enough about the support I receive each and every time I need assistance from you all at Patriot Software! I am good with cars, and computers… but man, do I hate doing payroll. You guys have made it easy! Always greeted professionally when I call, information and help always dispersed in a friendly and easy to understand manner… I had a big payroll issue with another company, and while they don’t readily admit it, I believe that they lost my information… and after seventeen calls to their “customer service” line, which involved losing at minimum, two hours each call, and going through the same steps, every, single, time… ugh, I still could not access my payroll to do my taxes. I called a few companies inquiring about their services… you guys, hands down, have every other company beat by a country mile! Service, pricing, ease of use. Thanks! The only other way to make it better, would be to make it free! Thanks again for your help with my questions! Stars? Not enough… five big sparkly ones!

Steven Fradkin PSD Ltd

Having a chance to use the software with a free trial period and no obligation or long-term contract is great! Getting started was easy and everything runs smooth. Your customer service is top-notch. My few questions were answered very quickly. I highly recommend Patriot Software to anyone looking to streamline their business.

Douglas DeLoach Heavenly Housekeeping, Inc.

Easy-to-use software. You can go online and use the software which is great! You guys are always there for me to answer my questions.

Matthew Gilson Spectrum Capital Corp.

I moved to Patriot Software last year, and it was one of the best business decisions I have made in a very long time. I LOVE PATRIOT SOFTWARE PAYROLL!!!! The product and service are outstanding. Patriot Software is a comprehensive payroll software, but is very intuitive and easy to use. I am thrilled at how easy it is to navigate through the system and process a payroll. The product and service are outstanding.

Heidi Sealy Execuclean Janitorial Services

Patriot Software works really well for us. It is extremely user-friendly and reasonably priced. The online chat is great; it has helped me a lot when I have questions. The support staff is great. I would recommend using this software.

Patty Eagon Evangelical Lutheran Synod Kingdom Workers, Inc.

Very easy to use; virtually foolproof. Takes very little time to learn nuances of the program. It’s great.

Dr. Michael Skiver Harrod Veterinary Clinic

I am very pleased with the software. It’s so helpful… performed far better than I expected.

Tyra Oneal Emergent Staffing Services

Very simple software. When I called in with a question, it was answered quickly. The payroll and tax software is great, and I know if I have to do it myself it would be expensive and time-consuming; I don’t want to deal with that.

Bruce Lessey Bruce Lessey Real Estate

It is very user-friendly. I recommend it for all small businesses!

Theresa Jutte Jutte’s Flowers & Gifts, Ltd.

The software is excellent for what I need it to do. We are a very small company and do not need any of the big fancy bells and whistles. It’s great to have access to all of the data online so I do not have to save and back up the files and risk losing them.

Matt Towers MT Technical Services, Inc.

Awesome! Really easy to use. The online chat is very useful. When I have questions, you guys answer back very quickly!

Lee Burgess Affordable Moonwalk Rentals, Inc.

No issues. The software is very easy; it’s simple to use, easy to set up. It’s good.

Jay Swindle Stemulate, LLC

Great software that is easy to use with great customer support. I have used payroll software with other companies in the past, and it’s been a nightmare waiting on hold and not reaching a knowledgeable person. With Patriot, you get quick, expert support every time. I have already recommended you guys.

Tie Smith College of Charleston Foundation

Patriot Software is easy to use. You guys have a great support staff. If I need an explanation on something you guys are there to help. I recommend this company.

Eulia Gadson Beautiful Beginnings Early Learning Center, LLC

I am so glad I found you guys. You are wonderful people. The software is fantastic and easy to use. It is very inexpensive for all that it accomplishes. I recommend it!

Stacey Mintz Carolina Direct Inc.

I think Patriot Software is great. The software does everything we need for our small company and at a reasonable price.

Mona Garcia Makenzie’s Welders

The software is wonderful. It’s very inexpensive. I have been very pleased with the services and support staff.

Kimberly Long Flicker Theatre & Bar, Inc

Patriot Software is great. The software does its job well and it’s reasonably priced.

Kyle Krause Law Office of Kyle Krause, Prof. LLC

Patriot Software is very user-friendly. Coming in as a new employee to this agency I was able to easily pick up on the software. The Patriot support team is very eager to help and answer any question that I have.

Jamie Niekamp Fort Recovery Insurance Agency, Inc.

Patriot Software is very easy to use. It is very inexpensive compared to other software on the market. I recommend it.

Melynda Bauer Bauer Appliance & Repair Incorporated

Patriot Software is very user-friendly and reasonably priced. I like the ease of being able to make adjustments for time and reimbursements to individual employees. I would recommend using this software.

Jessica Cessna Maroon Picket Fence, LLC

Patriot Software has great customer service. Whenever I call in with a question I always get an immediate response. I have had no issues in using the software and it has performed well for me. The price is reasonable and I recommend this software.

Daniel D. Christopherson

Patriot Software is easy to use. The software is reasonably priced. I would recommend it.

Grigoriy Vayner Sima’s Loving Day Care Center

Love Patriot Software. It takes all the pain out of doing payroll. I have used other software before and it was just too overly complicated. Patriot Software is easy to use and they have a great support team.

Brad Harger

Patriot Software is a comprehensive payroll and tax service. The software is very intuitive and set at a very reasonable price. The customer support team is very willing to help with any questions. I would recommend this easy-to-use software.

David Orringer Velo Med, PLC

Patriot Software is very intuitive. It is easy and very simple to use. The pricing is very reasonable. The price is far less than other software providers. I would recommend using this software.

Ryan Vande Berg Ryan Vande Berg, CPA

We are a small business with very basic needs where payroll is concerned, so we decided to try Patriot Software. The program provides all the reports we need and the conversion and customer support were amazing. We actually got a call from our customer service representative to tell me she didn’t want to leave me hanging over the weekend with an unresolved issue. Wow! I feel confident that this was a good move for our business.

Rose Mattran Sales Consultants of Sarasota, Inc.

With the free set-up offered by Patriot Software, it’s virtually brainless. All I have to do is plug the hours in and click the button… It’s done! By switching to Patriot Software I am saving nearly 400% from my previous payroll option. In the food industry, it’s a great fringe benefit for my employees when I run payroll every week, and to be only charged monthly for this service is much appreciated.

James Sherman Hillcrest Foods LLC

I love Patriot Software. It makes my job a lot easier. We were doing our payroll by hand and now it’s simple to record the payroll and print off the reports to give to our accountant.

Kristie Dr. John A. Jennings

Patriot Software is great. The software is easy to use and simple to navigate. The general pricing is very reasonable and I would recommend using this software.

Hesham Mohd Alrubaidi Investments LLC

We love Patriot Software. The software is very easy to navigate and the customer

Lori McGinnis Younique Creations, LLC

We are a small company that was searching for affordable software and we found it! We love Patriot Software. The software is really easy and simple to use.

Beth LowestMed

Patriot Software does everything that I need it to do. It’s not too fancy and more economically sound than other payroll software that I have used. I am quite happy with the software and reasonable pricing.

Nathan Kung Sahara Nights Hookah LLC

I love Patriot Software. I switched over from a different payroll software provider and I am very happy that I did. The pricing is very reasonable and it has all the functions I need. Every time I call in with questions I get answers right away.

Mimi Liang Evermore Logistics Inc.

After talking with my accountant, I feel you all have a great business going on there. I’ve been in business for 40 years, and payroll has always been hard for me. Your software really makes it much easier.

Spencer Mace Mace Construction Inc.

If there was 10 stars, I would rate you 10. Software is very easy to use, fast and simple. Simply amazing!

Alfredo Garay Garay Refrisales

I have been extremely pleased with the excellent service and customer support that I have received from Patriot over the years. I am especially happy with the simplicity of the system and the ease at which payrolls can be run, printed and then I just close my computer screen and Patriot does the rest. No more accounting nightmares, government forms to fill out, filing deadlines to remember, tax deposits to transfer and reconciliations to lose sleep over! Thank you, Patriot for restoring my freedom to focus on running my business.

Ron Katron Realty Professionals, Inc.

Pro: Very easy to use and simple. Reports are accurate and easy to read.
Cons: Not really any... It would be nice if there was an easier way to handle employee purchases that are deducted from their pay. You can add money to a persons pay (like reimbursements for employee paid expenses) easily, but you can't deduct money without editing deductions before running payroll, then you have to remember to go back and change the deductions amount before the next payroll or you'll deduct the sames amount again...

Lyman Schimming L & B embroidery

I decided to pay my nanny over the table and was looking for a very basic payroll service that would calculate everything for me while also being affordable. Patriot definitely fit the bill. It's super reasonably priced, easy to use, and has the all the features I was looking for. Their customer service is extremely helpful and responsive when setting everything up. Bonus that they have free direct deposit. The only drawback so far is they don't support multiple pay rates for one employee/payroll (in a nanny situation this is common - 1 child vs 2 child rates); however, there was a pretty simple workaround and this feature is apparently going to be released soon. A+

Marisa Wilson

Year three - great service and perfect for us. We are a super small, 5 employee operation and we needed a lot of support and help at the start setting up payroll and understanding everything! Patriot really saved us!!

Christina Lane NMCP

Love this software for my solo private practice in health care!

Maggie Perry Hilltop Anxiety Psychotherapy, Inc.

This software is very user friendly. Entering in payroll is pretty easy and if there have been any questions, customer service has been very helpful.

Jessica Danielewicz Cutting Edge Decks Inc.

I really enjoy this software. It makes it easy. I like this software all the way around.

Shonda Allred JR's Transport #2, Inc

We switched over to this software in the middle of the year. While, I chose to set everything up myself, customer service was there right to help with every single step. Any time I've had a question they've been able to answer either right away or find out for me as soon as possible. Our only "cons" would be that our paychecks need to be laid out a little differently than they allow and also, a plus would be to have an automatic vacation time addition. Each payroll I have to manually enter in hours for my employees. It would be nice to just have that added in for me. Overall, it's insanely easy... We are so glad we made the switch!

Kymberly Smith GRTAvionics

Love this payroll software. Very easy to use and a great value. 100% satisfied.

Elliot Marks Platinum Fuel Inc.

I have found that with the minimal knowledge that I already had concerning business taxes this product is exactly what I needed to not have to pay high prices for an accountant. They also have been helpful in making sure that we have applied for and pay all taxes that we should. There were several things that I was unaware of that need to be paid.

Stephanie Fields Glory Trucking LLC

Everything from payroll to taxes to W-2s is well set up and the staff are professional and courteous and leave the clients with peace of mind. I wouldn't use any other software for my business and employee needs.

Lisa Taylor JTL Crude, LLC

For a few bucks each month, I can run my payroll from anywhere I can get on the internet. Its easy to use and available night and day. Like any software it has a few little quirks, but none that make me want to stop using it. Overall, its excellent, accessible, and easy enough to use once you figure out how you want things to work. I've told my CPA about it, and now he is recommending Patriot to many of his small business clients with good feedback as well.

Terry K IT Magic

I have had a great experience working with Patriot! Always works and customer support is always ready to help me with any type of question! Thanks keep up the good work.

Dave Dooley MedBill

I was using spreadsheets for my payroll and time sheets but entering them in patriot-software has been a lot simpler. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is that the payroll history link disappeared before I was able to enter my complete history and I needed to get paycheck stubs to an employee for past payroll. Other than that, I am looking forward to the ease of my employees clocking in and out online instead of me having to remember what days they called out or was late to work. And patriot software is processing taxes, thank goodness.

Tamara Price Too Convenient Stores, LLC

I had no problems quickly learning and using this software. They walk you through every step with helpful videos and tutorials. I needed a payroll software to pay the people that took care of my father and so many were either complicated, or seemed like overkill. If you want something simple that can grow with you, Patriot Pay is for you.

Bethany Dragoo Home Caregivers

I am very happy with the service. Great one on one customer service. It is easy to use and has cut my workload in half. My only complaint is I wish the customer service was open more hours, sometimes work on payroll late or on the weekends and need help. Besides that - great program. I would highly recommend it!

Kris Wilson Air Crafters

I have signed 4 different LLCs and running the payroll every month. It works great for us.

William Wei Haoyue Investments

We're a very small nonprofit organization, and we needed an option that was easy, convenient, and of course inexpensive. Patriot has met our needs and expectation...and more. After setting up direct deposit, Patriot handles everything. It takes us less than 10 minutes to do our bi-monthly payroll, and Patriot does the rest -- including all the tax filings and reports.

Lam Ho ommunity Activism Law Alliance

I have used other payroll companies for years. When I saw that my employees can see their stubs, make changes to address and tax info without me, I fell in love with Patriot. My employees also find it easy to use and the prices are great.

Lloyd M. Marvelous Printing

I really like the software so far. It has been easy to set up, easy to use and when I called in, the customer service was pleasant and informative. So far I have no complaints.

Curt Blabaum Physical Medicine

Patriot is super easy to use for a non-accountant person such as myself. Simply enter in the payroll period hours worked and it’s all taken care of for you! The tax service is such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! I love it!

Jerry Hicks Vapor Your Way

Pretty straightforward in set up and maintenance. Customer service is also good with an online chat at the ready anytime I had any questions.

Jeff Parks E&J Marketing

Program is easy to use and support, both online and on the phone is wonderful – fast, helpful answers to all my questions.

Lynn van Nuys Urban Bicycle Outfitters

I thought it was very easy to setup. Online application makes it very efficient. I love the software, and it is very affordable

Tamara Maye TCM Enterprise, Inc.

I’ve used Patriot for over two years now. Entering payrolls is straightforward and easy. Patriot has been flawless with all federal and state filings. Best of all, whenever I’ve had a question, there was a knowledgeable person immediately on the line with an answer. 5 stars for Patriot!

Christopher Cline Cline & Associates

Great deal, works well!

David Parrish Cruiser King

Customer service is amazing. I love the online chat option and the staff is always very helpful. The software is easy to use and with the Full Service Payroll they take care of everything!

Kristy Winegarner Sure Shot, LLC

Robust payroll software that super easy to use and has all the desired functionality. Customer service very responsive via chat and email. Did I mention that it’s a great value!?

Jodie Heorg Caribbee

We are pleased with the Patriot software. Pros: easy to use, pays taxes on my behalf, prepares w-2, can be reached by phone or chat promptly. Cons: don’t know of any.

Max Bridge ueensgate Family Chiropractic

Outstanding – user friendly.

Thomas Ginster Ginster Law Office, PLC

I run a small business and us and use and the price is good too! It’s great having the chat option available, there are always knowledgeable representatives right there, waiting to help and the longest I have waited for a response was around 1 minute. Patriot is great, and I would recommend it to everyone!

Michelle Samora Tri-Mount Publications

I really like it and it’s ease of use. The only con are the reports available.

Yvette Rushsylvania one stop llc

Perfect for the non expert. Easy setup excellent guide.

Amaury Tapia Manager at Ecological Pest control

We had some questions with the payroll reports. The customer service representative was very helpful and made the process very easy and understandable.

Brent Spath Owner at Carolina Wood Fence

So far it is great. I am new to Patriot software and have used them for my payroll. They have been extremely easy to get on the phone, and have been very helpful with the setup. I am not good at business related things and they made it fairly easy. Price is excellent as well.

Stephen Hatch Hatch SC Anesthesia LLC

We have been using Patriot Software for a few months now and could not be happier. We do basic payroll for 3 employees and Patriot makes it so easy! We have also found the monthly tax filings simple and easy. This is going to make our 2016 tax year so much more efficient!

Jess Crotty Chuck Horne Properties

Its really easy-to-use and user-friendly customer service, the interface is very informative and keeps notifying about what are the next pending steps before employee is really ready to go and all set for payroll. One of the best customer service for free as well as they help you to setup end-to-end and support reps makes sure that everything is done properly. Cons: The time off tracking. You have to assign the time before-hand otherwise you cant utilize it, you can't edit entries made when you block an employee time off.

Hiren Patel Leela Consultancy LLC

This product is simple to setup. Easy to configure and use. The pricing is excellent! Best payroll software for small business that I have found.

Leonard Johnson Elite IT Systems

The ease of use and the price are outstanding. I did quite a bit of research and this is where I landed. I also like the options for add-ons as I go.

Cassi Kretz Jamboree Party Box

Trying to find the reports you need can be tricky until you know where to go. Once I talked to the Patriot team and they explained where everything was located it was a breeze.

Jassica Mendum Monkey Madness Of Ocala

The pros outweigh the con's and the software is amazingly simple to use

Chris George CMG

The customer support is what sealed the deal. Also, the website is very intuitive and easy to navigate. The tutorials, and walking me through new hires was great.

Sunni Listo Dogpatch Resort

Very easy to use and if I have had any questions, I have always gotten someone on the phone who is very friendly, personable, and more "family" oriented; like we're friends. We are a new and very small company and this is exactly what we prayed for! You can't beat their price for all that they offer!

Linda Wilfong Cure Construction

This software is online and easy to use. With Full service payroll they take care of all government filings. There are few settings that need to be done manually , e.g. added the 401k deduction to employee does not automatically set the box that says employee has retirement plan.


I have had no complaints while using Patriot for the past few months, I was thankful to come upon it and switch. The ease of this system is so much easier than other software out there. I was pleasantly surprised with the Customer Service and their knowledge!

Danielle Ratliff Family 4ward, Inc.

I've used many payroll programs over the years and none were as easy to set up and use as Patriot. By far, Patriot exceeds its promise for inexpensive and fully functional payroll software.

Anthony Pearson Anthony Pearson

I am an attorney representing small businesses. My role is to assist them in organizing and running efficiently. In that capacity I am a firm believer in keeping accounting, payroll and other services "in house." I tested the Patriot Basic Payroll software with the intent of recommending it to my clients. The software was simple and easy to use. The program can be easily adapted to the small business environment and with minimal input from the user calculates Federal and State withholding. An employee portal can be added allowing employees to obtain wage information. The monthly fee is very reasonable.

William Weiler Law Offices of William S. Weiler

This is a great product - so glad I tried it. Saved me $70/month.

Claudia Pope Financial Reliance Inc

I cannot think of any cons--although I have only used it for a week so far. Easy to figure out. Not time consuming.

Matthew Poirier Law Office of Matthew J Poirier PLLC

This is the best software is you want a good payroll department for your small business.

Moshe Gold Bob's Deals

The customer service far exceeds my expectations!!! The product is good and gets better everyday!!! I love it!

Mya BYRD Trinity Tax Services, LLC

We looked into Intuit and Sage but couldn't find a software for just payroll to do in house for an affordable price. I found Patriot Payroll and was pleased to find the two options for payroll and it is going to save us a lot of money this year. It was easy to set up and we were able to run our first payroll within a couple days of finding this solution. The customer service was very helpful and patient with me through the set up process.

Amie Merrill Henderson County Clinic of Chiropractic PLLC

I used ADP and Paychex previously and they always raise the rates and always get the taxes wrong and do not communicate when you are getting a tax correction taken from your account. Patriot Software is finally the answer to our small business. First the Price is 1/3 of the price of the big boys. The customer service actually cares. And running payroll is so easy! The whole dashboard feels so clean and simple. I wish I would have found this years ago. Setting up to run your first payroll takes a lot of information and a little time so be prepared with all your information. The step wise process is easy to follow and customer service helps at every step if needed.

Dan Weiand Mt2 Enterprises, LLC

Patriot software is easy to use when it comes to payroll processing. This was our first time having employees that requires payroll processing. The system is easy to use. The customer service is good as well.

Thanh Padgett Padgett Advance Tech. Inc.

I have a small insurance agency and love this product. This product easily allows me to add and delete employees. It also allows me to do payroll very quickly. I was with paychex and just got sick of them messing up my payroll. The software works very well for my small business and the price is Awesome!

Leonid Zaytsev Farmers Insurance Agency

The software was extremely easy to understand, set up and use, even for someone completely new to Payroll Processing. It asks simple questions, and guides you step by step through everything. The Dashboard is well-organized, with little question mark icons that anticipate questions and explain what things are. They offer Chat Support, which I have used a few times. They were responsive (I didn't have to wait more than a few minutes), and were able to answer my questions so I could get back to work quickly.

Matthew Vire Choose to Love LLC

For our small business, Patriot Payroll is the perfect solution. The cost is $100 less a month than we were paying previously, and we can now offer direct deposit. The interface is easy to use and the customer service reps are helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

Melissa Schneider Cong. B'nai Jacob

This product has been very easy to integrate into our company the tech team has answered all of our questions and it is cost effective as well.

Steve Dey EBA Flooring

excellent product- friendly and helpful staff- help me fixed an issue the first time

Jaime Santiago Healing Internal Ministries LLC.

I signed up for the free trial of the service and received and call the next day welcoming me to the service. Wow.

Charles Frank CF Roofing

Great product and excellent customer service! This company definitely values customer service because when we decided to try their product, their customer service team was available to answer every question that we had. They called us to help set up our account. They have also been available with every question we have had. The product is easy to use and we have not had any issues thus far.

Jonathan Jones TDM Fitness, Inc

Easy to use and affordable. I have had no problems using this software. The customer support has always been friendly and helpful.

David Lindamood Kettering Education Association

Wonderful payroll for a Small business! I have a small business, I am the "owner, manager, chief cook, and bottle washer" as the saying goes. I put off hiring just so I wouldn't have to wade through the setting up payroll part. Patriot Payroll made it REALLY easy. The checklist was JUST what I needed! I worked through the forms in a matter of hours, and got my new employee all set up! I even opted for the time card which integrated perfectly into my payroll. Easy as pie, I'm glad I found them!

Alexis Strickland Whipped Up Wonderful

Amazing software for payroll. The setup is a little long, but that is any vendor not just this software. This is truly an all in one. I researched so many different softwares and had demos with about 7 different companies. I love that this is month to month and very transparent with the pricing. I recommend this. They take a little long to respond when chatting. But the response time was good.

Mark Adelman Brightech Inc.

Great Value for a Small Business. The software allows a small business like ours to operate with such efficiency. The accounting program allows us to keep track of our balance sheets and keep everything itemized which reduces the burden during tax time. Only con I've experienced so far is not being able to edit transactions in accounting when you make a mistake. You have to put another entry in to correct the previous error. The direct deposit option allows us to offer direct deposit to our employees and reduce our overhead costs.

Bryon Johnson Stryon Businesses L.L.C.

Better than the football team that has a similar name! Patriot software has given me literally everything I could possibly have wanted and more, in the following order: 1) Great price 2) functionality 3) simple user interface 4) filings on my behalf. If there was one thing I wish was different, was just for the UI to be either easy to customize or a bit more "fun", other than that, it simply just works! Gets the job done, and offers the absolute best bang for one's buck! Don't knock it unless you try it! Once you go patriot, you never go back!

Amaury Tapia Ecological Pest Control

Make the switch - save money - extremely easy to use! I am so glad I heard about this software on the radio. I was very skeptical at first but after running one payroll during the trial period I was hooked. This software is saving our small business over $2,000 a year. WELL worth it!

Paulina Johnson MegaCopies Woodstock, Inc.

Best of all payroll software - Simple, Good price, Great customer support. I am using this software for my company payroll for last 1 year. Simple to setup, Easy to run payroll, Great customer support and lots of good reports.

Sachchida Ojha MJB e-Services LLC

Superb Software. The software is simple to use and there are videos to help you along the way. The best part is the knowledge of the customer service reps and their friendliness and willingness to help.

Mike Perales Perales Tennis

I love Patriot software, I have used Sage, tried quick lol, and even by hand. Patriot has saved me time and energy.

Stefani McCullough Metro Coffee

Great customer support! Evan provided superb customer support. He listened to my questions and answered them succinctly instead of just going to the next step in the script. Thoughtful, patient, proactive and professional.

James Lowder Naly's Kitchen LLC

I have had a wonderful experience. The support team is awesome. They have done and excellent job in explaining and helping me get my payroll set-up. There is a lot of time and paperwork required while getting it setup, but it makes me feel comforted knowing how much info they need so it is all very accurate.

Madison Southards Team Taylor Inc. DBA Unique Concept

Cant go wrong! Everything has been great. The product is easy to use and they helped me set everything up, very easy.
Pros: Easy setup and no learning curves. W-2's were a breeze.
Cons: None at this time. Recommendations to other buyers: None

William Traxler PURTELLS LLC

I've used the payroll software for three years, and have had no problems. My questions have always been answered in a timely manner. Pros: I like this product because it is straight forward and easy to use. Being a nonprofit organization, it is very much affordable as well. Cons: I really don't have any complaints or problems with this software. It has met our needs and we see no reason to change. Recommendations to other buyers: Utilizing the free demo is very helpful. The web site is easy to navigate and provides useful information.

Carla Schillero C.O.O.L. (Community Outreach Of Love)

Still implementing the software but I will be happy to write more once up and running with it after 30 days! Pros: Good features and functionality necessary for our organization. Great support and communication so far! Cons: Still implementing the software but none so far. Recommendations to other buyers: Not at this time, still implementing the software.

Mary Keane 220 Cornerstone

Super easy & FREE trial. I have been using it for over 2 years and the system has changed a few times but only for the better. Super easy to use. Pros: I love the chat feature, if I have a question I can just ask through there without having to call. Cons: There is nothing to dislike.

Daisy Hernandez Royal Maintenance Services

Great Software! I was looking for a software that would make payroll a breeze. Patriot seems to be just what I've been looking for. Pros: Easy to use and great customer support! Cons: I like everything that I've experienced so far.

Rhonda Allen Klassy Klipp

Great option for my small business! I have found this software program to be fast and efficient. It has been a great addition for my business. Pros: I like the user friendly format and efficiency. Cons: My only complaint is that payroll takes 3-4 days to process without an upgrade. Recommendations to other buyers: I would recommend upgrading if you need to process payroll more quickly.

Caroline Crocker Dynamic Counseling

Easy to use. I had absolutely no payroll experience when I began using this program. It was easy to learn and what I couldn't figure out customer service was great at helping me.
Pros: Easy to use. Straight forward, simple.
Cons: I love everything about it.

Barbara Miller BKM Drywall

Excellent program and great price. This was my first payroll program and I had no problem getting it up and running. The customer service was helpful and available right away by chat. Pros: Easy of access and affordability. Cons: It does take a little time to get everything squared away to be fully activated. Recommendations to other buyers: Just leave time for set up and activation.

Haley Macovitz Quality Plumbing & Water Solutions

Love it! A must have! Super easy program. I can run a payroll from start to finish in about 10 minutes. Much more simpler than the competitor programs I have used in the past.
Pros: I love everything about it!
Cons: Haven't found a thing I don't like yet.
Recommendations to other buyers: Definitely a must have when running a business!!

Nikole Davis Southside Community Development Corp.

Used it for a month, liking it so far. Took me awhile to navigate everything, mostly because we've never employed anyone before. I needed help to get started and great customer service to get me through the process since I was unfamiliar with all that was needed. They took me from New Hire to setting up the payroll. You can print checks or write them out yourself. It's been pretty smooth. Competitively priced. Pros: It was pretty easy once I got all the forms from the employees and numbers I needed from the state and bank. PS is right there to help you. They don't send a bazillion e-mails but a check up once in awhile. I have only been using it for about a month but so far so good. I did have the advantage of a friend's experiences with other payroll software...she's been through 3 or 4 so far. So I didn't give those a try at all. They will run my 1099's and W-2's at the end of the year for me. We do need to request some services as they don't necessarily do them automatically. I've had great customer service and they patiently walk me through everything when I need it.

Carol Madsen J-Pro Inspects, LLC

Fantastic Payroll Service! These guys are simply the best. They immediately call you to help you setup all the tax and banks stuff. They make everything sleek and user friendly. We are a very small business and these guys are a dream come true. They take all the non-fun stuff and do it for you! Pros: Easy to use software, super great, very friendly staff. Cons: No cons found! Recommendations to other buyers: Give them a try!

Meng Lin Pawsitive Mobile Pet Spa

Best payroll software. This software is the best considering I've tried out many. I love that you can run payroll whenever you want and aren't limited to a set day. Pros: Running payroll whenever you want. Easy to use. Great customer support. Cons: There are a few things I would change about this software but it's not anything that would keep me from using it. Recommendations to other buyers: Definitely should give this software a try.

Angela Yi CBMI Construction

It's always a bit of a hassle to set-up a new vendor and transfer information into a new system. Patriot made this very easy and provided great customer service every step of the way. Pros: Customer service is top notch! So nice to talk to a real person located in the United States Cons: Relatively new software so they are still adding features and functionality Recommendations to other buyers: Give it a try.

Lori Reinbolt Orrville Area Chamber of Commerce

Easy Peasy. The people are very friendly and helpful.
Pros: great customer service, price is 80% less than what we paid our previous service ADP. we can get through to real people and not be on hold.

Prentiss Ingraham Sun Citie Enterprises

Great Time Saver!! I use this software for several companies; each one with a unique situation. The software is very adaptable to all sizes of employers. You can use all or part of the functions, depending on your particular needs.
Pros: Saves time and money! The time savings and elimination of stress about deadlines is so worth the cost of the software. Easy to learn; No setup snags and no learning curve.

Kathy Justice NCCP

I have found this very easy, fast, user friendly and could not believe how easy it was to get started with this processes. Pros: I have found this very easy, fast, user friendly and could not believe how easy it was to get started with this processes. I really think that it best feature is the fact that it is so user friendly. Cons: I did not find anything that I was dissatisfied with, I am very happy overall I have not been with them long but I am happy. Recommendations to other buyers: Try you have nothing to lose it's a free trial and if you don't like it, cancel. If you do like it, then stay like I did.

Kelly Larson Hairway 2 Heaven

Solid Affordable Option. As an accountant who prepares payroll for a couple dozen clients I've used at least half a dozen payroll products over the years. I recently moved my entire client base to Patriot. I've found it to be a solid, affordable solution. I'm looking forward to a long, mutually prosperous relationship.
Pros: I like the fact that it leaves me in control of my client's payroll. Support has been excellent and has been extremely receptive to a couple suggestions/requests I've made. While it doesn't directly impact the software itself, I sincerely appreciate the founder/owner's personal values.

Jerry Stephens Ministry Consulting Group LLC

I was looking for a software that can handle timecards, payroll, and bookkeeping features for a small ( 10-15 employees ) company. Did try it out for a week, was very impressed with ease of use and simplicity of the product. I have been using this product since 2013...
Pros: ease of use...

Kent Patel Shreeman Inc

Easy to use. Very user friendly interface. Payroll is very easy to do. Setting up the payroll account is also a breeze. The software also gives very detailed instructions on how to setup automatic deduction of taxes and all the paperwork that needs to be filed with the state franchise department. Pros: Spend some time getting to know the software. Although, it is easy to use, it helps to get to know the lay of land a little bit to find out if this software really meets your needs.

Andrea Soleberry Strongwilled Consultants

Easy to use! Really like the software. Easy to use, not a long wait time when calling for help. My state received my information fast and accurate .
Pros: Don't have to be a computer wizard to use the software.

Renee Jackson KJ's Po-Boy Express

Amazing service! The web based interface is extremely easy to use. I called twice over the last year with questions and the customer service was outstanding. Also, it is by far the lowest cost product for payroll!
Pros: The price and ease of use.

Brian Cunningham Snack N' Play

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