Patriot Payroll Reviews

"Patriot's payroll and software options – and 24/7 access with any Internet connection – are terrific!"

Cathy Wyatt,
Carpe Diem Coffee Shop
Patriot Software Reviews

July 22, 2015


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Patriot Software Reviews

July 22, 2015

  • “In small business, we are told you get what you pay for. That is a lie. I am getting way more than I could have dreamed. I am absolutely amazed. The software is easily half the cost of any other option out there. It is absolutely unreal. Your service has continually blown me away. I wish everything in life was as easy to get started and get help with.”
    Five Stars
    Antonio Gonclaves
    On Point Reps, Inc.
  • “I highly recommend Patriot Software to any business! Starting up was very easy with knowledgeable people at Patriot. Anytime I ever called in with questions, support was so helpful and very friendly. Definitely a 5-star plus!”
    Five Stars
    Jennifer Miller
    Dave Miller Trucking
  • “Patriot Software was a godsend. The software price point is right where we need it. The software has all the tools we need for a small business instead of hiring an outside company to take care of our administrative purposes. The software package was easy to learn and teach to our new employees. Our employees can login and access their own present/past paychecks. If needed, I have the option to override anything I see fit. I have already recommended Patriot Software. I cannot say enough good things about it!”
    Five Stars
    Lyman Schimming
    L & B Embroidery, Inc.
  • “Having a chance to use the software with a free trial period and no obligation or long-term contract is great! Getting started was easy and everything runs smooth. Your customer service is top-notch. My few questions were answered very quickly. I highly recommend Patriot Software to anyone looking to streamline their business.”
    Four Stars
    Douglas DeLoach
    Heavenly Housekeeping, Inc.
  • “Easy-to-use software. You can go online and use the software which is great! You guys are always there for me to answer my questions.”
    Four Stars
    Matthew Gilson
    Spectrum Capital Corp.
  • “Patriot is a great piece of software. The whole system is very easy. I have used Quickbooks in the past and that was a nightmare. You guys are extremely helpful with any questions that I have. I have recommended you guys.”
    Five Stars
    Eric Feldmann
    Ammonoosuc Consulting LLC
  • “Patriot Software works really well for us. It is extremely user-friendly and reasonably priced. The online chat is great; it has helped me a lot when I have questions. The support staff is great. I would recommend using this software.”
    Four Stars
    Patty Eagon
    Evangelical Lutheran Synod Kingdom Workers, Inc.
  • “Very easy to use; virtually foolproof. Takes very little time to learn nuances of the program. It’s great.”
    Five Stars
    Dr. Michael Skiver
    Harrod Veterinary Clinic
  • “I am very pleased with the software. It’s so helpful… performed far better than I expected.”
    Five Stars
    Tyra Oneal
    Emergent Staffing Services
  • “Very simple software. When I called in with a question, it was answered quickly. The payroll and tax software is great, and I know if I have to do it myself it would be expensive and time-consuming; I don’t want to deal with that.”
    Five Stars
    Bruce Lessey
    Bruce Lessey Real Estate
  • “It is very user-friendly. I recommend it for all small businesses!”
    Four Stars
    Theresa Jutte
    Jutte’s Flowers & Gifts, Ltd.
  • “The software is excellent for what I need it to do. We are a very small company and do not need any of the big fancy bells and whistles. It’s great to have access to all of the data online so I do not have to save and back up the files and risk losing them.”
    Five Stars
    Matt Towers
    MT Technical Services, Inc.
  • “Awesome! Really easy to use. The online chat is very useful. When I have questions, you guys answer back very quickly!”
    Five Stars
    Lee Burgess
    Affordable Moonwalk Rentals, Inc.
  • “No issues. The software is very easy; it’s simple to use, easy to set up. It’s good.”
    Five Stars
    Jay Swindle
    Stemulate, LLC
  • “Great software that is easy to use with great customer support. I have used payroll software with other companies in the past, and it’s been a nightmare waiting on hold and not reaching a knowledgeable person. With Patriot, you get quick, expert support every time. I have already recommended you guys.”
    Five Stars
    Tie Smith
    College of Charleston Foundation
  • “Patriot Software is easy to use. You guys have a great support staff. If I need an explanation on something you guys are there to help. I recommend this company.”
    Five Stars
    Eulia Gadson
    Beautiful Beginnings Early Learning Center, LLC
  • “I am so glad I found you guys. You are wonderful people. The software is fantastic and easy to use. It is very inexpensive for all that it accomplishes. I recommend it!”
    Five Stars
    Stacey Mintz
    Carolina Direct Inc.
  • “I think Patriot Software is great. The software does everything we need for our small company and at a reasonable price.”
    Five Stars
    Mona Garcia
    Makenzie’s Welders
  • “The software is wonderful. It’s very inexpensive. I have been very pleased with the services and support staff.”
    Five Stars
    Kimberly Long
    Flicker Theatre & Bar, Inc
  • “Patriot Software is great. The software does its job well and it’s reasonably priced. ”
    Five Stars
    Kyle Krause
    Law Office of Kyle Krause, Prof. LLC
  • “Patriot Software is very user-friendly. Coming in as a new employee to this agency I was able to easily pick up on the software. The Patriot support team is very eager to help and answer any question that I have.”
    Five Stars
    Jamie Niekamp
    Fort Recovery Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • “Patriot Software is very easy to use. It is very inexpensive compared to other software on the market. I recommend it.”
    Five Stars
    Melynda Bauer
    Bauer Appliance & Repair Incorporated
  • “Patriot Software is very user-friendly and reasonably priced. I like the ease of being able to make adjustments for time and reimbursements to individual employees. I would recommend using this software.”
    Four Stars
    Jessica Cessna
    Maroon Picket Fence, LLC
  • “Patriot Software has great customer service. Whenever I call in with a question I always get an immediate response. I have had no issues in using the software and it has performed well for me. The price is reasonable and I recommend this software.”
    Five Stars
    Daniel D. Christopherson
  • “Patriot Software is easy to use. The software is reasonably priced. I would recommend it.”
    Five Stars
    Grigoriy Vayner
    Sima’s Loving Day Care Center
  • “Love Patriot Software. It takes all the pain out of doing payroll. I have used other software before and it was just too overly complicated. Patriot Software is easy to use and they have a great support team.”
    Five Stars
    Brad Harger
  • “Patriot Software is a comprehensive payroll and tax service. The software is very intuitive and set at a very reasonable price. The customer support team is very willing to help with any questions. I would recommend this easy-to-use software.”
    Five Stars
    David Orringer
    Velo Med, PLC
  • “Patriot Software is very intuitive. It is easy and very simple to use. The pricing is very reasonable. The price is far less than other software providers. I would recommend using this software.”
    Five Stars
    Ryan Vande Berg
    Ryan Vande Berg, CPA
  • “We are a small business with very basic needs where payroll is concerned, so we decided to try Patriot Software. The program provides all the reports we need and the conversion and customer support were amazing. We actually got a call from our customer service representative to tell me she didn’t want to leave me hanging over the weekend with an unresolved issue. Wow! I feel confident that this was a good move for our business.”
    Five Stars
    Rose Mattran
    Sales Consultants of Sarasota, Inc.
  • “With the free set-up offered by Patriot Software, it’s virtually brainless. All I have to do is plug the hours in and click the button… It’s done! By switching to Patriot Software I am saving nearly 400% from my previous payroll option. In the food industry, it’s a great fringe benefit for my employees when I run payroll every week, and to be only charged monthly for this service is much appreciated.”
    Five Stars
    James Sherman
    Hillcrest Foods LLC
  • “I love Patriot Software. It makes my job a lot easier. We were doing our payroll by hand and now it’s simple to record the payroll and print off the reports to give to our accountant.”
    Four Stars
    Dr. John A. Jennings
  • “Patriot Software is great. The software is easy to use and simple to navigate. The general pricing is very reasonable and I would recommend using this software.”
    Five Stars
    Hesham Mohd
    Alrubaidi Investments LLC
  • “We love Patriot Software. The software is very easy to navigate and the customer support is an A+! I have already recommended this software.”
    Five Stars
    Lori McGinnis
    Younique Creations, LLC
  • “We are a small company that was searching for affordable software and we found it! We love Patriot Software. The software is really easy and simple to use.”
    Five Stars
  • “Patriot Software does everything that I need it to do. It’s not too fancy and more economically sound than other payroll software that I have used. I am quite happy with the software and reasonable pricing.”
    Four Stars
    Nathan Kung
    Sahara Nights Hookah LLC
  • “I love Patriot Software. I switched over from a different payroll software provider and I am very happy that I did. The pricing is very reasonable and it has all the functions I need. Every time I call in with questions I get answers right away.”
    Five Stars
    Mimi Liang
    Evermore Logistics Inc.
  • “After talking with my accountant, I feel you all have a great business going on there. I’ve been in business for 40 years, and payroll has always been hard for me. Your software really makes it much easier.”
    Five Stars
    Spencer Mace
    Mace Construction Inc.
  • “If there was 10 stars, I would rate you 10. Software is very easy to use, fast and simple. Simply amazing!”
    Five Stars
    Alfredo Garay
    Garay Refrisales
  • “I love you guys. I’ve used Quickbooks, ADP – the ‘Big Guys’ and I really do prefer your software.”
    Five Stars
    Anecia Sewer
    Love City Car Ferries, Inc.
  • “Patriot Software is great. The software does its job well and it’s reasonably priced. I especially like the home payroll section.”
    Five Stars
    Linda T.
    Pain Mgmt Corp
  • “The software has worked out very well for us, so we will definitely remain as a customer with Patriot Software.”
    Four Stars
    Linda T.
    Pain Mgmt Corp
  • “My company has over ten employees and we have been a Patriot Software customer for over two years. The service is outstanding. Ease of set up and use is a breeze. Customer support is always courteous and knows what they are doing. Patriot Software provides the same service as the big names at a fraction of a price. Try the Full Service Payroll. It’s highly recommended.”
    Five Stars
    Ilya Karlin
    More Boxes Corp.
  • “I had battled trying to understand quick books and intuit but read reviews from other business about Patriot. I signed up and was guided step by step on what I needed to do as a business. This is an amazing program and so easy to set up and work with. When I do forget how to do something or have a question I use the online chat and have been helped right away. I love this program and can’t say enough good things about the ease of the website and load it has taken off me as a business owner. I no longer have to worry about taxes deadlines or not filing correctly. Thanks for the amazing services!”
    Four Stars
    Tiana Stringer
    High Plains Health Plans LLC
  • “I am very pleased with the Full Service Payroll. The software is very easy to fill in the blanks. I can have my payroll done within 5 to 10 minutes at the most.”
    Five Stars
    Jeff Lissenden
    Lissenden Chiropractic Center, PC
  • “Wonderful! I would give you guys 6 out of 5 stars if I could. Life is so much easier with your Full Service Payroll. Any questions that I have are answered immediately!”
    Five Stars
    Melissa Middleton
    Cycles By Breeze,LLC.
  • “I already work between 60 to 70 hours a week. This software saves me a ton of time and money not having to file my payroll taxes every three to four months on my own. It eliminates a lot of stress and headaches and is well worth the price.”
    Five Stars
    Greg Kallam
    Greg’s Tool Sales, Inc.
  • “I love you guys! I tell everyone I know about your Full Service Payroll and I am always blown away by all that you do for the price.”
    Five Stars
    Witten Pest Control
  • “Gotta say so far I am loving your service. Five star experience so far and you have been more than patient in answering all my questions!”
    Five Stars
    Lisa O’Hearn
    Buttonwoods Museum
  • “We are enjoying using your company, you are very friendly and helpful. You are a breath of fresh air!”
    Five Stars
    Kristi Truesdale
    East Carolina Brace & Limb Co., Inc
  • “You guys do a great job for me. I’m telling a lot of other general agents that they need to start using you guys. I really appreciate your service.”
    Five Stars
    Edmund Knolmayer
    Knolmayer Agency
  • “Patriot Software is simply marvelous! And they know how to do customer service…it’s the BEST!”
    Five Stars
    Brenda Yeh
    Millennium Tilles LLC
  • “I have been with Patriot Software for over a year now, and I have found it to be the best payroll solution I have come across, even recommending it to my brother who also owns his own business and is looking for payroll services.”
    Five Stars
    Dwight Borges
    Borges Sleigh & Carriage Rides
  • “You guys are very patient. I like how you offer a print out at the end of the year to let me know what’s been done for me.”
    Five Stars
    Joaquim Desousa
    Mulebiz LLC
  • “I am very happy with the company. Everything is perfection! When I needed help Patriot got me all figured out right away. I used to do payroll myself for the last fifteen years and I love the simplicity of it now with the two transactions: one from NatPay for the wages and one from Patriot for the taxes. All that is missing is the semi-monthly pay frequency from your Time & Attendance Software and once that is implemented I will use that too!”
    Five Stars
    Jodi Sarntee
    Jodi Sarntee Agency, Inc.
  • “I have used other payroll companies for years. When I saw that my employees can see their stubs, make changes to address and tax info without me, I fell in love with Patriot. My employees also find it easy to use and the prices are great.”
    Five Stars
    Lloyd M.
    Marvelous Printing
    Courtesy of Capterra
  • “I really like the software so far. It has been easy to set up, easy to use and when I called in, the customer service was pleasant and informative. So far I have no complaints.”
    Five Stars
    Curt Blabaum
    Physical Medicine
    Courtesy of Capterra
  • “Patriot is super easy to use for a non-accountant person such as myself. Simply enter in the payroll period hours worked and it’s all taken care of for you! The tax service is such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! I love it!”
    Five Stars
    Jerry Hicks
    Vapor Your Way
    Courtesy of Capterra
  • “Pretty straightforward in set up and maintenance. Customer service is also good with an online chat at the ready anytime I had any questions.”
    Five Stars
    Jeff Parks
    E&J Marketing
    Courtesy of Capterra
  • “Program is easy to use and support, both online and on the phone is wonderful – fast, helpful answers to all my questions.”
    Five Stars
    Lynn van Nuys
    Urban Bicycle Outfitters
    Courtesy of Capterra
  • “I thought it was very easy to setup. Online application makes it very efficient. I love the software, and it is very affordable.”
    Five Stars
    Tamara Maye
    TCM Enterprise, Inc.
    Courtesy of Capterra
  • “Was concerned about bringing payroll in to the office. However, the payroll software is really easy to navigate. And when you hit a point where / when you need help, the Customer Service is phenomenal. Use the Chat and the Phone contact. All reps I have talked with have been extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with.”
    Five Stars
    Vickie Giesen
    Easlter Law Firm, LLC
    Courtesy of Capterra
  • “I’ve used Patriot for over two years now. Entering payrolls is straightforward and easy. Patriot has been flawless with all federal and state filings. Best of all, whenever I’ve had a question, there was a knowledgeable person immediately on the the line with an answer. Five stars for Patriot!”
    Five Stars
    Christopher Cline
    Cline & Associates
    Courtesy of Capterra
  • “Great deal, works well!”
    Five Stars
    David Parrish
    Cruiser King
    Courtesy of Capterra
  • “Customer service is amazing. I love the online chat option and the staff is always very helpful. The software is easy to use and with the Full Service Payroll they take care of everything!”
    Five Stars
    Kristy Winegarner
    Sure Shot, LLC
    Courtesy of Capterra
  • “Robust payroll software that super easy to use and has all the desired functionality. Customer service very responsive via chat and email. Did I mention that it’s a great value!?”
    Four Stars
    Jodie Heorg
    Courtesy of Capterra
  • “We are pleased with the Patriot software. Pros: easy to use, pays taxes on my behalf, prepares w-2, can be reached by phone or chat promptly. Cons: don’t know of any.”
    Five Stars
    Max Bridge
    Queensgate Family Chiropractic
    Courtesy of Capterra
  • “Outstanding – user friendly.”
    Five Stars
    Thomas Ginster
    Ginster Law Office, PLC
    Courtesy of Capterra
  • “I only wish I had found you years ago.”
    Mary Cripe
  • “Everything works great. It’s easy to work.”
    Dean Barry
    Dean Barry Wealth Management
  • “The software is good and easy to use. It is good to have the step-by-step verification process during the set-up.”
    Sridevi Bendapudi
    Infiniti Information Technologies, Inc
  • “Patriot Software has been just a dream to deal with. We do eCommerce web sites and not payroll, so this is one big business process I just don’t have to worry about! I just wish I found you guys 5 years ago!”
    Jennifer Pardee
    Pardee Enterprises, Inc.
  • “I searched for the perfect payroll software for hours and finally ran across Patriot Software. What a joy it has been to actually find a company whose employees put the “customer” back into “customer service.” As the owner of As-needed Bookkeeping, I needed a software that was easily navigable and that fits the needs of each client I serve; I found everything I needed in Patriot. Thank you for creating a software that not only saves me time and money, but also enables my company to give the best possible service.”
    Connie Belcher
    As-Needed Bookkeeping
  • “Just let me say last night we ran our first payroll through the complete process, and it was extremely simple and painless. The whole process from logging on to printing checks/pay stubs took 4-5 minutes. All the information is there every step of the way (employee net pay, gross pay, taxes, year to date net/gross — even company tax information). If anyone is looking for a new payroll software or thinking of changing, give Patriot a try and compare it to your current or any other software out there and I’m sure Patriot will be your choice. It’s free to try.”
    Diamond Gemnastics & Sports Center
  • “This is simple and easy. The hardest part was getting the required info from the government agencies.”
    Michael White
    Veterans Carpet & Tile Cleaning LTD
  • “This software is easy and quick to set up. I have been looking for payroll software for a long time and this is the best out of everything I have tried.”
    Emily Baldwin
    Absolute Accounting Online
  • “Simple and easy to use. What attracted me to the software was that the cost was extremely affordable. I like that support is helpful and that I am not placed on hold — I am able to speak to a live person.”
    David Olinger
    D&J Olinger, LLC
  • “I watched the tutorial and the software seemed very easy to use. I chose you because I knew it would be that easy. You seriously made it look so easy. I’ve been looking for a payroll company for some time now and I’m either talking to another country or to no one at all. This software was so easy to use. Seriously, anyone can use this.”
    Nicholas Davis
    Country Glow Tanning
  • “The software is user-friendly and the process is as painless as possible. It makes me think I know what I am doing when it comes to payroll. Also, I should have chosen the Full Service Payroll at the beginning of my service, I could have avoided the headaches of taking care of taxes myself.”
    Eulia C. Gadson
    Beautiful Beginnings Early Learning Center, LLC
  • “The software is very easy to use. I love the service!”
    Terry Buhecker
    Terry’s Nutrition Wellness Center
  • “I love the software. It made my life so much easier. Everything about it is so easy.”
    John Bamban
    Advanced Chiropractic and Wellness
  • “I like how user-friendly the software is and how it serves our purpose to ensure we are collecting the right amount of taxes and reporting the correct amount of taxes that we are to pay to IRS.”
    Rock of AGES CME Church
  • “This is the best thing going! Other companies are confusing, but this is very, VERY simple!”
    Webbcatcher & Associates
  • “The payroll works well for me. It’s really sweet!”
    Gregory Korpan
  • “Patriot Software has a well-designed layout, and is simple to use.”
    C. Barnette
    Apex Publishing LLC
  • “I really love the system! It is nice to work with a local business; that is why I picked your company.”
    Patti DeRosa
    Smitty Offical’s Apparel, LLC
  • “Software is very simple and easy to use. I Like it!”
    Anthony Walker
    Java Dave’s South Pittsburg
  • “I think the software is pretty great. It is really easy, once you get past putting in tax id information, which you all have assisted me with.”
    Juanda Antrum
    Person Centered Place, LLC
  • “I am pleased with the software! I questioned the price because it seemed strange the cost could really be that low. I was shocked to not have to worry about hidden fees.”
    Mary Bradley
    Bradley Business Systems
  • “Everything is great. I made a mistake and you were able to correct it. Thank you!”
    Tho Nguyen
    Sanaderm Incorporated
  • “Thank you for your help, I learned something today! Your software is so good, it makes it much easier to run payroll.”
    Susan Ainsworth
    Mark Ainsworth Agency
  • “You all are a life saver. I am so glad I found [Patriot Software]!”
    Olympia Kent
    Emmaculante Cleaning & Floor Care
  • “Patriot has been a serious blessing to me! The Basic Payroll has flat out saved me time and headaches. I used to manually prepare payroll for my five employees. Now the payroll process from timesheets to printed paystubs takes just five minutes. AND while I have only had to make a couple of calls to ask questions, the support personnel were very knowledgeable and super responsive. Thank you Patriot Software!”
    Todd Schmitt
    Martindale Christian Fellowship Church
  • “I have dealt with [the competition] and it seemed as if they were speaking a foreign language. This software is almost idiot proof. I like it!”
    Debbie’s Bookkeeping
  • “I am so happy I found your software. The other companies are too expensive. This is exactly what I need.”
    Jay Weszelovszky
    Rose Hill Child Day Care
  • “Customer Service is excellent and actually makes dealing with payroll a pleasure, which I never thought possible. I can’t imagine running my small business without Patriot Software!”
    Paige White
    Paige White Inc.
  • “The prices are reasonable and everything is straightforward. There is so much information available in case you are not aware of what needs to be done or how to do it. I was able to watch the videos to ensure I was doing things correctly, and I was.”
    Michael Todd
    Southern Fox Services, Inc.
  • “It’s a very efficient and helpful system, with great support too!”
    Manjit Doad
    Nam Nam LLC
  • “I think what what you are doing is great. I am so glad to speak to someone who speaks English. I like the software. This will be great for us.”
    Hospitality Foundation
  • “Patriot has a completely different atmosphere compared to my other payroll service provider. I am used to no customer service at all, but everyone at Patriot has been nice and very helpful on the phone. I will definitely be switching to Patriot for payroll.”
    Mike Argo
    Mike’s Auto Clinic
  • “Your payroll system is so easy and user friendly! Kudos to Patriot and all the employees!”
    Melanie McLaughlin
    FM Rod and Classics, Inc
  • “I really like the software. Customer service has been great! Response time has been prompt and payroll doesn’t seem overwhelming.”
    Melissa Long
    Wake, LLC
  • “This is a terrific service and the customer service is great. I really like the software and am excited to get things going! Thanks again for such a great product and service.”
    Kelly Dunn
    BeDun Inc
  • “After my accountant of over 20 years sold his payroll business to a big national payroll service, I was very unhappy with the service, accuracy and communication with the new company. I looked for a few weeks to find a service that gave me the help I needed without “farming out” payroll entirely ever again. Looking the different systems over, I was amazed at the ease of use, cost savings and how easy it was for me to get help with the Patriot System. After discussing my needs with customer support, I was convinced and have since switched over to Patriot for all payroll and tax payment needs. Being in the service industry, I have to say that the helpfulness and professionalism of Patriot Software has ‘Wowed” me!”
    John Cole
    Raymar Inc DBA Cottage Care
  • “The software is easy to use! My customer service experience was excellent!.”
    John Cole
    Raymar Inc DBA Cottage Care
  • “My experience has been very positive with this software and especially the help I’ve received from customer service. This product is so much better than payroll I’ve used in the past. It is also priced so much more appropriately for a small business. Thank you!”
    Kelsey Hochstatter
    Kelsey Michaels Art Group, Inc.
  • “This is really, really great software. I really like it. You all are doing an awesome job.”
    Humberto Izquierdo
    TR3S Trucking Inc.
  • “This is really outstanding software, it is very easy and user-friendly — perfect for what I need done. Customer Service was very helpful and patient. I am very pleased! ”
    Holly Anderson
  • “I really like this software, it runs really smoothly.”
    Dan Christopherson
  • “Your software is exceptional, definitely the best on the market. You could be a 5-year old and use it. I’ll probably use it for the rest of my life as long as it remains this easy.”
    Douglas Anchell
    US Telemedicine
  • “I love this software! Its way easy and simple to use! Thanks so much!”
    MDF Estate Planning, Inc