Patriot Integration with Equifax The Work Number®

woman looking at computer and holding a paper

We’ve got some exciting news: we’ve officially partnered with The Work Number® from Equifax to offer you free automated employee employment verification services. 

What does this mean for you? Our seamless integration with The Work Number® means you can say goodbye to the hassle of manually verifying employee employment and income information, so your employees won’t need to wait for loan or lease approvals. 

Let’s face it – life’s too short for clunky, time-consuming procedures. We know seamless integration is key, so we’ve made a smooth automatic opt-in experience to The Work Number® and automated data integration.

Whether you’re an employer looking to take tedious employee employment verifications off your plate, or an employee applying for that dream apartment, we hope that having The Work Number® integrated with Patriot as a value-added service will make your life easier.

Learn more about The Work Number in our help center.

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