Biometric Sign-In for Employee App

example of Patriot mobile app face id enabled

You’ve got the touch – and the face – for secure access!

We’re excited to introduce a major enhancement to our employee mobile timekeeping app: biometric sign-in! Users can unlock the app with a fingerprint or their fabulous face. This new feature is designed to streamline the sign-in process, providing both security and convenience for users.  Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting new feature. 

What is biometric sign-in?

Biometric sign-in uses unique physical characteristics such as fingerprints or facial features for recognition, to verify a user’s identity. Using biometrics for sign-in is faster and more secure than traditional passwords. 

Biometric functionality is dependent on your mobile device capabilities and operating system updates. 

Key Benefits of Biometric Sign-in

  1. Enhanced security: Biometric data is unique to each individual making it difficult for unauthorized users to gain access, ensuring your time and pay data are secure.
  2. Convenience: No more needing to remember yet another password. When biometric sign-in is enabled a quick scan is all it takes and you’re in. 
  3. Speed: Biometric verification is almost instantaneous allowing you to clock in and out quickly and get on with your day. 

If you have a biometrics feature on your phone, enabling the biometric sign-in is easy. Just update to the most current version of the app. You’ll be directed to enable the biometric feature for My Patriot at that time, or you can also allow this later at any time, by going to Profile > Authentication Settings > and enabling biometrics through the toggle.

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