HR Software Reports

September 2, 2015

Employee Contact Info

Keeping employee contact information organized can be a challenging part of human resources management. This report shows all active employees and their address, phone, and email.

Employee Census

View demographic info for your employees, including status, dates, and title.

Service Anniversaries

Shows all active employee service anniversaries.  View all employees, or one month at a time.


Shows all active employee birthdays.  View all employees, or one month at a time.

Emergency Contacts

This is a summary of all active employee emergency contact information.

New Hires

Keeping track of new hires can be a time-consuming task for human resources management. This report shows everyone who was hired or rehired within a date range.  This report is useful for tracking employees who need to be reported to your state as a new hire, in accordance with state law requirements.

Retirement Plan Contributions

Shows employee payroll deferrals and employer contributions to be deposited into a retirement savings plan.  This report is useful for determining the amount scheduled to be deposited by the employer into your company’s retirement savings plan, such as a 401(k) or IRA.