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Employee Contact Info

Looking for George Washington’s email? How about his phone number and address? Keep employee contact info organized and accessible using the Employee Contact Info report. You can also print information as a PDF or view as a spreadsheet.

Demographics Report

Need to do EEO-1 or VETS-4212 reporting? Then this is your go-to report. The demographic report will give you all the employee info at a glance to fill out the required reporting in a snap.

Service Anniversaries

You’ll never forget a service anniversary again using the Service Anniversary report. Filter the report by service anniversary months, service anniversary days, hire dates, and length of service. You can print this report as a PDF or view as a spreadsheet.


Remembering your employees’ birthdays is a piece of cake. Use the Birthday report to display your active employees’ dates of birth. View all your employees’ birthdays and birth dates or filter your report by month.

Emergency Contacts

Don’t panic! Accessing critical information is easy when you need it most. This report summarizes your employees’ emergency contact information, including contact name, relationship, and phone number.

New Hires

Reporting a new hire to the state can easily slip your mind. Use this report to track newly hired employees. Select a date range to view all your employees’ names, SSNs, addresses, genders, birthdates, and hired dates.

Retirement Plan Contributions

Easily track employee and employer retirement plan contributions so you know how much to deposit. Select a timeframe and choose the contributions and deductions you want displayed in the report.
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