5 Must-have Features to Include on Your Payroll Software Wish List
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Your Payroll Software Wish List: 5 Must-Have Features

As a small business owner, you might feel like you are doing all the giving during the holidays. Customers might ask for more inventory and better deals. Your employees might want time off or a holiday party. And, you are trying to find time for your family’s holiday events between busy workweeks.

Take a moment to get yourself something. Give yourself the gift of less paperwork and more time to grow your business. You need a basic payroll software solution.

Software options: cloud-based programs

There are a lot of payroll software programs for you to choose from. To get started, decide between these two types of software: desktop or cloud-based. You download desktop software to your computer. You store payroll information directly onto your computer.

Cloud-based software allows you to be more flexible with where you do payroll. You store payroll information online. Cloud-based software gives you the freedom to access payroll from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Cloud payroll software can be a low-cost, time-saving way to do payroll.

Ready to invest in a gift that keeps giving all year-round? Put these five features on your payroll software wish list.

1. Setup and Support

When you first use payroll software, you need to enter your employer and employee information. Look for software that provides a free trial and setup support. Guidance from the software company can make it easier for you to transition your payroll program to a software program.

You might have questions as you run your software. You want to be able to get help when you need it. Some payroll software companies offer customer service representatives to help you through issues.

Find out if customer service representatives are available during times that are convenient for you. Check your options for reaching customer service. You may reach customer service by phone, email, or online chat.

2. Payroll taxes

You need to withhold and deposit taxes as part of your payroll program. Do you try to work through tax tables every pay period? Or, do you pay big bucks for an accountant to do payroll taxes for you?

Payroll software may be an easy, low-cost way for you to do your payroll taxes. Software programs calculate payroll taxes for you. Some software companies file and deposit payroll taxes for you, too.

Your software needs to stay up to date on changing payroll laws and tax rates. Cloud-based software programs automatically update tax rates for you.

3. Multiple payment options

Think about how you pay your employees. Payroll software may allow you to print paychecks right from the program. You do not have to hand write paychecks or use a separate program.

Payroll software often allows you to pay employees electronically. One electronic payment option is direct deposit. With direct deposit, you can move wages directly to employees’ bank accounts. This eliminates having to print and distribute paychecks.

You may also electronically pay wages with pay cards. You prepay the pay cards with your employees’ wages. Employees can use pay cards like debit cards.

Multiple payment options make handling wages convenient for you and your employees. You can choose which payment option works best for your small business.

4. Employee self-service portal

By adding employee portal software to your payroll package, employees can fill out some of their own payroll paperwork. Employee portals allow employees to look at and print their payroll history. They can also change information about withholding, benefits, and banking.

Think of all the paperwork and filing you can avoid by using an employee portal. And, your employees can answer payroll questions on their own with an employee portal.

Some software programs offer an online time and attendance add-on. Employees use this feature to track their own time in and out of work. A time and attendance add-on could save you from spending a lot of time calculating employee hours. The software accurately computes each employee’s total hours, including overtime.

5. Human resources (HR) form storage

Some payroll software programs offer an HR software add-on feature. An HR add-on allows you to keep paperless employee records. This gets employee information out of the piles on your desk and into organized files on your computer.

With an HR add-on, you can record employee history and track your employees’ census data. You do not have to worry about losing information in scattered notes and spreadsheets.

You can also use an HR add-on to share information and forms with employees. An HR add-on is a great tool for communicating with your employees.

Payroll software: A valuable gift

You did not start your business so you could spend all your time running payroll. Payroll is just one part of operating your company. You give a lot to keep all the parts of your small business moving. This holiday season, treat yourself with a gift that can help you get back to doing what you do best.

Are you ready to put payroll software on your holiday wish list? Try our easy-to-use, online payroll for free today.

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