Pay Employees in 3 Easy Steps: Payroll Software Online

Canton, Ohio — March 21, 2013 —  Patriot Software, LLC, saves time and money for small business owners with its streamlined, three-easy-steps payroll software. Now employers have an even faster way to pay employees.

Saving Time

Patriot’s online payroll software offers a streamlined payroll process to pay employees:  1) enter payroll, 2) approve payroll, and 3) print paychecks.

Mike Kappel, President of Patriot Software, explains, “We help entrepreneurs manage the time-gobbling tasks of payroll, tax payments, hiring, 1099s, etc. Now, we have made it easy to pay employees in just three easy steps, making Patriot even more convenient, simple, and affordable.”

Saving Money

“It is exciting to see the positive reaction from customers,” states Wendy Smith, Patriot’s Manager of Customer Support. “They tell us payroll is now a simple, painless process. We give them quality payroll software for a low price, and offer small business owners the timesaving convenience of accessing Patriot from any computer.”

Patriot Will Help Millions

Kappel’s passion is helping the millions of U.S. small businesses thrive, even as they face compliance issues and about for payroll alone– applying to even the smallest of small businesses.

Kappel is a serial entrepreneur and has experienced the challenges of small business ownership. Kappel states, “There are 5.3 million employers with fewer than 10 employees according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That number jumps to almost 7 million when you include firms with up to 99 employees. The stress of starting and running a small business while facing government regs and compliance issues is like David fighting Goliath.”

Kappel understands the value of reliable support to small businesses; and Patriot Software is providing online payroll that is simple, accurate, and affordable, with no long-term commitment.

Patriot Software, LLC, provides online business software for small businesses. The low-cost, no-commitment options include payroll software, Full Service Payroll, time and attendance, employee portal software, human resources, hiring, and 1099 software for paying contractors.