Patriot Software Unveils First Television Commercial

Canton, OH

Patriot Software, a provider of online accounting and payroll software, announces the further expansion of its current advertising campaign onto national television platforms beginning January 13, 2020.

Patriot Software, commonly known as “PATRIOT,” is a disruptive player in the staid accounting software and payroll industries. According to Patriot’s founder and CEO, Mike Kappel, “accounting and payroll are boring and stressful topics, so we’ve added levity to our commercials.”

Patriot’s first television ad is the planned extension of its long-running national radio advertising campaign utilizing their familiar radio jingle. “Nobody likes commercials,” says Kappel. “We know that our radio jingle is a mind worm, and that some people love it while others hate it. But, you can’t deny that it’s memorable. That’s why we had always planned to use it in our national TV commercials when the time was right.”

“Being a serial entrepreneur, I know that the life of a business owner is extremely difficult,” says Kappel. “We’ve lived in their shoes, which is why Patriot has a scrappy, startup mentality. We provide premium software services at affordable prices that cause our customers to love us. So, why shouldn’t we show our customers having fun in our commercials?”

Patriot is one of the few USA-based SaaS providers providing a fully-integrated accounting and payroll software option for small- and medium-sized businesses. “Our products are designed to radically simplify the day-to-day complexities that American businesses and their accountants face,” says Kappel. Patriot offers powerful accounting and payroll software that is fast, simple, and affordable, which helps customers keep their most scarce resources — time and money.


Patriot Software, located in Canton Ohio, provides award-winning online accounting software and online payroll for American businesses. For information on all of Patriot’s products servicing the United States, contact Patriot Software, LLC at 877-968-7147, or visit

Patriot Software, LLC
Michele Bossart
Marketing Manager