Patriot Software Launches Time and Attendance Mobile App 

Canton, OH 

Patriot Software proudly unveils its latest innovation—the My Patriot mobile app, a dynamic new tool designed to streamline how work hours are recorded and managed. The payroll and accounting leader’s new app is available to all salaried and hourly employees whose employer uses Patriot’s Time and Attendance software. 

“Business tools can make employees’ lives a pain. We feel it too, so building out a mobile app for the core employee experience (logging time, checking your pay) was an easy decision to make. Our whole team has been internally testing the app for almost a year, and now it’s time to share it with everyone” said Kyle Dreger, CEO of Patriot Software. “Our online platform already provides excellent time and attendance software and now the mobile app lets employees put those tools right on their home screens.”

The launch of Patriot’s mobile app comes at a critical time in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape. A recent report by Gartner shows that 80% of workers use mobile devices for work tasks, and businesses that leverage mobile apps see a 25% increase in productivity. 

Key Features of the Time and Attendance Mobile App include:

  • Versatile Time Cards: Supports both salaried and hourly employee time cards, ensuring all employee types are covered.
  • Multi-Role Functionality: Record worked hours for multiple job roles with different pay rates, catering specifically to hourly employees.
  • Flexible Time Entry: Options for time punch or manual entry, accommodating different business needs.
  • Time Card Management: View open and submit time cards easily, providing transparency and control.
  • Time-Off Tracking: View time-off balances directly within the app.
  • Comprehensive Recording: Record both worked and non-worked hours to capture complete employee activity.
  • Effortless Time Card Cloning: Clone hours to future time cards for salaried employees, saving time on repetitive entries.
  • Pay Reports: View pay reports easily with a detailed breakdown of taxes, deductions, and contributions. 
  • Commenting: Leave comments on time cards for detailed records and communication.
  • Automatic Sync: Enjoy automatic synchronization between devices, ensuring data is always up-to-date.

The My Patriot Mobile App is now available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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About Patriot Software:

Patriot Software is disrupting the accounting and payroll industries with its low prices, highest customer reviews, and award-winning software. Patriot offers cloud-based accounting, payroll, HR, and time & attendance solutions that help American businesses with up to 500 employees simplify their administrative tasks. Patriot’s US-based customer support team provides a personal touch that most software companies lack today. The company has been serving tens of thousands of businesses nationwide since 2002.

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