Patriot Software Partners With AmTrust to Provide “Pay As You OweⓇ” Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Canton, Ohio

Patriot Software, LLC has partnered with AmTrust North America, Inc., to offer “Pay As You OweⓇ” (PAYOⓇ) workers’ compensation insurance.

AmTrust is a Fortune 500 company and one of the top workers’ comp insurance providers for small businesses in the U.S. Customers of Patriot Software Payroll can use AmTrust PAYOⓇ to automatically calculate their workers’ compensation premiums based on their actual employee payrolls. This saves employers from making large annual or semi-annual payments.

Through the partnership, AmTrust workers’ comp is integrated with Patriot’s payroll offerings. Customers with an AmTrust workers’ comp policy assign classification codes to their employees and run payrolls as normal. Patriot seamlessly sends the payroll information to AmTrust, who then calculates the premiums. Customers receive an email notification from AmTrust with a breakdown of the premium by state and classification code.  AmTrust will debit the premium from the customer’s bank account.

“We are excited to offer a ‘Pay As You OweⓇ’ workers’ comp option to our payroll customers, through AmTrust,” says Annie Hambach, Director of Training and Development. “When payroll and workers’ comp are integrated, business owners enjoy accurate premium calculations and easier budgeting, making smaller payments spread over the year.”

To sign up for workers’ compensation coverage from AmTrust, Patriot customers can request a quote from AmTrust inside the software. Once a workers’ comp insurance policy has been established, Patriot will begin transmitting their payroll information to AmTrust.


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