Patriot Software Develops Online Time and Attendance Software

Patriot TIME™, online time and attendance software that integrates with Patriot PAY™ online payroll software and other Patriot Software products.

According to Wendy Smith, Payroll Manager for Patriot Software, timekeeping can be a major hassle for small business owners. Patriot TIME helps employers tackle the tasks of keeping time and running payroll.

“Our software products are designed to work together, creating one time-saving, efficient process,” said Smith.

“Because Patriot TIME is an online time and attendance solution, customers can log in anytime or anywhere to record hours for their employees and track time-off balances,” she says. “And then running payroll becomes such an easy process.”

Employers can also give employees access to MY Patriot™, an optional online employee portal, she added. With MY Patriot, employees can enter their own time worked, track time off, and print out pay stubs.

“Offering the MY Patriot employee portal software gives your employees the power to access and update their own information, eliminating paper time sheets and saving you more time,” Smith said.

Here’s how Patriot TIME works with PAY

      • Enter the employee hours directly into Patriot TIME, or approve the hours entered by employees in MY Patriot.
      • Send the hours to payroll with one click. Patriot TIME automatically populates the fields in Patriot PAY.
      • Run payroll!

Like all of Patriot Software products, Patriot TIME is priced to be affordable. Monthly prices are based on the number of employees, not a flat fee. Employers can also add or cancel software anytime without penalty.

Try Patriot Software for Free

Small business owners can sign up for a free 7-day sample of the software, giving them a hands-on look at how easy the software is to use.

“The sample system is really a great way to see how our software can work for them,” said Smith. Employers can also schedule a Guided Demo with a customer support rep, who can demonstrate the software and answer any questions, she added.

Once a customer signs up for service, they can take advantage of free set-up assistance from Customer Support. And the first 30 days are always free.

For more information on Patriot TIME and Patriot PAY, visit