Patriot Software Has Processed Over $13 Billion in Payroll 

Canton, OH

The accounting software and payroll services provider, Patriot Software, has processed over $13 billion in payroll and payroll tax dollars since 2018, a milestone for the SaaS developer.

Patriot’s payroll has the largest adoption rate among its software products, serving businesses with one to 500 employees in most industries. The company offers free direct deposit for its Basic Payroll and Full Service Payroll, with a 2-day lead time for qualifying customers. Patriot’s Full Service Payroll handles federal, state, and local payroll tax deposits and filings. 

The $13 billion milestone includes money that Patriot collected for employee direct deposit and employer and employee payroll taxes in the past five years. In the month of June 2023, Patriot Software collected over $315 million for direct deposit. In June 2023, Patriot’s tax aggregate was over $149 million. 

“The demand for online payroll services is certainly strong—and getting stronger,” says Jackie White, Head of Risk and Treasury. “Business owners have enough to deal with, and knowing that they have a reliable and secure payroll provider to pay their employees and handle payroll taxes is of the utmost importance. We’re proud to be that payroll provider for tens of thousands of businesses across the USA.”

Patriot’s combined collections for direct deposit and payroll taxes surpassed $4.8 billion in 2022. The company’s 2023 collections, which totaled over $2.9 billion through July 26, 2023, are expected to exceed 2022’s threshold. 


About Patriot Software:

Patriot Software offers cloud-based accounting, payroll, HR, and time and attendance solutions designed to help American businesses with up to 500 employees simplify their administrative tasks. Patriot Software is disrupting the accounting and payroll industry by eliminating complex processes and steep learning curves with its intuitive software. Patriot Software is dedicated to providing USA-based customer service and development, serving tens of thousands of businesses nationwide since 2002.

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