Patriot Software Offers Maryland Online Payroll

Maryland small business online payroll system softwareCanton, Ohio — Patriot Software, LLC, has big news! Maryland, home of the crab cake, the U.S. Naval Academy, and the first post office system in the U.S., is the 40th state Patriot has added to its service area for online payroll.

Maryland Small Business

Patriot Software makes Maryland online payroll easy because it is designed for busy entrepreneurs … Entrepreneurs like the ones who own the Old Line State’s 537,000 small businesses.

Mike Kappel, president, says, “The fact that Maryland’s 537,000 owners employ half of Maryland’s workforce is a reminder of how important the smallest businesses are. The Small Business Administration’s (SBA) statistics show that the Maryland firms with 1-4 employees are the only ones with a net increase in employees.”

More Maryland Facts

While we are talking about Maryland, we thought we’d throw in some fun facts.

  • maryland small business facts hot dog pic for payroll system softwareMaryland’s state sport is jousting. For 300 years, armor-wearing Marylanders have competed with lances while on horseback.
  • If you have lunch on Chesapeake Bay, you will discover that: the number of hot dogs sold PLUS the number of hamburgers sold roughly EQUALS the number of crab cakes sold.
  • There was a train engineer instructed to deliver soldiers to Fort Meade. He thought that meant Meade, Maryland. It didn’t. He did not know there was a Meade, FLORIDA, which was the correct location of the military base. The same mistake was repeated so many times that a second base was built in Meade, MD!

Every state has its own stories and quirks … and challenges. For example, Maryland is known to have an unfriendly business climate (41st in the U.S.). So small business owners face payroll taxes that are complex and relatively high.

Patriot’s Online Payroll Can Help

Patriot’s online payroll offers relief to employers in Maryland by efficiently computing their payroll taxes. Patriot offers two payroll options for Maryland small business owners: Basic Payroll and Full Service Payroll.

Doug Simmons, payroll tax specialist, explains, “For a state like Maryland, our Full Service Payroll  can save owners a lot of time (and help them meet tax deadlines). Patriot can handle all the employer’s payroll tax computations, deposits, and payroll tax filings. We rigorously test our online payroll with each state’s unique tax requirements, and we guarantee accuracy. With our Full Service Payroll option, you are guaranteed your small business payroll taxes are filed on time, every time.”

The Basic Payroll system software option is perfect for those business owners who prefer to keep control of all aspects of their small business payroll. Basic payroll software offers you accurate payroll calculations, plus tax filing reports for the correct amounts owed to federal, state and local agencies.


Kappel states, “We understand the challenges facing an entrepreneur, so our online software takes on time-eating administrative tasks for the owner. That frees up the business owners to focus on their businesses.”

  • Online. Patriot Software can be accessed from any Internet device and is available 24/7. (Your records are always where you are.)
  • Automatic updates. Since Patriot Software is online, we handle all the updates, back-ups, safety concerns, etc. (Safe, accurate, secure.)
  • Employee portal. The employee portal feature allows an employee to check payroll details, print pay stubs, and update deduction information. (Let your workers do those administrative tasks.)
  • Easy-to-learn. The software is user-friendly with built-in help. (No classes or instruction manuals needed!)

Wendy Smith, customer support manager, adds, “Our customer support is free, and we are happy to answer any questions.  For added convenience, Patriot’s customer support team will set up your payroll account … for free! It is one reason our customers payroll software reviews reflect us so highly.”


“Our pricing is affordable and you only pay for what you need. We have no long-term commitment; no hidden fees,” Smith says. “And the ‘must-haves’ like direct deposit are free.”

Are you a small business owner? You can give our online payroll software a test drive, and when you sign up, your first month is free. Check us out!