Hello, New Jersey!

online payroll system software in New JerseyNew Jersey is the 37th state to pass Patriot Software’s rigorous testing for accuracy. What does this mean for small business owners? It means that payroll just got easier!

Famous for its oceanside boardwalks and mouthwatering produce, New Jersey’s 169,000 small businesses can now use Patriot’s payroll system software for simple and affordable payroll processing.

“We want to thank our waiting list of Garden State business owners for their patience! They endure the second highest business taxes in the U.S., and it was important that we dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s before releasing our payroll software in New Jersey,” explains Wendy Smith, Patriot’s payroll manager.

Why Patriot’s payroll system software?

Mike Kappel, president, has started five successful small companies and understands that entrepreneurs need software that is simple, convenient, and priced for the smallest of small businesses.

Premium Software and Low Prices

“Owners can select Patriot’s payroll system software and use our 3-step payroll process, free direct deposit, an employee portal, and more. Or, for extra convenience, they can choose Full Service Payroll which makes on-time payroll tax filings for you, plus all the features of the basic service” Kappel explains.

He adds, “And our U.S.-based customer support team offers free setup to save time for busy employers.”


Whether you have 1 — or 50 — employees, your payroll process needs to track employee work hours, pay employees (check or direct deposit), and calculate payroll taxes. Patriot’s payroll service does all of that and more.

“You don’t have to take our word for it,” states Smith. “We give you 30 days FREE to see for yourself how easy it is to use.”


Running a small business is demanding. Patriot’s payroll service is designed to help owners, so the software …

… is easy to use.
… is safe.
… has 24/7 access from anywhere with an Internet connection.
… includes automatic updates.
… has no long-term contract!

Our colleague Colin LaBeau, formerly of New Jersey, summed it up like this: “New Jerseyans may brag about Thomas Edison’s inventions, having the most diners in the world, and full-service gas stations, but we complain a lot about the unfriendly business taxes. We will not be complaining about Patriot Payroll Services.”