Patriot Software Expands Its Affiliate Marketing Program

Canton, Ohio

Accounting and payroll industry stalwart, Patriot Software, is expanding its affiliate marketing with a national launch of its Affiliate Program on

According to Paul Bailey, Patriot Software’s Chief Technology Consultant, “Businesses are blown away by our intuitive software and our markedly different approach to customer support. Our tens of thousands of customers love us. We have a 4.9 out of 5.0-star rating on Trustpilot. So next up, we’re going to pour money into affiliate marketers’ pockets as they spread our gospel to millions of American business owners.” 

The addressable market for Patriot’s accounting and payroll software is approximately 35 million businesses. Patriot Software’s Affiliate Program pays out commissions of $150 per new customer. 

“Our sincere desire is to help all American businesses,” says Mike Wheeler, president of Patriot Software. “As Patriot continues to increase in profitability, we’re going to take those profits and pour them into fellow American businesses that are doing affiliate marketing, regardless of whether they are large or small.” 

Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry that not only spreads across the internet, but is exploding in most social media platforms. Advertisers and marketers with audiences of USA-based business owners can apply to become an affiliate with Patriot. Affiliates—and even social media influencers—can then introduce their audiences to Patriot’s accounting and payroll software. 

Interested affiliates can learn more about Patriot’s award-winning software and exceptional support here


About Patriot Software:

Patriot Software offers cloud-based accounting, payroll, HR, and time and attendance solutions designed to help American businesses with up to 500 employees simplify their administrative tasks. Patriot Software is disrupting the accounting and payroll industry by eliminating complex processes and steep learning curves with its intuitive software. Patriot Software is dedicated to providing USA-based customer service and development, serving tens of thousands of businesses nationwide since 2002.

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