Payroll Software Guaranteed in Six New States

Canton, Ohio — Patriot Software, LLC, announces the release of our Patriot PAY online payroll software in six new states.

Founder and president Mike Kappel states, “We perform rigorous testing of our software for each state before offering our payroll software in that state. Since payroll tax laws vary from one state to the next, our extensive testing enables us to guarantee our software is up-to-date with all the latest state and federal requirements.”

Payroll Software Guaranteed Accurate

Patriot Software’s Doug Simmons (payroll tax specialist) explains the testing process. “The first step is to research a state’s payroll regulations. Then the programmers have to code the software for that state’s unique requirements.

“The next step is very important — the testing of the software. We check and recheck for accuracy, and our amazing programmers fix any glitches we may find.

“We completed the testing on nine states in the past three months,” adds Simmons. “There are only four more states that need to the testing process!”

Since state and federal requirements are often changing, Patriot’s team keeps a close watch on all payroll-related updates and keeps the software current. In fact, we guarantee your payroll taxes will be accurate. And with our Full Service Payroll level of payroll services, we guarantee your tax filings are on time, every time.

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Did You Know?

There are 28 million small businesses that employ more than half the workers in the United States. Those entrepreneurs have created 65% of the net new jobs for the past ten years (Forbes 2013).

“Where there are employees, there is payroll,” says Michele Bossart, Patriot’s marketing coordinator. “Payroll can steal an inconvenient chunk of the small business owner’s time. In fact, just the tasks related to payroll taxes can cost an employer as many as three weeks of time!”

We understand how valuable time is to an employer. So our online payroll software is easy-to-learn, is automatically updated, and is available 24/7 from any internet-connected device.

Welcoming Six States

The six newest states that can use our Basic Payroll, Full Service Payroll, and small business accounting software are:

  1. The state where Kool-Aid was invented, that has the world’s largest indoor rain forest, and has more miles of river than any other state. It has about 166,000 small businesses which employ about half of the state’s workers. (Nebraska)
  2. The state with the first subway system, a house made of newspaper, and celebrations for Patriot’s Day in April. It has about 613,000 small businesses which employ about half of the state’s workers. (Massachusetts)
  3. Visit this state to see the Boy Scouts’ museum, watch Corvettes being made, or see a moonbow made by a waterfall. It has about 341,000 small businesses which employ about half of the state’s workers. (Kentucky)
  4. This one is the first state to enter the Union, has the smallest state capital population-wise, and boasts the most cows per capita. It has about 78,000 small businesses which employ three-fifths of the state’s workers. (Vermont)
  5. This state does not have self-serve gas stations, was the first to have one-way streets, and is home to the nation’s deepest river gorge. It has about 345,000 small businesses which employ over half of the state’s workers. (Oregon)
  6. The state with the smallest population, largest coal mine, and the first to allow women to vote. It has about 63,000 small businesses which employ almost two-thirds of the state’s workers. (Wyoming)
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