Patriot Software Unveils New Logo and Brand

Canton, OH

Patriot Software, commonly known as “PATRIOT,” rolled out its revised brand on January 29, 2020. Patriot provides premium accounting and payroll SaaS software to American businesses and their accountants. Patriot operates in the US financial accounting software market, including payroll, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11.7% to $10.37 Bn by 2025 (source: MarketWatch press release). 

According to Patriot’s founder and CEO, Mike Kappel, “The days of overly-complicated desktop accounting software and over-priced payroll services are numbered. Cloud-based software vendors are disrupting both industries, and Patriot is boldly leading that disruption. To properly showcase our world-class products, we enlisted assistance from the renowned branding agency, Focus Lab.”

Patriot Software is headquartered in Canton, Ohio, a location not normally known for software development. “Patriot’s story is indicative that the American dream is alive and well,” says Michael Wheeler, Patriot’s President and Chief Legal Officer. “We began with a rough startup in the basement of a factory decades ago. We had no heat, no air-conditioning, and floors that would flood. Instead of customers, our only visitors consisted of rats, birds, flies, and snakes. We became experts at bootstrapping and doing everything ourselves. Now, we’re positioned to help millions of other American businesses.”

Patriot invested over 350 man years developing its award-winning accounting and payroll SaaS products. They self funded most of their growth and gained additional resources in 2019 through a Regulation D private stock sale to friends and family and the sale of its Top Echelon subsidiary. 

“Patriot’s brand is about being scrappy and providing a tremendous amount of value to our customers,” says Kappel. “Now that our SaaS software is comfortably servicing tens of thousands of customers and generating strong ARR, we will begin our search for the Series A capital partner interested in further expanding our national brand.”


Patriot Software’s accounting software and online payroll are designed for small- and medium-sized American businesses. For information on all of Patriot’s products servicing the United States, contact Patriot Software, LLC at 877-968-7147, or visit

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