Patriot Software Rolls Out Two Highly-requested Features

Canton, OH

Patriot Software, LLC has released two highly-anticipated features for Basic Payroll and Full Service Payroll customers: multiple pay rates and time-off accruals.

Patriot’s new multiple pay rates feature allows payroll customers to easily enter up to five different pay rates, with descriptions, for each hourly employee. Hourly employees can see a breakdown of their pay rates on their stubs, and employers can view rates in the Current Pay Rates report.

To remain compliant with FLSA regulations, employers are able to select whether they want to use blended overtime for employees with multiple pay rates. If selected, the software will calculate the total blended overtime earnings.

Patriot’s new time-off accrual feature, released in August 2019, allows customers to create and implement time-off accrual rules for paid time off policies, sick leave, and more. Customers can assign the accrual rule to any active employees in their account. After creating a time-off accrual rule and assigning it to employees, time-off hours will automatically calculate during each payroll run.

“We are so excited to launch time-off accruals and multiple pay rates for Patriot’s payroll products,” says Lisa La Rocca, Product Manager. “The two new features will help customers remain compliant, further streamline their payroll process and save time on running payroll. We have put a lot of hard work into these features to ensure that they’re top-notch for our customers and hope that they go above and beyond our customers’ needs and expectations.”


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