Patriot Software Is Calculating $3 Billion in Payroll Annually

Canton, OH

Patriot Software (“PATRIOT”), a provider of online accounting and payroll software, announces that it’s presently calculating $3 billion annually in payroll for tens of thousands of American businesses.

According to Patriot’s CEO, Mike Kappel, “We have worked long and hard to develop SaaS payroll software that all American businesses can easily operate themselves. We devoted over 400 programming man-years and spent tens-of-millions of dollars creating our accurate payroll platform, while at the same time maintaining our nearly-perfect 5-star customer rating.”

Patriot developed proprietary direct deposit and payroll-tax subsystems to ensure payroll accuracy and a seamless user experience. According to Patriot’s President, Mike Wheeler, “Due to our high volume and growth, all of our payroll calculations in all 50 states must be perfect with zero defects. Combined, these two payroll subsystems are accurately tracking approximately $1.4 billion of our customers’ dollars.”

“Patriot is at the forefront of disrupting the payroll vertical,” says Kappel. “Thanks to cloud-based platform capabilities, it’s a new day in the payroll space. Business owners are intolerant of high prices for payroll and poor support, which is why Patriot is doing well. Our technology and business model is proven, highly scalable, and now … the sky’s the limit.”


Patriot Software, located in Canton Ohio, provides award-winning online accounting software and online payroll for American businesses. For information on all of Patriot’s products servicing the United States, contact Patriot Software, LLC at 877-968-7147, or visit

Patriot Software, LLC
Michele Bossart
Marketing Manager