Patriot Software Competes to Win … Promises to Donate!

o'reilly WWP FedExWhat would you do if your business won a $25,000 grant? If you asked Mike Kappel, President of Patriot Software Company, you may be surprised by his answer.

“We are competing for a small business grant from FedEx,” Kappel says. “If — or rather when we win — we will donate 100% to the Wounded Warrior Project.”

What’s the WWP?

The Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) is a non-profit organization serving veterans and service members who have been wounded since September 11, 2001, and their families. The WWP programs are designed to address both the physical and the invisible injuries of war.

Since their inception ten years ago, the WWP has served 44,448 “alumni” and 5,864 family members. Impressive numbers since over 48,000 servicemen and women have been wounded in recent conflicts.

Why the WWP?

Mike Kappel explains, “My father is a 90-year-old veteran of WWII. Without the unselfish dedication of our military service members, there wouldn’t be opportunities for entrepreneurs like me. And without new and growing businesses, there wouldn’t be new jobs. And without new jobs, … well, you get the idea!”

Other WWP supporters include Bill O’Reilly, the PGA Tour, and several college football teams.

Counting the votes…

In order to win, Patriot needs to collect votes for their entry on the FedEx website. “People can vote for us once a day through February 23rd,” Kappel says.

Kappel’s online entry to the grant contest encourages other businesses to consider donating to the WWP.