Patriot Software Adds Multi-location Features to Payroll Software

Canton, Ohio

Patriot Software, LLC added multi-location functionality to its payroll software products. Companies can now set up more than one work location under the same employer identification number (EIN).

Patriot customers can add employee worksites that are in different cities and states. They can assign each employee to a specific work location. Customers can also mark employees who work at home and fill in their home location.

The multi-location feature lets the software accurately calculate employment taxes for each employee based on their assigned work location. This helps customers and their employees remain compliant with tax laws.

“Patriot Software is very pleased to offer this new feature,” says Annie Hambach, Director of Training and Development. “Many small business owners have multiple business locations, whether they’re in the same town, or across the country. Now, employees can be assigned to locations, and proper state and local taxes can be applied.”

Customers can also run payroll reports by location. Customers can choose to see payroll data for one or several locations.

In addition to the multi-location feature, customers can now add a preferred mailing address to be used on tax forms.


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