Patriot PAY Online Payroll Now Available to Hawaii Employers

Hawaii_payroll_softwarePatriot PAY, the online payroll software for American small businesses, is now being offered to Hawaii employers. Developed by Patriot Software, LLC, Patriot PAY uses SaaS technology to offer Hawaii employers the convenience of payroll anytime or anywhere they have Internet access.

With Patriot PAY, employers can run unlimited payroll at no additional cost, and choose any printing option, such as printed checks or direct deposit. They can set up custom deductions and contributions for their company and modify their settings anytime to meet their changing business needs.

Because Patriot PAY is designed for business owners, not payroll experts, customers can expect easy-to-understand screens and instructions, as well as training articles, videos, and access to support when they need it. Customers can also save time with the optional payroll tax filing and depositing service for PAY customers.

Sign up for a free 30 day sample account and try out all the software features pre-loaded with sample payroll data, or