Patriot PAY Adds Reported Tip Feature for Payroll

According to IRS rules, business owners must accurately track the tips their employees report and properly deduct the required income taxes. Patriot PAY Online Payroll Software, offered by Patriot Software, can now handle reported tips for small businesses.

Offered by Patriot Software, LLC, Patriot PAY is a low-cost payroll alternative for business owners looks for an easy, dependable way to run payroll. Patriot PAY is available to American small business owners in 33 states, as well as the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

This new feature now allow owners of restaurants, taxi companies, hair salons, and spas to easily add reported tips to their weekly payroll. The reported tips will appear as a line item on employee pay stubs, with income tax properly withheld. Small business customers can print out year-end W-2s for their employees showing all reported tips.

Patriot Software offers a free 30-day Sample Account of all software products, including Patriot PAY.

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