Patriot Software, LLC Named Top Accounting Software Provider

Canton, Ohio. Dec. 7, 2016 — Patriot Software, LLC has made two of Capterra’s Top Accounting Software Products lists: Most User-Friendly and Most Affordable.

Capterra is a website that helps businesses and nonprofits find reliable business software. Capterra considers almost 300 accounting solutions when creating their top 20 lists.

“We are excited and honored to make the top twenty in both Capterra’s Most User-Friendly and Most Affordable Accounting Software Product lists,” says Jackie White, Accounting Software Specialist. “The Patriot Accounting team has been working hard, and we look forward to offering our users more of the user-friendly features they have been asking for in the near future.”

The Top 20 Most User-Friendly Accounting Software list ranks Patriot’s Accounting Software. This list takes into account usability, customer service, and reviews to give a user-friendliness score. Under customer service, Patriot excels with a 100% score in support. For reviews, Patriot scores a perfect five stars in both ease of use and customer service.

Patriot Software also made the list on The Top 20 Most Affordable Accounting Software rankings. There are three categories on this list that are used to give an affordability score: cost, features, and reviews. Patriot is cost-efficient, has eight out of the 11 features Capterra looks for, and received four and a half stars out of five from reviewers.

Patriot Software currently offers 1099 software and cash-basis accounting software for small businesses. Small business owners unfamiliar with accounting benefit from easy-to-use and inexpensive software.


Patriot Software, LLC, located in Canton, Ohio, provides easy-to-use online accounting and payroll software for small businesses in the USA. For information on all of Patriot’s products servicing the United States, contact Patriot Software, LLC at 877-968-7147, or visit

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