Patriot Brings Online Payroll Software to the Show-Me State

Canton, OH — Patriot Software, LLC, proudly announces that our online payroll solution is now available to the 499,000 small businesses in Missouri! Those small businesses employ almost half of Missouri’s workforce, and now they can choose our affordable, accurate, online software to process their payroll.

We have learned some interesting things about Missouri, the 38th state to complete our rigorous in-house testing for payroll tax filings and deposits.

Do you know these fun facts about Missouri?

Fun Fact #1: In 1904, St. Louis, Missouri hosted both the Summer Olympics and the World’s Fair. It was chaos! On the other hand, it marked the introduction of the electric typewriter, the telephone answering machine, the x-ray machine … and ice cream cones.

Fun Fact #2: Would you have guessed that New Madrid, Missouri recorded an 8.0 magnitude for an earthquake in 1811?!

Fun Fact #3: Missouri is also known as The Cave State and boasts the only US restaurant located inside a cave.

Missouri Business Facts

Missouri is known for more than the invention of hot dogs!

Small businesses; Big employers. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), larger Missouri employers netted a decrease in employees, while businesses with 1 to 4 employees added thousands of new jobs.

Low taxes and pro-business.“Missouri has a nationally recognized, low-cost and pro-business environment” says the Missouri Business Portal.

Complicated regulations. Although their taxes are low (6th lowest in US), business owners give Missouri a low score for the complexity of the tax regulations.

Our Online Payroll Software in Missouri!

We are excited to be helping small business owners by offering Full Service Payroll tax filing solution which puts the burden of tax deposits and filings on Patriot’s shoulders.

President Mike Kappel spells it out, “Small business owners tend to work long hours, and may not be interested in spending even more hours figuring out complicated tax regulations and working the difficult computations. That’s where our payroll services can help!”

Our Full Service Payroll includes all payroll tax computations, filings, and deposits — which means the employers can spend those hours running their businesses instead.

“Each state has its own unique requirements for payroll and taxes. We guarantee that our calculations are accurate, we are bonded, and we undergo regular audits,” adds Doug Simmons, accounting specialist,

Maybe you are comfortable processing tax payments yourself. In that case, Patriot’s flexible pricing enables you to go with our Basic Payroll option. With Basic Payroll, we still calculate payroll taxes, and you take care of the tax deposits and filings on your own.

Free Support

Our online software is easy to learn — you won’t be taking classes to figure out how to use it! “If you DO have a question, our free, US-based customer support team is always able to give payroll help,” says Wendy Smith, Patriot customer support manager. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the payroll software reviews!

Smith adds, “In fact, we will even set up your account for you for free!”


We understand the challenges of running a small business, and we believe owners should have options so they can control costs and their time.

  • Choose Basic Payroll and run your payroll in 3 easy steps. (Try our sample account and see what we mean!)
  • Choose Full Service Payroll, and you can also pass the chore of payroll taxes to us.
  • With our online payroll software, you can run payroll 24/7 from any Internet-connected device.
  • We handle all the software and tax updates. Automatically.
  • Want direct deposit for your employees? It’s free!!
  • Want your employees to print their own pay stubs, update their withholding status, and check any payroll details? Just point them to the employee portal and take those administrative tasks off your plate.
  • Not sure about switching to Patriot? Try us out … the first month is free!
  • Like to keep your options open? There are no long-term contracts nor hidden fees. And we keep your monthly cost affordable!

Hello, Missouri!

We are excited to offer Missouri business owners an easy, accurate system for payroll software.