Patriot Software Partners With AP Intego to Provide Pay As You Go Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Canton, Ohio

Patriot Software, LLC has partnered with AP Intego to offer pay as you go workers’ compensation insurance, among other types of property and casualty insurance.

AP Intego, a national insurance broker, shops multiple insurance carriers to find the policy that best fits each customer’s industry.

“Pay As You Go” (PAYG) workers’ compensation insurance allows businesses to forego down payments, pay accurate premiums with each payroll, and simplify year-end audits.  PAYG is an important cash flow management tool Patriot is pleased to make available to its customers.

“We are excited to partner with AP Intego to provide pay as you go workers’ compensation insurance,” says Annie Hambach, Director of Training and Development. “Integrating payroll and workers’ comp simplifies business owners’ responsibilities and eliminates lump sum payments.”

Patriot Software Payroll customers can request and accept a workers’ comp insurance quote from within the software.

Once a workers’ comp insurance policy has been established, Patriot will automatically transmit the customer’s payroll data to AP Intego. Customers will run payroll as normal, enjoying accurate premium costs and calculations.


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