Patriot Software Offers Accounting Terms Guide for Small Business Owners

Patriot Software, LLC offers a free guide to help entrepreneurs better understand small business accounting terms. 

Patriot Software, LLC published a free guide to help entrepreneurs better understand small business accounting. The guide explains accounting terms that small business owners will likely encounter.

The guide, “25 Accounting Terms All Small Business Owners Need to Know,” provides a definition for each common accounting term. A link to an in-depth article accompanies each term.

“Developing knowledge of basic business accounting terms can be crucial to running your business,“ said Mike Streb, Accounting Software Specialist. “You will be in a better position to increase your business’s profitability when you understand its finances.”

Even if small business owners use an accountant, they can still benefit from the guide. Owners will better understand what their accountants are doing. Small business owners might even learn to more easily communicate with their accountants.

Anyone can download the guide by going to the guide’s download page.


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