What Is Informed Consent, and How Does it Impact Your Hiring Process?

What Is Informed Consent?

informed consentWhen it comes to managing information, specifically during the recruiting and screening process of new hires, obtaining permission is very important. Having access to a standard informed consent form can help to dispel any misunderstandings, and it can protect both your organization and the privacy of the individual. This allows you to state up front how and by whom information will be used.

Informed consent is when an individual agrees to something after all facts or relevant information is disclosed. An informed consent form is a legal document that outlines the steps in the process and includes the risks, benefits and the potential additional alternatives to the procedure or process. The person signing such a document states he or she has been given information and has decided to go ahead with this process.

In some instances, especially in medical or hiring procedures, it is a requirement for the individual having the procedure or going through the process to sign such a document before any actions can be taken. This action may reduce some of the liability of the institution, but only up to the level defined under law.

Informed consent requirements differ from one industry to the next. Their benefit is to provide protection for the individual by ensuring that individual has all of the necessary information to make an informed decision.

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