Hiring Employees Guide & Checklist

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Learn all about your employer responsibilities before hiring your first employee

Taking the step to add an employee to payroll is an exciting time for any business. But when you’re responsible for paying another individual, you need to know what you’re doing. Spend a little time understanding what you need to do when you add the title of “Employer” to your resume.

If now is the time to hire or you’re getting close to hiring, you need to know your employer hiring responsibilities, like paperwork, withholding payroll taxes, and more.

Our free guide gives you the rundown on the important pieces of information you need to know before someone works for your business. We’ll walk you through registering for accounts, payroll taxes, and more. And, you’ll get access to a handy hiring checklist to make sure you can cross everything off your list.

What's Inside

  • What you need to do before you hire an employee
  • Information about making employment decisions
  • Paperwork you and your employees must complete
  • A brief overview of employment and payroll taxes
  • Checklist for hiring employees