Rhode Island Raises Minimum Wage for 2013

Rhode Island Increases Minimum Wage for 2013

Rhode Island Payroll SoftwareRhode Island employers will pay a higher minimum wage in 2013 due to a 35-cent increase effective January 1, 2013. The new hourly minimum wage is $7.75 in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island is one of 10 states that now tie minimum wage increases to cost of living increases.

There are exceptions for full-time students under age 19 working in cetain nonprofit organizations, for which the minimum wage is now $6.98 per hour. Also, 14-15 year-olds who work no more than 24 hours in a week will earn $5.81 per hour. Other exempt workers include those employed in domestic service in a private home, as well as other specific occupations (see the wage poster for more information.)

For more information, refer to our fact sheet on Rhode Island payroll and labor laws.

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