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What Is Form 8655?

Form 8655, IRS Reporting Agent Authorization, allows reporting agents to file forms and perform other certain actions on behalf of another party. In order to utilize a payroll tax filing service, for example, an employer must first complete Form 8655 to authorize the relationship.Example of Form 8655
Once authorized, a reporting agent can use a businesses’ EIN (Employee Identification Number) to withhold, deposit, and pay taxes on the employer’s behalf. With a signed Form 8655, a reporting agent can also file small business taxes for your company.

Specifically, the reporting agent can:

  • Prepare employee paychecks for the employer
  • Prepare Form 940 (FUTA)
  • File Form 940 and Form 941
  • Prepare Forms W-2 for the client’s employees

If one of the above authorizations has been granted to the reporting agent, the IRS can also issue notices or disclose information to the service provider.

Once an 8655 authorization is effective, it remains in effect until the taxpayer formally revokes the authorization in writing to the IRS, or a new Form 8655 is filed with another reporting agent. A reporting agent can also withdraw from authority by formally filing a statement with the IRS, signed by the reporting agent and identifying the taxpayer name and address.

The completed Form 8655 must be filed with the IRS at the following address: Internal Revenue Service, Accounts Management Service Center, MS 6748 RAF Team, 1973 North Rulon White Blvd., Ogden, UT, 84404; or faxed to (801) 620-4142.

For more information, refer to IRS Form 8655 and instructions.

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