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Correcting W-2s for Employees on Your Payroll

correcting w2s for employeesQ. What happens if my employee’s address is wrong on their W-2?
A. You’ve already given out W-2s to everyone on your payroll, and you’re ready to turn your attention to this year’s business. Not so fast — this is the time of year when your employees will inform your payroll department that their address is wrong — after their W-2s have already been issued. If an employee’s address is incorrect on their W-2, don’t worry — there are a few easy fixes to correcting W-2s. The important thing to remember is that the Social Security Administration  (SSA) does not want you to send this corrected copy of the W-2 to them. However, you do have to correct the address on the employee’s copy.

Here’s what you can do. Choose one of these options:

  • Issue a new, corrected copy to the employee with the new address. Indicate “REISSUED STATEMENT” on the new copies that you give to the employees. Don’t send copy A to the SSA — it may cause unnecessary confusion on their end.
  • Issue a Form W-2 c to the employee that shows the correct address in Box i. Again, don’t send Copy A to the SSA.
  • Make a new envelope with the correct employee address and put the incorrect W-2 inside. Mail or hand to the employee.

Make sure you correct the employee’s address in your payroll software or payroll program to ensure your info will be correct going forward this year.

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