July 1, 2016


Our payroll software and payroll tax service is ideal for franchisees and franchisors.

Are you a franchisor?

Are you looking for a payroll solution and a group discount for all of your franchisees? If so, you’ll want to look at our Royalty Program. Not only will we give your franchisees a Free Trial of our payroll services and a healthy discount, but we will also reward you.

I’m A Franchisor

Are you a franchisee?

Do you own one or more franchises? If so, you’ll want to go right to our payroll services information, and select the payroll product that’s right for you. Just click the link above, and you’ll immediately receive a Free Trial of any of our payroll services. Plus, you’ll be offered various rewards (including cash) when you invite your friends to try us for free too.

I own a franchise