Whitepaper Available to Help Small Business Owners Avoid Payroll Mistakes

Patriot Software, LLC, released a free whitepaper to help small business owners avoid payroll mistakes while executing their payroll process. The whitepaper is called “10 Common Payroll Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make and How to Avoid Them.”

Learning good payroll habits

“Payroll is already a big expense, so if employers can start good habits now, they can avoid the added costs of fines,” says Wendy Bolois, Payroll Product Director of Patriot Software, LLC, “Right now, business owners are finishing up last year’s payroll. Employers can resolve to make a fresh start despite any payroll errors they made in the past.”

The whitepaper includes information about 10 payroll mistakes that employers frequently make. Each page provides information about how to avoid a particular payroll mistake. There is also information on what to do if the employer has already made the mistake.

Payroll is a large expense for small business owners. They have to worry about wages, benefits, taxes, and payroll processing. And, it is easy to make payroll mistakes. Payroll errors can result in costly penalties. In 2013, the IRS subjected businesses to $4.5 billion worth of penalties for payroll taxes alone.

“All employers should learn how to avoid common payroll errors,” Bolois says.

What else is included in “Avoid Payroll Mistakes?”

In addition to the information mentioned above, the free resource also includes many links to additional resources where employers can get more information if they want it.


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