Patriot Software Launches Royalty Program for CPAs, Bookkeepers, and Accountants

Patriot Software, an industry leader in cloud based payroll and accounting solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its Royalty Program. CPAs, bookkeepers and accountants interested in utilizing Patriot Software’s streamlined accounting and payroll platform can now do so at wholesale prices, and earn royalties for each client they refer.

Patriot Software’s Royalty Program comes in two distinct tracks: Advisors and Certified Advisors. The Advisor program is geared towards CPAs, bookkeepers and accountants. Advisor Royalty Program members must add a Patriot Software Advisor “badge” to their website. Customers converted from these badge link referrals will net the Advisor up to 10% of that customer’s monthly spend.

For those Accounting Professionals interested in or already providing payroll and accounting services for their clients, Patriot Software offers the Certified Advisor track. Certified Advisors have their choice between wholesale pricing on all Patriot Software products, and an umbrella log-in to help streamline client management.

“Our wholesale pricing makes it so bookkeepers, CPAs and accountants can run payroll for their clients and make payroll profitable,” said Steven Hoffman, Director of Business Development at Patriot Software. “I’ve talked to CPAs and accountants that weren’t running payroll at all, but, after seeing our pricing and streamlined platform, they decided to start running payroll simply because our product made offering a payroll service profitable.”

Any CPA, bookkeeper or accountant can become an advisor, but only those who take Patriot Software’s Certified Advisor exam are eligible for Certified status and wholesale pricing.

Try Patriot’s payroll for accountants today!