Patriot Software Releases Whitepaper Detailing Employee vs. Employer Payroll Tax Contribution

CANTON, Ohio, Feb. 3, 2016 — Patriot Software, LLC published a free whitepaper to help small business owners learn about payroll tax contribution. The whitepaper is called “Payroll Tax: Who Pays What?”

The free resource gives a brief explanation of the federal, state, and local payroll taxes that employers need to know. The whitepaper also breaks down whether the employer or the employee needs to pay a specific tax for payroll.

Benefits of the Payroll Tax Whitepaper

“We’re trying to make payroll easier to understand for small business owners,” says Wendy Bolois, Payroll Product Director at Patriot Software. “That way, owners can run their businesses with the knowledge they need to stay compliant with payroll laws.”

Small business owners can easily check the current rates for federal payroll taxes using this whitepaper. Each payroll tax section also lists a link to an article with additional information for employers who want to learn even more about payroll taxes.

Anyone can download the whitepaper by visiting Patriot’s payroll blog or by visiting the payroll tax whitepaper’s download page.

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