Patriot Software, LLC Partners With Orrville Chamber of Commerce

Canton, Ohio. August 3, 2016Patriot Software, LLC, a provider of online accounting and payroll software solutions for small businesses, is partnering with Orrville Area Chamber of Commerce in Orrville, Ohio.

The partnership with Patriot Software’s Royalty Program is a great opportunity for the 300 plus members of the Orrville Chamber of Commerce to find significant savings with low-cost, online accounting and payroll software.

The Orrville Chamber of Commerce is the foremost voice for the business community in Orrville and eastern Wayne County, Ohio.

“We are honored to be part of the Orrville Chamber of Commerce and this community, ” says Steven Hoffman, Patriot’s Director of Business Development.

Orrville’s Chamber joined Patriot’s Royalty Program for free and already is receiving benefits from the partnership.

With Patriot’s partnership, the Orrville Chamber of Commerce receives free full-service payroll as a member of the Royalty Program. This includes up to 10 employees—a $730 value per year.

The Chamber members also receive discounts, including a two-month free trial and a 10% discount for 24 months. Members also receive HR and time & attendance add-ons for the payroll software, and a 1099 add-on for the accounting software.

The Orrville Chamber of Commerce generates non-dues revenue through the partnership, earning 5% of member spending each month.

To inform their members about the time and cost savings for their businesses’ payroll and accounting needs, the Chamber uses Royalty Program marketing resources.

The Orrville Chamber of Commerce and its members can access free support based in the U.S. for Patriot’s accounting and payroll software. Patriot’s customer support also offers free setup for payroll accounts.

The Chamber also has access to a dedicated Royalty Program support team.

The partnership supports both Patriot’s Royalty Program and the Chamber’s missions to help small businesses succeed. Often working long hours on a tight budget, small business owners appreciate being able to save time and money through the partnership that Orrville’s Chamber of Commerce made with Patriot Software.


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