Patriot Software Now Offers Online Payroll in All 50 States

Small business owners in every U.S. state can now use online payroll from Patriot Software, the company announced today.  The company recently approved the states of Pennsylvania and Michigan, finishing work that has been several years in the making, according to Wendy Smith, Patriot Software payroll manager.

“Our team has worked very hard to achieve this milestone,” she said, adding that in order to approve the payroll software in each state, the team had to conduct extensive programming and testing. “Because we guarantee the accuracy of all payroll taxes, we had to factor in the idiosyncrasies of not only each state, but localities within states,” she said.

Easy-to-use online payroll software

“Our online payroll software is designed for small business owners who have little time to learn a complicated software package,” said Mike Kappel, president of Patriot Software and founder of the company, which is based in Canton, Ohio. When he was just starting out as an entrepreneur, Kappel saw the need for simple, affordable software that was designed to meet the needs of small business owners.

“Our software is fast, accurate and powerful,” he said. “Business owners can quickly take care of payroll and other tasks and get back to running their businesses.”

With online payroll, customers simply log into the secure Patriot Software website and can pay their employees in just a few clicks. Employers can choose to print out paychecks or take advantage of free direct deposit, as well as a free employee portal, where employees can view their pay stubs and manage their personal information.

Employers can access reports anytime, and print out W-2s for employees at the end of the year, said Kappel. “They don’t need to be a payroll expert in order to use our software,” he said.

Low monthly cost

The payroll software is also designed to be affordable, with month-to-month pricing scaled to the number of employees receiving paychecks in the business.

“Small businesses should not have to pay big-business prices for payroll software,” he pointed out.

The company offers online payroll options:  Basic Payroll, in which customers take care of their own payroll taxes, and Full Service Payroll, in which Patriot Software handles all required payroll tax deposits and filings for the business.

Free routine support

Another difference is the level of customer support Patriot offers its customers.

“We offer free routine support right here in the U.S.,” he said. “So if someone calls with a question, they will actually get to speak to a real person who can walk them through the software, troubleshoot and answer any questions they may have. Our customers love us!”

Patriot also offers free payroll set-up to new customers, including year-to-date payroll data, as well as help articles and other training tools.

Free trial

Customers can take a free 7-day trial of Patriot Software, or sign up and get their first 30 days free. For more information, call (877) 968-7147 toll-free.