Patriot Software Offers IRS Audit Trigger Resource for Small Business Owners

Canton, Ohio. Oct. 31, 2016 — Patriot Software, LLC published a free guide to help small business owners avoid IRS audits.

The free resource includes eight common red flags that could trigger the IRS to audit a small business. Red flags include missing tax deadlines, making errors on returns, and operating a cash-only business.

“Small business owners need to be aware of IRS audit triggers,” says Mike Streb, Accounting Software Specialist. “No matter a business’s size, suspicious actions can raise a red flag to the IRS. Business owners who make an effort to reduce these triggers have a better chance of avoiding an IRS audit.”

The IRS uses a sophisticated computer algorithm to select businesses to audit. If its system finds anything suspicious on a return, a business has a much higher chance of getting audited.

Though the likelihood of receiving an audit is small, business owners should take steps to prevent raising IRS suspicions. Business owners can use the guide to reduce audit triggers in their operations.


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