What Is a Group Interview, and How Can They Benefit Your Business?

What Is a Group Interview?

A group interview can be an interview solution for job candidates, presenting the opportunity to gather more information in a different way. Group interviews can also help employers gauge how a person may react on the job by seeing how they function in certain scenarios.

There are a few different group interview styles that employers should know. In a group interview in which each applicant is screened individually, more than one interviewer talks with the applicant. This is often done with a panel of interviewers. The panel may include representatives from human resources, management, business owners, or even co-workers in some situations. The goal is to gather multiple opinions about the applicant and to make a decision about hiring as a group.

In a group interview solution, numerous applicants are brought together, the hiring manager oversees the process. The hiring manager narrows down the field of eligible candidates based on questions asked, but also based on how the individuals work together. With this interview solution, it is possible to understand the way the individual works with the entire group. Applicants who stand out in the ways the hiring manager is looking for are likely to move on to one-on-one interviews.

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