Are Blind Ads Legal? | What to Know as a Business Owner

Are Blind Ads Legal?

388706 adsearch2Blind ads have been used for years by recruiters who want to limit the number of walk-ins and constant contact with candidates. Yet, a blind ad may not be legal to run under some circumstances, especially if it violates employment laws. State laws may prohibit these ads, though these laws differ significantly in terms of what limitations are required.

Often, recruiters and staffing agencies must identify their first names and contact information within the ad. The information must also state that the ad placer is hiring for a specific position and clearly list the requirements and background for candidates. It is also a good practice to include EEOC guidelines to let candidates know that all are welcome to apply.

Where legally allowed, a blind ad sometimes can be beneficial because it blocks the identity of the company from those who would avoid applying otherwise. In other situations, the business may not want to share their employment needs with the public. This may be the case when a company merges with another, or goes through a period of reorganization. Former employees who have had a negative experience would not be able to identify a company and taint recruitment efforts for new business development. There is also the case to use a blind ad for replacing a current employee who is slated for termination.

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