How to Raise Capital | Small Business Funding Options
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Money in lightbulb2Small business owners have one thing in common: an entrepreneurial spirit. You started your business because you believed in your product and knew you could sell it. But businesses need money to grow, and that’s in short supply these days. We will show you how to raise money.

It’s a conundrum: you can’t grow your business without money, but these days, you can’t find money to grow your business! And with traditional funding sources drying up even for high-growth industries, what’s a small business owner to do? Here’s one option: Set up a private offering to your friends and family to raise money for your business. Your investors may get a better return than a traditional bank CD or money market account, and they’ll help you build your business in the process.

The FREE whitepaper “How to Raise Money for Your Business” from Patriot Software, LLC, describes how small business owners can quickly, easily, and legally raise capital through a private lender investment program. You can infuse your business with the money you need to not only survive, but thrive. We’ll tell you how!

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