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Time Theft: What it Is and How to Stop It

Learn how to stop employee time theft.

Do you think an employee is stealing time from your company? There are many types of employee time theft. And, worker time fraud can be expensive for your business.

Let’s say you have an employee who steals 15 minutes of time per shift, and they work five times per week. The employee earns $10 per hour. Because of the employee’s time theft, you would pay out $12.50 per week for time the employee didn’t really work. That might not seem like much now, but those wages can add up.

Now, let’s say you have 10 identical employees who do that. You would lose $125 per week, totaling up to $6,500 per year. By preventing time theft, you can save your business money.

Luckily, there are ways you can prevent and spot time theft. Below, you’ll learn about the types of time theft, then you’ll learn what you can do about it. Continue reading “Time Theft: What it Is and How to Stop It”

How to Convert a Worker from Contractor to Employee

Learn about converting from contractor to employee

At some point, you might need to convert an independent contractor to an employee.

You might have worked with a contractor several times, but now you want to hire them as an employee. For example, you might have used an independent contractor to periodically assist with your business’s marketing, but now you want to hire them as an employee who permanently works for you.

Or, you might have misclassified an employee. You labeled a worker as a contractor when you should have labeled them as an employee. If this happens, you need to convert them immediately.

Learn how to convert independent contractors to employees below. Continue reading “How to Convert a Worker from Contractor to Employee”

5 Employee Theft Prevention Tips

Use employee theft prevention to stop employee stealing.

Of course, you want to trust the people you hire to work at your small business. But sometimes, you get a bad apple.

Employees might steal money, goods, and knowledge from your business. You need to implement employee theft prevention strategies before fraud starts.

Below we’ll look at types of employee theft, followed by employee theft prevention tips. Continue reading “5 Employee Theft Prevention Tips”